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We see a growing need for mindful living, spirituality, awareness, personal development and self-care, and above all a need for strength and enlightenment. Society changes every second and it is difficult to survive in a culture with high expectations and little time. It is our dream to ensure that everyone can live from their strength and that we can treat each other lovingly from there. In this way we can ensure our own happiness, but also the happiness of others.

Gogohood has grown into an online inspiration platform that receives around many readers per month. The mission of gogohood.com is to inspire those seeking in the field of spirituality, health and awareness.

Shadow sides

We dive deeper into topics that others would rather not talk about. We dare to look at life in all its facets and also highlight the dark sides. Physical (ununderstood) complaints or problems can have an underlying cause and we want to show you how you can deal with this and how you can transform your old pain into strength. Our articles are about guarding your boundaries, healing old pain, taking good care of yourself (so that you are strong enough to help other people around you), but also how you can make sure to stay close to your true self .

Letting go of heaviness

Life is not all roses and moons (although we are true moonlovers). That is why we show how nice it can be to receive support and to find recognition in the words of our coaches and authors. They have been in your shoes and want to help you with this by offering you a warm hand, giving you a hug or just being there for you with the wisdom they want to share with you. Life can give you light, but sometimes you can get stuck in heaviness. It is time to let go of this heaviness and awaken. It’s time to shine and live lighter.

Together we can make the world a little better and more beautiful!

It is our mission to offer you an open and warm environment, without prejudice, where everyone’s opinion is respected. Feed yourself with inspiration and knowledge about high sensitivity, burnout, astrology, love and relationships, narcissism, health, spirituality and awareness. By becoming aware of who you are, what you feel, what you want and how you live you can live in the moment with full attention and enjoy it to the fullest. No perfectionism and no high bars. Stand still and listen to yourself. Reflecting, reading, writing and talking about it are ways to examine yourself and thus live more consciously. Dare to live with guts and courage and take on challengesFalling and getting up are part of it. Give yourself the opportunity to grow, choose your own life path and enjoy life with your loved ones.


Meet our authors, coaches, trainers, experts, stay-at-home moms and dads, care providers, specialists and reviewers. They are the heart and soul of Gogohood and are happy to give you tools, tips and advice on how to deal with different themes and topics in your life. These wonderful people write from their own experience and can therefore inspire you to take steps in your personal growth.

Who ‘is’ Gogohood?

At Gogohood, the emotional, financial, physical  and psychological well-being of you as an individual is central. Helping people with problems is not about telling them what to do. It’s about providing them with the right information that they can use to make more informed decisions. That is what our team of professionals and experience experts tries to do.

How you feel affects every day of your life. We at Gogohood understand this like no other and that’s why we are committed to being your most reliable ally in the pursuit of a vital mind in a healthy body.

We are human, just like you. We will support, guide and inspire you to achieve the best possible health, emotional and financial  outcomes for you and your family.

Gogohood is an initiative that focuses on providing reliable self-help articles based on scientific research and generally acceptable solutions. Here you will find useful information and healthy tips that are easy to understand and easy to apply in your daily life.

Gogohood does not provide medical or financial  advice, nor do we explicitly tell people what to do. Instead, we offer a balanced view of social, financial  and psychological problems. At Gogohood we support our articles with scientific studies and we share the experiences of others.

In almost every article you will find links to supporting studies. I encourage you to click this one if you want to learn more or see evidence of the point being made. From time to time we publish articles by guest authors provided they have the necessary expertise in the subject they are writing about. Read our latest articles

Gogohood intended to become the go-to resource for information about everything from health to finance. And the world’s most trusted source of information, inspiration, and entertainment.

We encourage feedback on our articles. Is there anything useful we can add to make the article even more informative? Or is there something that you think is not quite right? Leave a comment at the bottom of the article or contact us via the contact form . You can also send a message via Facebook . 

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