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According to Obama, UFOs exist and we don’t know what they are: is that true?


In summary: Along with many news outlets, former US President Barack Obama recently emphasized that UFOs really exist and that the US government doesn’t know what they are.

UFOs have become mainstream, in a very important way. The US Navy recently released a number of videos and photos of “unknown aerial phenomena” (as the Navy calls UFOs). The Pentagon has confirmed that these images are real.

It’s a shame that images have to be released and get an official stamp of authenticity from a Ministry of Defense before people want to believe it. That fact alone shows how dependent we have become on these institutions and organizations.

That is also why our experience of important events and controversial topics can be manipulated so easily. Everyone knows that governments, through their ties to the media, have been trying for years to influence the opinion of the masses , on all kinds of issues and for ‘national security’.

At least that’s what they say. It’s a shame we just can’t rely on governments or news outlets to provide correct and accurate analysis on important topics. Although it is of course fantastic that this phenomenon is now accepted by the mainstream.

The question now becomes: why would the mainstream media actively ridicule UFOs for years, call it a ‘conspiracy’, and suddenly take it seriously? It’s not as if these “unknown aerial phenomena” are anything new: there’s been evidence of military clashes with UFOs for decades.

And just as there was evidence for the existence of UFOs back when they were conspiracy theorist, there is also a mountain of evidence to suggest that these objects are not man-made. At least not all. That makes it suspicious that someone like Barack Obama drops by The Late Show and says the US government doesn’t know what these objects are.

We know that governments and military organizations have been investigating this phenomenon for at least 70 years. Perhaps the “high-ranking” officers are still keeping their national security oath? Maybe they’re just chewing on what they’ve been told from people who have been “initiated”?

“The truth is, and I really mean it now, there are images and records of objects in the sky that we don’t know exactly what they are. We cannot explain how they moved, what their course was. Their pattern had no easy explanation. And that’s why, you know, I think people are still seriously investigating it and trying to figure out what those are.” -Barack Obama

Next month, the US Bureau of National Intelligence and the Secretary of Defense will release a report on “unknown aerial phenomena.” They’re putting this report out to all kinds of Congressional intelligence and military committees, so you kind of already know that what’s really known about these phenomena just stays secret within these circles.

What we learn from that report will be nothing new to people who have been investigating UFOs for years.

do ufos existThe evidence says otherwise: that it is known what some of these objects are. But that depends on your definition of proof. According to Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, these are ” crashed vehicles and recovered bodies .

” Other evidence comes from the experiences of ordinary citizens, as well as even high-ranking military personnel who share what they know. Yet these testimonials almost never seem to be made public.

Okay, so military pilots and politicians can and want to talk about the phenomenon now. But it’s nothing new. Why do we never hear of anyone who has gone deeper in the mainstream media? When will there be recognition in the media for those who look at what it means to our consciousness? Or that these objects were indeed created by a non-human intelligence? Why can’t we take the discussion to the next level and speculate further?

What makes the testimony of one person, “playing it safe” by saying no more than that the objects really exist, so much more credible than the testimony of someone else, of the same or even higher position, who goes deeper into the question and looking at the intent of the intelligence behind these ‘unknown’ objects? Why do we keep saying ‘we don’t know’ when there is more than enough information and testimonials to have an intelligent discussion?

Is it because the government has given us movies and photos of the objects, but not of other intelligent beings? That will undoubtedly play a role, but these testimonials from “credible” sources are curious to say the least. They keep saying that no one knows what these objects are. That can’t be true.

An example: Colonel Robert Friend was the director of Project Blue Book from 1958-1962. In his last interview , he suggested that the US Air Force knew what these objects were. He didn’t say what they were, but he seemed to say they were aliens. The Apollo 14 astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, suggested the exact same thing.

Colonel Ross Dedrickson served on the US Atomic Energy Commission from 1950-1958. During his service, he worked in the Nevada Test Areas, the Pacific Nuclear Test Area west of Hawaii, the Albuquerque Nuclear Weapons Plant, and inspected several nuclear and non-nuclear facilities across America.

He left the Air Force in 1962. According to him, several people within the Department of Defense and the US Air Force are perfectly aware of what some of these objects are: extraterrestrial. And these people are concerned about the safety of our planet.

There are, of course, countless stories, good and bad, about this phenomenon and about non-human intelligence. That’s where the discussion should go. Unfortunately, people want to put everything in a box and give it a label. This phenomenon is huge: it touches every aspect of humanity and spans quantum physics, consciousness, multiple dimensions and so much more.

dr. Norman Bergrun, a famous NASA scientist, has also shared information about non-human intelligence. He suggests that intelligence is responsible for the ‘unknown aerial phenomena’.

This was just a small selection from a huge stock of examples. So we have good reason to believe that the media and government are lying to us when they say they don’t know what these objects are. There will no doubt be a lot still unclear, but that has nothing to do with why they lie to us.

People who share this perspective may just be sharing what she’s been told. Others may be contractually obligated to say no more than that these objects actually exist. And some probably share everything they know, which would be ufos exist

I’m afraid the media and government may be keeping their secrets in the dark precisely because they now share that they don’t know what these objects are. This is how they continue to do what they have been doing for years, whatever they do in the world of unknown budgets.

Basically they just say, “here, this is all we know, satisfied?” And so “national security” becomes an excuse to say you can withhold information. Because the information poses a threat to all kinds of business, financial or other elites.

At the same time, something else is happening. By sharing that they don’t know what these objects are, the government has made some sort of promise to find out. The Pentagon has launched a new program to study UFOs. Now they can tell the masses exactly what they discover.

That sounds nice, but doesn’t it give them the opportunity to manipulate our opinion about UFOs, with information that is incorrect or explains what is happening? We’ll just have to wait and see. If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that the behavior of these objects, which have been with us for such a long time, tells us that they pose no threat.

There are, of course, issues related to aviation safety, or perhaps other issues with accessing these objects. Like radiation and stuff. But in terms of their behavior, most objects actually show that they are actively avoiding our own aircraft. We’ve seen them do that for decades. So it seems they are curious and playful when it comes to airplanes. They obviously don’t want to shoot them, we already do that ourselves.


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