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Addicted to Relationships

The path of relationships is how we experience our healing journey as we heal ourselves through the mirror of our wounds, and this is one way to connect with others. We need to heal a wound, we find someone with the same wound and with a 360° perspective in front of us we can solve and heal our problems.

That’s the way it’s supposed to work, but most of the time it doesn’t. Instead, we think there is something wrong with the other; we try to heal it and then go from one wounded relationship to the next, wondering why we can’t find anyone healed and whole or thinking there is no love in the world for us.

This becomes a relationship addiction as we go from one relationship to another, each time thinking that it is the answer to our questions and believing that we need to heal the world instead of ourselves. Relationships are an exercise in self-healing and we can be complete with one relationship or twenty because each relationship will serve our healing purpose as we complete that aspect of our journey.

What helps us go through this process more easily is to remember that life happens from the inside out – what happens around us originated within. Every relationship is a mirror of our relationship with ourselves, a view of what we can transform to meet our own needs. The funny thing about it is that once we are no longer ‘needy’ our needs are always met.

How much easier would our journey be if we could ask two questions about any situation: 1. How does this serve my healing purpose, and 2. What do I need to change my vibration, thinking, beliefs and energy to end this level of connection now ?

Ending a connection doesn’t always mean removing that person from your life, but it can. The fact is that we always connect with someone from our lowest vibrations and our healing purpose, so the faster we resolve that the faster we can connect on another level once the healing is complete.

It’s easy to go from one relationship to the next and go down that addiction path because they always confirm our wounds. And that can’t change until we change. In a way it’s a vicious circle, you first, no, you go first, no you first etc…

Who is first to start the healing? The one who sees the need for it. Then the rest will fall into place and we will find that someone who will give us what we need because we no longer need it. Everything we seek is already within us, waiting for us to connect with it. And when we turn our inner light back on, the dark corners of our healing path are brightly lit and we can complete our healing cycles and step into the peace, joy and love of our heaven on earth.


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