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Adult indigo as caregivers for their families

As adult Indigos approach middle age, they often take on a new role, that of caregivers for their families. Sometimes in the form of caring for elderly parents and relatives, sometimes for their children who cannot support themselves. After healing and liberating those people, they often take care of those they did this work for.

There is a lot of dynamism at work in this process as we function as teachers, healers, students and Lightworkers. As Indigo, we assist in clearing old energies, transforming cycles of healing and circulating energies. This energetic work comes full circle for us and helps us evolve much more than if we ignored the needs of those souls.

There was a time when several generations lived in one house, but that changed in the last century. Now it’s coming full circle and it’s not uncommon to have more than a generation under one roof again.

Just when we thought we were free to live our own lives, we have to decide whether we want to take responsibility for others. And it’s often a situation where ‘yes’ is the only answer and we get the chance to take this walk of love and compassion. We can find balance in this, use our limits and also find our freedom and joy.

This energetic work completes the circle for us

I take care of both my parents and I hesitated before taking on that role. With my terminally ill father, saying ‘no’ was not an option. And just before he died he thanked me for being there for him.

My mother needed help adjusting to her new life as a widow. During this period I also received a lot of requests and opportunities to work as a healer, teacher, student and Lightworker.

It wasn’t always easy, but I knew it was an opportunity to come full circle with my soul group and complete the history of a long and beneficial cycle. I learned a lot from this and was able to find joy and peace.

It’s not easy to decide to take responsibility for someone who has caused us pain and sometimes we just don’t want to. This is where our work with our borders becomes so important. We can find balance by using the tools we have acquired during our liberation process.

Instead of seeking a connection through the old energies that can push us to the limit, we can make new, supportive and powerful connections. Instead of saying ‘yes’ to everything, we can treat ourselves in a loving way first and teach others to consider our needs so that we don’t allow them to invade our lives.

We can see this as an opportunity to experience love and as the completion of a long journey of healing with our soul group. These are the lessons of the caregivers, and when we live them consciously, we can make the most of the lessons to further teach them and heal ourselves. To live in joy, peace and love.


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