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Affirmations-Dynamic Dialogue

Dynamic Dialog

We all have conversations with ourselves and most of them happen within the private sphere of our thoughts. During these conversations, we make decisions, debate, judge and determine the course of every aspect of our lives. This inner dialogue plays an important role in our lives and unfortunately it is usually negative.

We usually don’t need anyone in our lives to criticize or judge us; we do it well enough ourselves. And we can talk ourselves out of a situation before we even allow it to happen.

This inner dialogue can follow one of 2 paths; it can be static, keeping us in the same mindset, pushing us down as soon as we try to get up, or it can be dynamic, moving us forward, acting as a positive, uplifting force in our lives.

When our inner dialogue is static, it reflects our fears and doubts. For example, when you look in the mirror, say, “I look fantastic today.” Or do you say “I’m too fat, look old, hate my hair, could use a new face”, etc? This static dialogue keeps us stuck in the same old patterns of thought and behavior.

To get out of it we need to change the way we talk to ourselves, then this will be reflected in the way others talk and interact with us. Even though our inner dialogue is mostly private, it has an energy of its own that others can pick up.

Have you noticed that when you don’t feel good about your appearance, someone makes a comment about it? They pick up the negative energy you generate from your inner static dialogue.

When our inner dialogue is dynamic, it takes our fears and doubts into consideration and then moves on anyway. So a dynamic inner dialogue would like something about your appearance, no matter how small, and focus on that. Yes, you can be too fat but you have a beautiful smile for example.

When your inner dialogue is dynamic it creates positive energy around us so that others must respond in a positive way. When our inner dialogue becomes dynamic it creates the energy we need to make changes in our lives. What is the difference between the two? Imagine you are going to a job interview and you really want the job.

You sit in front of the hiring manager, say all the right things, wear the right clothes, but your inner dialogue says, “I know I’m not getting this job.

This is what happens when you try to make positive outer changes and your inner dialogue is static or negative. It’s like driving a car with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake. You are tossed back and forth between moving forward and stopping and getting nowhere easy.

The concentration of the inner dialogue determines the course of our life so we must be sure that it is positive and dynamic, reaffirms our worth, esteem and perfection, stay away from criticism, judgment and negativity. Whenever fear comes up, acknowledge it – you know it’s there. Then find a way to change it from static to dynamic so that you can move forward through it and create what you want in life.

Once your inner dialogue is dynamic, your outer you will radiate confidence and joy and you will attract people, experiences and situations that reflect the positive energy you create around you. Review your inner dialogue this week. Is it static or dynamic, critical or loving? Don’t judge yourself, just change the negative, judgmental critical dialogue to positive, self-affirming and loving dialogue and see how this change is reflected in your life.


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