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After the Blood Moon

When the unnatural heat wave that had ravaged the world for the past few weeks gave way to a cool night, I woke up the morning after the Blood Moon with an article in my system that I was determined to get out – before my first cup of coffee. Perhaps it was the influence of the Blood Moon and Mars – in its elevated state, Mars is the spiritual warrior. This text is part of my spiritual mission – for the undersigned is a spiritual warrior.


We live in a time where, little by little, people are increasingly seen and used as objects, and objects have become more important than people. You can observe it everywhere in our society: in science, in health care, in education. The forces in power are becoming more and more inhumane and dehumanizing more and more: power, ego, status and money have become the driving factors in ALL parts of society.

blood moon


Education is not aimed at teaching children to develop their potential and to think for themselves, but to turn them into mindless work machines.


Healthcare isn’t about curing people, it’s about making money from diseases and keeping people on drugs.

food industry

The food industry is not concerned with providing healthy food, but with producing and creating markets for the appearance of food full of addictive additives to make a profit.


Agriculture is not concerned with growing food respectfully, but with poisoning and scaling the earth.


Work is not about earning a fair salary that allows you to support your family and develop your personal potential, but earn just enough to survive until the next month.

financial institutions

Banks are not in the business of maintaining the flow of abundance and making it available to everyone, but of limiting the flow of abundance to make money from it and bind people to debt.


The sciences are not concerned with truth-finding, but are driven by ego and power, suppressing the truly scientific mind, which is curious, and wants to know the truth whether or not that produces a new Mercedes.

Open air slave camp

Slowly but surely, our world is in danger of being transformed into a huge voluntary open-air slave camp by the powers behind the scenes, controlled by subtle mind control – but that world is becoming less and less open, and increasingly oppressively like a real prison. The heat wave of 2018, an effect of climate change that almost no one could escape, made me all the more aware of this.


The process of ego and power taking over, depriving humanity of its rights and enslaving it is like a sine wave: this wave comes and goes, and it has been that way since time immemorial. Atlantis was one of the most famous great civilizations to fall under it. But with the boom in new technologies over the past decade, the consequences and the dangers of genuine slavery are becoming more and more likely.

blood moon


In the past, after periods when this dark tendency temporarily took over, such as right after World War II, the horrors of this process were so obvious that laws were created to prevent it from ever happening again.
This is how the Universal Declaration of Human Rights came into being in 1948. But in recent years, these rights have come under attack—usually not overtly, not by being visibly broken, but in a bleakly clever, covert way.


It is a slow process and you have to witness it for a while to be able to observe it. It suddenly dawned on me that there are exactly the same dynamics involved as unhealthy relationships in which you are mentally and/or physically abused: it starts with small humiliations, small limitations, deception, manipulation and step by step your self-confidence slowly but surely grow. undermined, your freedom curtailed, your power drained.


In between you get little gifts and declarations of love that keep you thinking it’s not so bad, he or she can change, they love me anyway – no they don’t. It’s a tame strategy. To make sure you stay. So that you keep letting yourself be used. You are hypnotized. That is why people in a bad relationship often do not realize that they are being used and mistreated, sometimes for years. They are tempted and misled. Often it has to get very, very bad before the penny drops, they wake up and the reality of their situation dawns on them.

It’s not until the last tree has been cut down, the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught that we will realize that money cannot be eaten. Cree Indians

Toxic relationship with Big everything

I believe that this society as a whole has an unhealthy, toxic relationship – with those in power or pulling their strings behind the scenes. Big Pharma , Big Entertainment , Big Science , Big Corporations . These don’t care about destroying the earth – as long as they sit high and dry themselves with air conditioning. And just like people in personal toxic relationships, sometimes things have to get really bad before people realize what’s going on, wake up and start reclaiming their freedom.

Live on your light

Just like in a toxic relationship, the one who is hungry for power over you is actually the one who is weak. He or she wants to live on your strength and light because in reality they themselves are empty. The same goes for big business and government. They are nothing without us, the people. Because of the laws enacted by our ancestors, we can still stand up for ourselves, supported by the law. But it takes effort and perseverance.

Steps for awareness

  1. The first step is to wake up from the lethargy, wake ourselves up from the hypnotic effect of technology like TV and tablet, all kinds of drugs or medicines and see what is really going on.
  2. The second step is to recognize where in your life your freedom is being curtailed, curtailed, eroded, or even taken away—or that of your children.
  3. The third step is to take inspired action. And no, we don’t have to go up the barricades to stand up for ourselves. We can take back our power and freedom in a civilized way.


By not being forced to give our children drugs for ”mood disorders” or so-called ADHD or ADD for example. By insisting that we want to give birth naturally , upright in a birthing chair or bathtub instead of defenseless on our backs, stuffed with drugs that drug our babies from the start. By buying as many organic products as possible or growing our own vegetables. By realizing our true potential, and setting up our own businesses instead of being chained to a PC and desk (or laptop, because people don’t even get a desk anymore). By making choices that sustain and enhance life, instead of poisoning and restricting it. For example, only use technology that makes human life supports , not when itreplace humanity . Have a chat with the man or woman behind the cash register and leave the self-scanner hanging.


There are so many ways we can slowly but surely free ourselves emotionally, psychologically, financially, and physically. There are so many ways to stop the dehumanization. Just step by step – and sometimes by leaps and bounds. I believe that if enough people do this, we can turn the tide. This Blood Moon can be the starting point for that.

blood moon


We can transform the world back into a place that supports human life. It takes effort – inspired action – but the rewards are huge! We can then live on a beautiful, living planet that supports our lives. We can then fulfill our potential happily, healthy and joyfully. We can be free! That’s what it really means to be a human being in this world.


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