All about ginger: 10 reasons to use ginger root to the full

All about ginger: 10 reasons to use ginger root to the full
If you are aware that your daily diet can be a medicine for you, then ginger will not be missing in your kitchen. Still with you? Then read where it could all help you. I think you’ll be stunned. Especially at reasons 4 and 8. (Plus two tasty recipes).

What is ginger?

The ginger that is available fresh everywhere these days is a piece of rhizome from a ginger plant. The ginger plant belongs to the family of plants that also includes turmeric, cardamom, and galangal root. It is also available as a ground spice in a jar and as pieces in a sugary sweet syrup, but I usually advocate using fresh ginger. This ginger has a history of more than 5000 years as a medicine against all kinds of ailments that we women often suffer from today more than our ancestors.

Ten reasons to use ginger to the full

All about ginger: 10 reasons to use ginger root to the full

1. Ginger Is A Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

Chronic (hidden) inflammation underlies many of our current chronic diseasesOften you don’t feel these, but they lie dormant in your body. Ginger is known as a powerful anti-inflammatory and can help with a wide range of chronic complaints and diseases. This active ingredient in ginger is called 6-gingerol.

2. Ginger can significantly reduce (menstrual) pain

Ginger has been an herb that has been used for centuries for all kinds of aches and pains, including menstrual cramps. A study (1) of 150 women found that taking ginger every day at the start of menstruation was found to be as effective in relieving pain as ibuprofen. Ginger also turned out to be a good remedy for muscle pain after exercise. Can also be useful!

3. Ginger reduces osteoarthritis and (rheumatic) arthritis

Many women sooner or later have to deal with joint complaints. More and more research shows that this is not the result of wear and tear, but of chronic inflammation. On the one hand, ginger helps to combat these chronic inflammations, but it also combats the pain. A study of 247 people with osteoarthritis (2) (often the precursor to arthritis) showed that those given ginger extract had less pain and therefore needed less pain medication.

4. Ginger increases the absorption of nutrients

All about ginger: 10 reasons to use ginger root to the full

Many women are malnourished; not in calories but in nutrients. This could well be the reason why your body keeps nagging (too) often about nutrition: your body then has too few nutrients to keep you healthy and sends you on the path to nutrition. Ginger can increase the absorption of nutrients from your gut by up to 200%. This is a good reason to use some ginger in every dish. If you use ground ginger from a jar for this, your dish will not taste like ginger. Who knows it will help you lose weight?

5. Ginger keeps your blood sugar in balance (+ tip)

Another way ginger can help you lose weight. A blood sugar level that is too high means that there is insulin circulating in your blood; As long as there is insulin in your blood it is impossible to lose weightGinger improves insulin action and your insulin sensitivity . It is able to increase the uptake of glucose from your muscle and fat cells, causing both your blood sugar level and the insulin level in your blood to drop faster. This helps you with insulin resistance and obesity. To do this, combine ginger with some lemon juice.

Tip: start the day with a large glass of hot water with the juice of half a lemon and some grated ginger. Add a spoonful of raw honey if desired.

6. Ginger helps with bloating and flatulence

Ginger stimulates the pancreas to produce various enzymes. This greatly stimulates your digestion. It also increases the contractions of your stomach so that your stomach contents can move faster to your intestines. This will reduce bloating. Ginger also improves peristalsis (contractions) in your intestines, which can reduce flatulence.

7. Ginger has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties

All about ginger: 10 reasons to use ginger root to the full

The flu and a cold can be cured faster if you use ginger. Ginger has also been shown to inhibit the growth of the persistent bacterium Helicobacter Pylori. This bacteria is found in your stomach and can be the cause of stomach cancer. There are several bacteria and viruses that are sensitive to ginger and would like to clear the field if they come into contact with it.

8. Ginger Improves Brain Functions

Ginger has traditionally been used to improve memory. In a study involving 60 middle-aged women (3), a daily extract of ginger was found to improve their reaction time, concentration and thinking skills. There are many studies  (4) with rats showing that ginger can protect against the decline of brain functions with aging, including Alzheimer’s and dementia. This probably has everything to do with the anti-inflammatory effect of ginger.

9. Ginger is effective in cancer prevention

We all have cancer cells in our bodies. Cancer is characterized by uncontrolled growth of cells that no longer know how to shut down and break down. The sooner these cells are cleared by your body, the better; cancer must be fought when it is still vulnerable. Several animal studies have shown that 6-gingerol in ginger blocks the growth of several cancers, especially colon cancer. There is limited evidence that ginger may be effective in pancreatic cancer (5), breast cancer  (6), and ovarian cancer (7). But why wait for proof when you can add some ginger to your menu today without any side effects?

10. Ginger Fights Nausea

Have you just undergone an operation, are you on chemo, are you easily carsick or are you pregnant? These are all possible causes of nausea that you can counter with ginger. Infuse a piece of ginger in a mug or pitcher of hot water and drink it in small sips.

Be careful if you take blood thinners or have gallstones

Since ginger thins your blood, be careful with blood thinners. Consult with your doctor whether you can replace (part of) your blood thinners (with side effects!) with ginger. Blood thinners are not drugs, they will not make you better. Change your diet and try to get rid of it. Your body will thank you. Ginger can also increase the release of bile acid. If you have gallstones or problems with your gallbladder, be careful with large amounts of ginger. Ginger is warming. If you quickly suffer from hot flashes or night sweats, try whether ginger does not make this worse.

yum! How do you get more ginger?

Preferably use fresh ginger. Ginger has a distinct taste that may take some getting used to. I love it now and I use it almost daily but I admit I had to get used to it too. Build it up slowly. The easiest way is to add some ginger slices to your favorite pot of tea. You can also easily add some ginger to juices, smoothies, and soups and anything else simmering on your fire that you think is delicious. Just give it a try. Here are two of my favorite sweet ginger recipes:  Ginger latte and Ginger cocoa balls. Use in moderation! Let us know what you think below?



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