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Am I a crystal child or related to it?

As more and more people reach a higher level of consciousness, they find that the functioning of their senses and their possession of ‘gifts’ is different from that of the majority of humanity. They also find that children, or young adults, who are genetically related or attracted to them are also very unique.

It is clear that we are seeing an unprecedented wave of Crystal children being born, most likely to support humanity and this planet in the ascension in the coming years. Crystal Children (and Crystal Adults ) are the next step in human evolution in frequency, mindset and love. Unlike their predecessors, whose vibrations and gifts are activated as they grow up, Crystal Children are born programmed.

They are programmed with the information, DNA, energies and vibrations that we associate with awakening, with higher awareness, enlightenment and unconditional love.

If you suspect that you, or someone in your life, is a Crystal being, here is a list of qualities that Crystal Children possess.

Crystal Child Traits

  1. Crystal children have beautiful, large, captivating eyes. It seems as if they look directly into your soul with it.
  2. Crystal children are extremely sensitive to their environment. They sense food, chemicals, toxins, the weather and even the negative emotions, illnesses and injuries of the people around them.
  3. Crystal children are extremely empathetic and intuitive and have a deep inner knowing when it comes to other people’s thoughts and feelings. This often makes them feel uncomfortable in crowded places, cities and, for example, hospitals.
  4. Crystal children often see and talk to their ‘imaginary friends’. These are actually real, energetic entities or angels that most people cannot see.
  5. Crystal children attract babies and animals that are sensitive to their high vibrational level. These babies and animals also see the guardian angels surrounding the Crystal Child.
  6. Crystal children feel a deep love for nature and water and need to connect with them. This connection is healthy and grounding.
  7. Crystal children are tender and wiser than their age suggests. Normally they don’t need a traditional upbringing based on discipline.
  8. Crystal children are hurt by the human tendency to harm the environment and neglect the living things on this planet. They are often overwhelmed by the greed and inhumanity that targets the people and this planet.
  9. Crystal children are very creative, artistic, intelligent and expressive in an unconventional way. They often start talking later than other children because they feel that words are unnecessary to communicate, not because they are less intelligent or capable.
  10. Crystal children are magnets to other people, but they are very humble and prefer solitude, deep silence and time to themselves to reflect and regain their balance.
  11. Crystal children experience wonders around them including synchronicities, rapid healings and success.
  12. The vibrations of Crystal Children often cause malfunctions in gadgets, signal reception and electronic equipment.
  13. Crystal children stand for unconditional love, unity, living from the heart core and service towards others. If people don’t respond peacefully, pure, tolerant and loving, they often don’t understand. Their ego is noticeably absent from everything they think and do.
  14. Because of everything they feel and take in, Crystals are prone to depression, extreme mood swings and it is difficult for them to focus on a task or subject that does not fully stimulate their being.
  15. Crystal children are more prone to developing an eating problem and/or low self-esteem because the human body is so limiting and fails to express the strength and size of their heart, soul and energy.
  16. Crystal children often feel responsible for the struggles and deaths of others. They will withdraw so as not to show how touched they are by the sadness they feel and the guilt.
  17. Crystal children have an innate and fearsome understanding of spirituality, the universe and the cosmos.


If you recognize a majority of the above points, it is likely that you, or someone you love, was born a Crystal Being. Here are some tips to help you deal with that intense Crystal experience:

 Tips for dealing with crystal children

  1. Confirm what Crystal Children feel and see. Whether they see entities , react to food or toxins, or have vivid dreams or make prophecies, Crystal Children need to be reminded that their experiences, talents and frequencies are truly gifts. Not all people have these or are even open to them, but what they experience is real.

Encourage Crystals to express what they see and feel through art, stories, music, role playing etc. Allow Crystals to speak their truth and please speak the truth to Crystals. They see through every lie or facade that another speaks or raises against them.

Pays attention to how the Crystal Child feels and when he reacts to gain insight into sensitivities, allergies and patterns. You will recognize a rhythm, see connections and you can place everything in a larger whole in order to understand and prevent uncomfortable situations.


Learn to distinguish between what is “yours” and what is “another’s.” Crystal children naturally attune to the emotions and illnesses of other people and even animals. They must learn to distinguish what really belongs to them and what they take from others.

Encourage a Crystal Being to spend time in the water to regain balance, heal and protect against negative energy, illness and depression. A bath, quiet pools or a clean lake can be the key to well-being. Urban life can be grueling for Crystal Children. They are overloaded with stimuli. Visits to the park, trips to the countryside and submerging hands and/or body in water are crucial activities for city dwellers.

Learn to trust the intuition of the Crystal Being. From food to friends and from activities to modalities, their intuition is their best teacher and guide, especially since people with a high vibration, normally, do not react to food, medicines and certain situations the way other people react. For example, if a teacher or physician has a lower vibrational level than the Crystal being, their interaction will cause the energy to flow from the Crystal Child to the other rather than having a healing effect on themselves.

Train telepathic communication . Try to communicate with Crystals through thought and intention and see what happens. Crystal children will learn to tap into their mental inventory of frequencies and will quickly adapt to this non-verbal communication method they also practiced in their youth.

Make sure that Crystal Children can release their energy by exercising, dancing, practicing martial arts, etc. If they do not actually expend the enormous amount of energy they receive and perceive, the energy will turn inward and express itself in depression , illness, ADD / ADHD , skin problems and/or other annoying symptoms. So, encourage Crystal Children to play, exercise and participate in any activity that feels safe to them.

Obviously, as our world speeds forward in the coming years, the Crystal Children are our hope and our support. Those of us who have encountered a Crystal Being know that they are the vibration, the mindset, the heartbeat and the connection to tomorrow.

If allowed, they will create a better environment for everyone in which we can all grow and become more like them. Peaceful, intuitive and magical. Crystal children are a true gift of the universe and it is important that we help pave the way for their approach, their perspectives and their consciousness.


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