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An aid as a signpost to true health

Hiking trails. You can find them in most places in the woods. At home and abroad. You look for a nice route and then you follow the color that corresponds to it. Sometimes you unsuspectingly deviate from the path only to return later. It gives you a foothold and leads you through the wilderness.


In modern medicine, health is seen as the absence of disease in the body. And that is also often reflected in our speech. When someone asks about your health, it automatically refers to the presence of possible health barriers.

When you answer in contrast that you are feeling great and that your energy is flowing like never before, that is often labeled as happiness. We see health as something that happens to us rather than a sum of factors that we can influence ourselves.

Metaphysical Meaning

Holistically, illness, or the absence of health, symbolizes a blockage in your mental, emotional or spiritual development. As a result, your life energy cannot flow freely. You can’t be completely yourself. Part of your body is cramped. This blockage is physically perceptible when you suffer from a health condition.

You can see it as a messenger, to make you aware of the underlying blockage. An aid arises for a specific reason in a specific place in your body. All organs and body parts all have their own metaphysical meaning, which is strongly related to the origins of the blockage. For example, the heart represents love and security. Themes associated with it are closing yourself off from life energy and having rigid thoughts.

Your gut represents unloading your body. Themes that are linked to it are making choices and wanting to ‘hold on’ everything. And your bones represent structure and self-esteem. Related themes are self-confidence and powerlessness. By becoming aware of what the location of your aid symbolizes and the themes that cause the imbalance, you can start working on the root.

Daily life

Gradually you will notice how the theme reappears in your daily life. Suppose you suffer from your lower back and you recognize the associated theme of ‘money worries’. You know you have a hard time dealing with money . For example, every time you go shopping for an afternoon, you doubt whether it is really necessary to spend money.

Will I really spend that much money on these new shoes? Or you go out to dinner with friends. Can I afford this? With these thoughts and behaviors you continuously feed your money worries and subconsciously maintain the pain in your lower back.


Next, it is important to investigate how it originated. You are going to find the root. Many of the beliefs we carry with us are strongly tied to our parents. Parents have a big influence on how children come to think about themselves and others. When parents are constantly criticszing, the child starts to feel inferior, which is the beginning of a self-sabotage belief such as ‘I can never do it right’.

It is also possible that as a child you simply adopted a belief from your parents. For example, your parents inherited the aftermath of the Second World War. They have been raised frugally and you have also been taught this with the spoon. Every time money comes into play, this core belief of your parents is activated.

The conviction to be frugal with money was functional during the war, because there was scarcity. But this is now outdated. We live in a different time. Holding on to this old belief keeps you stuck in the past. And feed your old money worries of your parents or even grandparents at the time of the war.

These are examples of how easily blockages can arise. Beliefs are usually passed on silently and often you don’t think about them anymore, while they subsequently have a major influence on your life.

Until you start watching them again. Do these beliefs still serve me? When you see that it is an old belief, you can open yourself to change. You are going to adopt a new attitude to how you would like to handle money.

Every time you spend money, no matter how small the amount, you do it with this new mindset. And after a while you will notice that the pain in your lower back has completely disappeared.

ailment signpost

Follow your path

Your body ailments take you through your past so you can clean up. So you can get rid of or replace old beliefs. And so that you become aware of the themes that play in your life. You will be amazed at how physical ailments disappear like snow in the sun when you become aware of the actual cause.

And just as much how they come back when you fall back into old habits and thinking patterns. Health ailments are the signposts on your inner path. The signs that keep you from getting lost.

Have you become excited after reading to see your health aids in a different light? In this free e-book you can look up what your health aid symbolizes and how you can work on it.


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