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An Angel’s Touch – Hugs From Home

The Group presented this live channel at the Quill of Remembrance in Attleboro, Ma. on May 6, 2000. Attleboro was home to the channeling “Wings”, which moved me so much. Barbara and I were really looking forward to seeing that part of the family again. That was a special group of souls.

They even surprised me when they started about about the wings of angels and how we can start using our own wings.

They even gave us an example of how we can touch the people around us with a special ‘HUG’, which is similar to the way they touch us.
Initially I had no intention of using this live channel as one of the Beacons of Light Messages.

I thought the visual of the touch wouldn’t come across in the written word. I wanted to take something else they showed me, but when I sat down to write that, they insisted I take this message now. They said, “take advantage of the technology,” so I’ve tried to illustrate touch in photo form here on the website:

Interestingly, last night I woke up abruptly from a deep sleep because someone “touched” my leg. I looked all over the house but found nothing unusual. Suddenly I remembered this post I had been working on a few hours earlier.

When I went back to sleep I heard the laughter that something has become the trademark of the Group. I knew they had been back to work.
The old man with the beard had apparently just lowered his finger, indicating that we are ready for the next step. It is a precious honor for me to hereby present the Group to you.

From the group

Greetings from Home.
And we are Home. Those of you who see each other in the true beauty of the Earth are truly blessed for you have found God. Don’t reject the pure beauty around you. Look deep into each other’s eyes and before you leave here, find three special people you want to keep in touch with.

Carry them in your mind and contact them often, for they are your intimate circles of light. We have gone to great lengths to bring together certain small, intimate circles of light in this place and at this time. The gentle vibrations Spirit has sent forth have brought you together. You have felt these vibrations and you have listened carefully. It is a great honor for us to return to the birthplace of what you call Wings.

The family that gathers here is very special and you know who you are because you reserved the places long before we started this post. We respect the messages you give each other. We tell you it is an honor for us to sit at your feet, for our greatest work and our highest purpose is to spread our wings to reflect your energy. And it’s such a beautiful energy.

The Masters among us

You are the masters. You are the ones who have chosen to hold the vibration of the Earth and take it to the next level. You see yourselves in troubled times. You see yourselves in times of depression. You see yourselves in the dichotomy that you face daily.

We say that the global change that you have already initiated was only possible by facing those problems. But now it’s time to remember. Now is the time to take ownership of your power. Now is the time to harness that power. For in manifesting that power lies the creation of Home on your side of the veil. As you each take your power and become familiar with it, you manifest the essence of who you really are. You are the masters.

Find the passion in your heart and follow it for yourself first. Then use that passion to create space for others. This makes it possible to spread your wings, for you are the human angels we love so much. Find your passion for that is the vibration of Home. We always live in the vibration of joy and passion and yet it is so difficult for us to reflect it to you. You so often act as if you are not good enough to carry a high vibration. When you take another step forward, biology and emotions so often fluctuate between positive and negative.

Hold tight to that vibration of passion for that is truly who you are. You are the passionate beings who reflect the energy of God to each other. This is the light work that you do. You are not a part of God. You are the whole of God. You are the masters and we ask you to treat yourselves accordingly.

Look in instead of out

You so often look outside of yourself for answers and we tell you they are within you. You are the whole of God. Treat yourself accordingly. If the Crystal Child, Jesus, would stand at your door and say “I would like to eat with you”, wouldn’t you put your most beautiful crockery on the table?

Wouldn’t you buy the best piece of meat to serve? Wouldn’t you get the most beautiful and tastiest herbs from your garden? And yet we say you are equal. Treat yourself as you treat those whom you have been taught to worship, for you are the whole of God. You cannot see yourselves because of the veils you wear. However, our goal is to reflect that part of you that you cannot see yourself.

We are here to reflect your magnificence at this time, in which you cannot remember who you are. At this time, you look at yourself and say, “Why is this happening to me?” We are right in front of you and we wrap our wings around you when we can.

We do that now too. Breathe in the energy of our wings as we hold each and every one of you close to our hearts, but we also know that our energy only sustains your greatness. The true power lies within you and we are here to help you remember it. but we also know that our energy only sustains your greatness. The true power lies within you and we are here to help you remember it. but we also know that our energy only sustains your greatness. The true power lies within you and we are here to help you remember it.

Do you remember your wings

We want to talk about the angel wings today, for they are vibrational instruments that we use to touch you. You have similar wings, which can be used to touch others. We wish to give you a vibrational technique that can be used to align your vibrations.

We want to teach you a way that you can use your own wings to be the human angels that you are. We want to give you practical examples and show you practical applications. We ask you to take this information and find applications for it in your own life. That will create the energy of Home on the Gameboard of Free Choice. We wish you have everything you desire.

The Keeper loves to hug others because he calls himself a collector of hugs. When a human being is touched by another human being, a natural exchange of vibration takes place. It is not possible for two vibrations to occupy the same time and space without changing each other.

One of your habits is to shake hands. That serves a higher purpose, because when two hands come together, the vibrations mix together. From that moment on they become part of each other on a limited scale and can no longer be diametrically opposed. Once you merge your vibrations with the vibrations of another human being, to some extent both vibrations have changed and become part of each other. That’s the merging of Universal Energy.

The flow of Universal Energy is a mixing and blending of vibrations. Anything that goes directly against the flow of Universal Energy will encounter resistance on all fronts. Anything that aligns with the Universal Energy will go with the flow naturally and effortlessly. Place yourself in that flow and mix your vibrations with the vibrations of the people around you.

We would like to ask you to connect the heart chakras in embracing. For we would like to ask you, when embracing a person, embrace him or her and touch his/her heart chakra with your wings. [At that time they showed me a hand, with the thumb inward, the middle and ring finger straight and the two outer fingers out, like a little angel with outspread wings.

We ask you to spread your wings for those special beings who cannot remember who they are and to touch them with your angelic touch.

Touch their heart chakra while hugging them. For even during that brief moment the seeds of love will be sown and the vibrations of Home will be shared. We tell you this now for that is the way we touch you and we ask you now to be human angels and touch each other with the vibration of Michael.

angel hug

You feel so often that you are embraced by us, as only we can. We now want to share our most used angel hug with you. In the angel hug for support we wrap our wings around you from behind to support you as we reach around you to your heart chakra with the gift of the angelic touch.

Those are the wings that illustrate your wings, for you are the angels on Earth. You are the angels who bend their wings to draw the vibrations of Home into the human experience. Share your angelic vibration with other human beings and recreate the feeling you experience when we hug you. Be generous with the embrace and the angelic touch. Embrace your enemies this way and you will have no more enemies.

Lucifer is HOME

You have brought so much joy to our side of the veil, for when you reunite, we too are able to reunite. As below, so above, and we have been separated for so long to help you maintain the illusion of polarity.

We tell you that the so-called “Lucifer Experiment” is now reuniting. Lucifer is Home and like you, we too are reuniting with our original Spiritual family. You have created this opportunity for us through the choices you have made on the Gameboard of Free Choice.

You are now reaching for higher truths in every area as you can grasp higher vibrations. You are purposefully strving to create your own reality and that has set in motion the intended creation of Heaven on Earth. Do you see now why we say you are doing well? You have earned the right to bear the title of “Lightworker” and now you are earning the right to bear the title of “Angel”.

How can I hear Spirit clearly?

Your leadership is strong, yet many of you are asking, “How can I strengthen my leadership?” How can I hear my guides and what are their names? It is so difficult for us when you ask these human questions, for applying human attributes to our side of the veil only limits the true magnificence of Home. Many of the names you seek cannot be translated into earthly language.

Have patience. It won’t be long before you will hear them clearly. Feel the love we have for you for that is the best way we communicate right now. Feel it as we come behind you with our angelic hugs and accept the love we have for you. There are times when we would like to hug you, teach you and give you everything you ask for.

There are times when we extend both hands to you to touch your heart chakra. To us this exchange of vibration is overwhelming, but you only feel the hairs on your arms stand on end. Know that we are there and that we are touching you. Imagine, if you will, encountering a desperate soul and knowing that you can take away the illusion of despair if he/she agreed to have you embrace him/her.

That is often our dilemma, for when we embrace you but our embrace is not accepted, there is no merging of vibration. Now we ask you to be the Angels of the Earth. Sometimes that will mean being angelic without acknowledgment. Spread this energy the way only you can, quietly stand behind someone and touch them the way the angels of Home touch you.

Do it physically at every opportunity that presents itself, and when it is not appropriate to do so in physical form, do it through your words and actions. Offer this supportive angel hug along with your energy. When you do, the vibrations of Home will flow through your own being with such power that you will never be the same again.

Become a human angel and your own illusion of despair will disappear. When you start using these tools in your daily life, you take yourself and all humanity to a higher level. then do it using your words and actions. Offer this supportive angel hug along with your energy. When you do, the vibrations of Home will flow through your own being with such power that you will never be the same again.

Become a human angel and your own illusion of despair will disappear. When you start using these tools in your daily life, you take yourself and all humanity to a higher level. then do it using your words and actions.

Offer this supportive angel hug along with your energy. When you do, the vibrations of Home will flow through your own being with such power that you will never be the same again. Become a human angel and your own illusion of despair will disappear. When you start using these tools in your daily life, you take yourself and all humanity to a higher level.

How to deal with problems

Your biology is changing and that presents you with problems. It seems that people are not very adept at the art of change. The Keeper has a wonderful joke about that. He says all the things he’s ever given up are full of deep scratches. We understand your resistance to change for you have lived for so long from the need for survival.

And now you are driven by the need for unity. In these difficult times when you have lost your sense of direction, the key to your passion lies in spreading your own wings. In difficult times, look for an opportunity to help others around you see their wings. Find the angels around you and help them recognize their true nature. If they don’t want to use the word “angels,” give them another word.

Cashing in / cashing karma

These are very special times on the Free Choice Gameboard. The collective karma of all your incarnations has given you the right to be here at this time to play this role. We see that many of you feel that you are surrounded by problems and struggles and encounter resistance to everything. You have used every influence at your disposal to be here at this very time. This is the opportunity you have asked for, this is the time to spread your human wings and become angels.

Go to others and embrace them with your own angelic personality, for you belong to the family of Michael and you carry your wings in the right way. Use them often and when you see others need them, when you see that others can’t remember who they are, calmly extend your hand and touch them with the angelic touch. And when they’re okay with that, touch them again. And when it feels right, get behind them and spread your wings to touch their hearts.

Touch others with your wings and your passion. Because when you do, you bring your own passion Home. When you do that you become the greatest expression of God in human form. When you do that, you not only become a human angel, but you also attract the other angels of Home.

Because as an angel you are not alone. In Heaven it is not possible to stand alone. When you look around you don’t see us, yet there are hundreds of angels visiting you every day. You are the blessed people who have earned the right to play this role. There are many onlookers who follow your every move and wish that it was their job to play your part. Live in that knowledge and trust your inner guidance that has brought you here now.

You are the masters who have agreed to wear the veil of forgetfulness and forget who they are. Though you cannot remember the heritage of Home, you can never lose it. We are here to help you bring these vibrations from Home to the planet. That’s why you came here and that’s why we love you so much. We are very proud of you for you have created the reality of Home. You have begun to create Home on your side of the veil. From our side of the veil, that’s a beautiful sight.

You cannot imagine the joy and cheer that goes up when someone decides to take their power. You thereby influence beings around you, beings who are on many levels, even deep into the overtone layers that you are not even aware of. The number of eyes on you is far beyond your numbers for you are changing the paradigm (pattern) of All That Is.

Touch each other as we touch you

What you call Earth is nothing more than a collective vibration of all humanity. The Earth is changing as people are raising their vibrations through their individual choices. Watch as the crime rates continue to fall.

See how people in all walks of life are beginning to reach for higher truths and use these truths in all areas of human experience. Watch the imaginary lines that keep you apart begin to fade. These are direct consequences of the raising of the collective vibration of humanity through individual choices. Be happy with those choices, as we are!

At your request, we have come here to help you remember what your true inheritance is. We are with you all. We are there in the silence between your breaths though you can’t hear us, and though we may only be able to make the hairs on your arms stand on end. In those moments become aware of your heart, for it is we who embrace you with our wings and touch you with our angelic presence.

We use the Angel touch. We ask you to do the same. Find ways to make the most of your environment by helping the people around you see who they are. Find ways to bring joy and passion into your life by empowering those around you. In this way you will not only find joy for yourself but also create Heaven on Earth for everyone.

Step into your passion because then you will play the biggest role you have written for yourself. Then you are most useful to yourself, the Universe and to Spirit. Therein lies the greatest possible amalgamation of Universal energies. Once Earth was separated from Heaven. That illusion is now disappearing. As you raise your vibrations, we create and incarnate together as one. The Universal Energy is now mixing the energies of Heaven and Earth.

If only you could see yourselves as we do. If only we could show you a spectacle as a gift by pulling aside the veil just for a moment, you would remember Home and see your own magnificence. We often do that in your dreams and you wake up very excited because you have seen how simple it is.

Yes, it’s simple. Take in the vibration of the feelings from such a dream and carry it with you and let others see the twinkle in your eyes. Touch others with this special angel hug in memory of the angel you are. touch them! – Touch them! – Touch them! – And we will touch you. For it is our greatest honor to spread our wings for you as you step into the role of human angels.

It is our greatest honor to touch you, and although you cannot feel it, we tell you that the message will get through. You know who we are and you remember Home. That has drawn you here and now go and share it with others. When you do, you will become human angels, spreading their wings to touch those around you. There is still so much to say but we can’t do it all in one session.

For today this is enough for you are leaving here with the tools of the Angels in your possession. Use this tool well and often, for when you mix your vibrations together, you carry the vibrations of Michael’s family. Accept the responsibility of creating your highest possible reality and touch others when you have the opportunity.

Share your vibration with others around you when/as we touch you. We thank you for bringing us here. We thank you for coming here to look into each other’s eyes and remember who you are. You are the human angels and it is our great honor to be near you.

With the utmost respect, we ask that you again treat each other with respect, care for each other and use the empowerment factor, but most of all, play well together.

Keep your two middle fingers together. The two outer fingers lift slightly and separate from the middle fingers to depict the wings of an angel. Put your thumb in the palm of your hand.

The one embrace they’re talking about is hugging people as you stand in front of them: wrap your arms around them and touch their heart chakras on their backs. The supportive angel hug they talked about is when you hug people while standing behind them: then wrap your arms around them and touch their heart chakra in front.

As they said in the post, “Touch others with this special embrace in remembrance of the angel that you are.” Use this embrace physically and energetically whenever you have the opportunity to send energy to others in need.

I often visualize sending hugs to people when giving private sessions over the phone. Trust me, it works! The magic is not in the way you hold your fingers – the magic comes from you. You are the Human Angels. And it gives me great pleasure to remind you of that. A firm Angel hug and friendly nudges


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