An indefinable feeling

Sometimes I get so tired of myself. You too?
You know the feeling: you are musing about what you want to do next in your life and you don’t know where to start. Deep down you know you want something new. You want to get out of the life you lead now and go on a journey of discovery, but how and where to go? It is difficult when you have to make choices in your life, especially if you have always done something a certain way and now you have to step out of that comfort zone.
It’s so baked into it that part of you doesn’t even want to take steps. Everything is fine right?
No, not everything is good, otherwise, you wouldn’t have the conscious indefinable feeling. Then you wouldn’t be daydreaming about that other life you long for. You don’t have an overview of the bigger picture if you spend a lot of time in your head, your head with its old conditionings. There are bears on the road after all. But is that really so? Or have you never researched those other avenues? Have you never tried other things?

The other way

An indefinable feeling

Taking that completely different path, which you have always been curious about. That road you never followed, because of the opinion of others or fear. It’s not easy, you won’t hear me say that either. But there is always an opening when we are willing to see it, and when we are willing to take steps towards a new life. Why would we want to stay in the old familiar when we have a whole world to explore? All the beautiful connections you can make and the life lessons you can discover in a fun and playful way.

What prevents you from even bothering to get out of that bubble and do those things where you can make such a big development and that you can grow from? We too often get stuck in the certainty of life and see too many bears on the road. We have forgotten that life is overflowing with possibilities if only you are willing to see them. Too much and too often we are in our heads and no longer follow our hearts. The heart that knows so well how to make you happy.

Realize your choices

Of course, it also needs some awareness to know where your feelings come from and what you can do with them. You have an underlying feeling, but you can’t place it because you always live your life a certain way. But try to become aware of your feelings and thoughts. Try listening to your heart by turning off your mind. Write down what makes you happy, and see what you can do to make some of those wishes come true. If you take a step at a time and do the things you long for or do the things you fear, you get closer and closer to that indefinable feeling.

An indefinable feeling

Step by step you take yourself out of your comfort zone, which in turn inspires you to continue. Because you see that you can handle it, and you see that there are possibilities. Find someone who inspires you and follow that person. Be inspired to do what can bring you to such a position. Step by step… and don’t be intimidated, because that person also had to take these steps to get to where they are now.

Social media

We’ve started to get a wrong look at what social media is doing and we’ve started to get a wrong look at everything around it. We have often become jealous of the people who can inspire us. We also long for that life: from behind our computer screens we look with lust at those who have achieved it.

We condemn ourselves for not having achieved or not being able to achieve this. But in doing so, we forget that we possess the same qualities that take us further if we dare to look beyond our familiar comfort zone. As long as we realize that we have everything in our own hands and can make our own choices in our lives. By constantly being and staying aware of ourselves and the choices we make every time.

Turn things around

An indefinable feeling

Stand up for yourself and change course if you want to. Step into that new life if you desire it. No one told you to stay here. No one said you should stay the way you are. You can change 180 degrees if you want. Everyone around you can have an opinion about it and you really shouldn’t have to or care about that, because it’s your path. Your life. In this life, you can live your life the way you want, without anyone imposing anything on you.

Be inspired and inspire others. Make conscious choices that help you further, and do not follow without thinking about what the rest of society is doing. Step out of that role and become a leader instead of a follower. There is no certainty, certainty does not exist, and certainty is an illusion.

It is your path and yours alone. You determine your happiness and no one else. You make all your choices in life, only you. So be your own inspiration and go for it. Whatever it is, big or small, start somewhere and look for that indefinable feeling inside you. Go live without imposed rules and follow your heart.



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