An inspiring story: the way to a more authentic life

An inspiring story: the way to a more authentic life

It didn’t matter how many times she’d thought about it. She realized well, with her head, that it would bring her happiness and relief. She just couldn’t do it. “How am I supposed to pay my mortgage?” she thought. “How am I going to finance my children’s lives? What will my parents say? And my friends, my colleagues? Am I losing people?” She looked at her phone. It seemed so simple, just dial the number and call; say she wouldn’t come back. But she didn’t dare.

The next morning she found herself on her bike, riding through the city. Her abdomen felt soft as her stomach slowly pushed the acids up her esophagus. The resistance in her body was almost unbearable. Once she arrived at her destination, she entered the office. Like every day, she greeted a number of colleagues who were whispering at the coffee machine and then quickly walked to her workplace. “ How did I end up in this situation? ”, went through her head.

Being normal

She thought of the past, of what she was like as a child. Happy and happy. She remembered seeing them even then: the shadows in her room. The dead people suddenly stood next to her bed and asked her questions. Her mother had told her not to pretend that it couldn’t be true. Her father had only laughed really hard.

Childish imagination. She had felt misunderstood and had begun to doubt herself. A doubt that had settled in her subconscious and seemed to recur in everything. Not that you could tell from the outside: she had taught herself to appear very rational and normal.

An inspiring story: the way to a more authentic life

Being normal had become something of a goal in her life. She longed for a normal relationship with her parents, normal friends, and a normal, well-deserved career. She wanted normal kids who went to school normally and listened to her fairly normally.

Apart from the divorce, she had managed to build a ‘normal’ life. Her parents were proud of her and she was a welcome aunt, cousin and friend. The people in her life knew what she had in store for them: they could rely on her. She was sociable, loving, spontaneous and attentive and she was always there for others. People turned to her for advice and advice. They knew where to find her, especially if someone around her was in a pinch.

The images from her childhood sometimes came up during the conversations she had with her trapped environment. Often she suddenly knew something she couldn’t really know, or she instinctively sensed where the root of a problem was. That’s why people around her loved talking to her.

She had often wondered whether the childish imagination of her childhood had really been imagination, but she dared not think too much about it. Somewhere deep inside her there was a conviction that she was actually a little crazy. A weirdo, a stranger, different from others. Every day she had done her best not to stand out or draw too much attention.

Now she knew she wasn’t crazy. During the retreat she had attended last week, she had come across people just like her. Who saw it too. Who also knew things. Suddenly she was no longer alone. She looked with a smile around her mouth at the WhatsApp group with those people. The sessions during the retreat had awakened her: she now knew she was different. And more importantly, she knew that wasn’t a bad thing. May she be who she is. She can come out for her authenticity and that can stop conforming to the world around her. May she stop being ‘normal’.

But yeah… during the week it had seemed easy to her. In the safe energy she had been in with the retreat group, she had shouted that she would stop. That she would tell her parents what was going on. And her children. That her ex should know and that her friends, if they were real friends, would accept her as she is. She would quit her job because she had seen so clearly that it made her unhappy. That working in this money-driven office was almost toxic to her sensitive system.

Now, back in her daily life, she was staring at her laptop. She didn’t know anymore. How? How could she just turn the life she’d built up over all those years upside down? Despite it being a facade, despite playing a part and not being able to be herself, it was her life. Her safety. Her comfort zone. The consequences of such a ‘coming out’ would have seemed futile in the retreat.
But now that she’d landed back in her life, they seemed like towering, seemingly insurmountable problems.

How was your retreat?

An inspiring story: the way to a more authentic life

She felt sadness rise from her stomach. It mixed with the heartburn and nausea she’d been feeling for days. A tear rolled down her cheeks.

“Are you okay?” her close colleague asked with a warm smile. “How was your retreat?”

Suddenly the tears welled up. She told her colleague the whole story. About the discoveries she’d made and how fake her life felt to her. She talked about her plans to change tack and the resistance and fear she felt.

The colleague listened to her with an understanding look. What would he think of her now? She couldn’t help but tell and everything came out. When she was done, the shame came. The feeling that always came up when she showed too much of herself. As if she had fallen through the cracks. She looked at her colleague in doubt.

Something had changed in his eyes. They seemed much deeper, his pupils had widened and he seemed to see right through her. Suddenly she saw a kind of white border around his head and shoulders. She felt a soft tingle through her abdomen and her feet felt as if they were glued to the floor. Surprised, she looked into his eyes, making the whole universe seem to be looking at her. Then it was his turn to tell his story.

Her colleague spoke candidly about his childhood. About how sensitive he had been, about the misunderstanding and bullying, and the search for his identity. He talked endlessly about the despair, about the pain of rejection, about the fear of not being normal. And about the moment he woke up during a meditation course he had taken as a sort of last resort. He too wanted to change his life. He too had wanted to quit his job, even his relationship. But he hadn’t.

As inside, so outside

An inspiring story: the way to a more authentic life

His teacher had advised him to take it one step at a time. To fully engage in his own inner process before adjusting to his outer world. “As inside, so outside”, the teacher had said. “Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. If you change inside, your environment will change with it.” It turned out to be true. He had taken up daily meditation and regular meditation and transformation retreats.

He had started reading about awareness and, after his personal process had taken off and the worst wounds from his past had healed, he had started training as a healer. He was almost done with that now. In the meantime, he had opened a home practice that was getting better and better.

“Just a little while,” he said, “and then I can quit my job and go full-time with my calling.”

She was stunned! She had known this colleague for over ten years and had never looked for this after him! And he turned out not to be the only one. Over the next few weeks, he introduced her to one colleague after another who was concerned with spirituality. Her friends, after she opened, understood her more than she expected.

They also did all kinds of exercises: one meditated, the other did yoga and a third, to her surprise, followed a course in shamanism. They had never told her because she hadn’t been open to it. All that time, a lot of people with awareness turned out to be active in her immediate environment. Even her sister walked with a transformation coach. In fact, she had known that, but she hadn’t paid attention to it.


An inspiring story: the way to a more authentic life

Her life changed completely. She blossomed and became more and more authentic, more and more who she was as a child. Decided to exploit her talents and followed coaching training. She took a few modules at the famous Arthur Findley College in England to develop her clairvoyance. Her children reacted enthusiastically to the new, energetic and cheerful mother they had received and almost everyone around her embraced the new woman she had become. Only her parents thought it was theirs, but she accepted it with a smile.

She was promoted at work and joined forces with the many like-minded colleagues she had. Together they saw an opportunity to change the company from the inside out into an organization that prioritized the well-being of employees and making a social contribution instead of financial gain.

In her new network of awakened people, she found her partner, the man she had unconsciously always been waiting for. Her soul mate. She realized that she is not alone and had never been alone. That there are many like them. Lightworkers with special gifts and powers who have incarnated at this time to facilitate humanity’s transition from fear to love. From the 3rd to the 5th dimension and beyond.

To this day she is happy, vital and active in her mission to make her own life, that of the people around her, and that of all beings on the planet as harmonious as possible.


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