Ancient Pain: Why Healing Your Inner Child Helps Your Own Children

Ancient Pain: Why Healing Your Inner Child Helps Your Own Children

This article is for all parents who are concerned about their children… Because, for example, it is often sick or not doing well at school. By healing your own inner child, you also heal your son or daughter, which can reduce the complaints considerably and sometimes even disappear.

You clear up your own pain and your child no longer has to respond to it, unconsciously.

It’s about you!

Are you concerned about your child? Because it is (often) sick, for example, or because it has problems at school or suffers from tantrums?

Parents generally want nothing more than to see their children happy. You do your utmost to help your child, but sometimes you feel so powerless! Have you ever thought that the worries and the powerlessness you feel are partly about yourself? About the impotence of your inner child? By healing your own inner child, you also heal your son or daughter, which can significantly reduce his or her complaints. Or sometimes even disappear like snow in the sun.

A story from your own childhood

In every relationship, including that between parent and child, there is some form of projection. People can only understand things from something they already know, so we always subconsciously put pictures on everything and everyone. That is very natural, but it is good to be aware of this. So if you’re worried about your child, it’s not just about what’s really going on with him or her. You’re also worried about the story you’ve attached to it! The situation touches something in you. And because it concerns your child, it is likely that it is a belief or emotional ‘store’ that originated in your own childhood.

Ancient Pain: Why Healing Your Inner Child Helps Your Own Children

Close bond

Your child feels the emotions of your inner child perfectly. It will usually not be aware of this, but the close and organic bond between parent and child means that there is a continuous flow of exchange between them even without words. After all, the parents primarily form the living environment of the child. It is completely dependent at birth and cannot help but keep that connection open with the parents. To feel what is there, to be able to act as it should.

If a child feels that the father or mother needs something, it will start to feel it. The child may begin to experience the same need. Apparently, there is a shortage of something (security? love?) because mom or dad feels that way. Or the child may do their best to solve the problem for the parent.

Clearing your own pain

Needs on an emotional level always arise essentially from the inner child. The reason for the experienced shortage can be a situation from your life today, but the pain you experience always touches on painful emotions that you stored as a child. Working on the healing of your own inner child can therefore positively influence the problems of your son or daughter. You clear up your own pain and your child no longer has to (unconsciously) react to it.

Ancient Pain: Why Healing Your Inner Child Helps Your Own Children

Moreover, the projection of your own sadness, pain, or fear on the situation of your daughter or son disappears. Your worries about your child will take on more realistic proportions. You can look more objectively at what is really going on and respond better to what he/she actually needs. And what a relief it is for a child when it feels that her mom or dad is less concerned about him…

For small and large

The healing of your own inner child usually has a quick effect on young children. Small children are completely dependent on their parents and the living environment they create. So if parents start to feel better, the child will naturally feel better too. From the age of seven, children become more aware of their own identity, separate from their parents. But the dependence is still great and the child moves with them to a great extent. Emotional stability and resilience in the parents positively influence the child’s sense of well-being. And that in turn affects the level of physical health.

The happiness of older children (teenagers, adolescents, and even adult children) is also increased by healing. Although they have separated from their parents much more, a certain bond always remains; even between parents and children who have no contact with each other. As your appearance as a parent changes, so will the connection between you. Because your inner child no longer experiences a need, you as a parent automatically give your child more space for its individuality. Conversely, your child feels how you have been able to solve your problems yourself, which gives confidence in life and in its own resilience.

That’s how you do it

The spiritual message of the chicken: what does it mean to you?

How do you do that, heal your inner child? There are many techniques for this, ranging from psychotherapy to energetic healing. My advice is to choose a way that touches both the conscious, mental-emotional and the more unconscious, energetic plane. You need mental-emotional awareness to give yourself and your children tools that help you deal with setbacks in daily life. To ensure that the impact of this is no longer as great as before.

Energetic healing is necessary because we consist of more than our conscious thoughts and feelings. The pain of the inner child can be about experiences of which we have no conscious memory. Or even about painful experiences of a parent or ancestor that are stored and transferred via our DNA and therefore via our life energy ( ki or chi ).

Psychotherapy and awareness alone cannot do enough about this; this also requires cleaning at an energetic level. For that reason, I always give Reiki, while helping my clients consciously connect with their inner children. In this way, healing of the inner child takes place on all levels simultaneously.


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