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Andromeda- Characteristics of those who have Andromeda as their Planetary Origin

Those with Andromeda as their original planet , seek freedom. There is a deep, inner thirst and urge that makes him search for this feeling. They may often change jobs, homes, or partners in their search. But one day they will realize that the freedom they seek and all the feelings of being trapped are not due to their circumstances.

The real freedom they seek comes from within. You can only experience it by developing yourself and self-love. The adult Andromedan realizes this and works with this knowledge to create a reality that can meet this need, while continuing to grow in other areas as well.

Andromedans need to work on things like confidence and love. In these areas it will be clear what needs to be developed, unless it is really hidden. When self-love and self-confidence are developed, the inner freedom and the spiritual connection will be found in…..where it has always been, if the trust and belief in the self allows it to be seen.

Once this develops, the connection between the self and god will become strong. This allows past life memories to flow and many old talents are awakened to be used again. Many Andromedans discover that they have much to offer others spiritually and are often known as teachers and healers.

Andromedans love to travel and have all kinds of strange experiences. They like excitement, activity and variety. They may feel the need to visit past life homes, or may have the desire to visit certain places and environments at an early age without actually knowing why. They love to drive fast or fly airplanes as this stimulates subconscious memories of “home”.

Andromedans tend to dramatize their “learning moments” because they are so self-critical and don’t take themselves seriously. By learning to take smaller steps at opportunities and lessons, they can learn to avoid the big dramas.

Because of his tendency to be self-critical, the Andromedan expects others to be the same. They are often surprised when they notice how much others like them! Outwardly, Andromedans appear very confident, capable and outgoing with very well developed communication skills.

They are very good at hiding their inner fears, doubts and insecurities so that they can show a completely different face to the outside world. They can be well suited as a teacher, in the healthcare sector or pursuing a career in the travel industry. Some are excellent at expressing their desire for drama in acting or writing.Andromeda- Characteristics of those who have Andromeda as their Planetary Origin

Andromedans have healing and communicative gifts that are often felt early in childhood. They are usually ignored or discouraged by family and need to be dug up later.

Andromedans are sensitive, caring individuals who have compassion and the ability to put themselves in others’ place and truly empathize. There is a desire to work with healing the physical, psychological, emotional pains of humanity.


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