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Angels are always next to you, even when you don’t see them

People often think that you should be able to see angels. Why, because otherwise it isn’t true? “Angels come to you in all forms. As a person, as a feeling, as a breath of wind, as a feather, etc. You don’t need to be able to see them to know for sure that they are there.

All you have to do is trust

Angels are beautiful and loving beings, among them are Archangels , Guardian Angels and Angels. Archangels are strong and holy angels who each have their own strength and knowledge and are appointed as archangels. There are guardian angels who are with you and help you. You certainly have one, but probably more. They stand by you and belong to you. In this life and perhaps in your past lives. The “ordinary” angels, angels who help, support, comfort and give you strength.New Age Guardian Angel

Ask your angels and trust.

If you don’t know who to call on, ask for your guardian angel(s). Your guardian angels are always with you and when in doubt, ask them to call on the right angel for you. Ask them what you want and then let it go. Have faith that the universe will pick it up for you. Be open to what you are going to receive, even if it is something different than you expected.
You don’t have to tell the angels what to bring you to answer your question and how you want them to do it. Of course you can ask, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what you get, so be open to other possibilities. Help from angels comes in many forms.
Suppose you ask for more money because you desperately need it (for whatever reason).

You may have a hunch in the coming days that will give you the finances you asked for. Maybe you meet someone who would normally walk past you, but now you keep chatting with them and that person turns out to have a vacancy open and that job is now yours. You can be helped in many different ways, but it doesn’t always have to be the way you expect it.

How do angels show themselves to us?

As mentioned at the beginning, angels manifest themselves in many different ways and shapes to humans. But often you are still expected to see a person bathed in rays of light in your dreams, visions or when you are awake. Angels come as they want to appear. You would probably be shocked if you suddenly had an angel standing at your bedside.

That’s why it can also happen a bit more subtly, a moment where you later think “was that it, was that an angel?”. The latter happens much more often. You see a white or colored dot, you feel a breath of wind pass your cheeks, a shiver suddenly goes down your leg or you suddenly get super warm feet.Angel in actionIt can also just be a feeling you get, you feel something around you or something suddenly taps against your arm. You may regularly encounter feathers or coins, which is also a sign that angels are with you. Some people have encounters with a person, who later is nowhere to be found and whom no one turns out to know.

And still others get more practical signs, like a book that falls off the shelf and that book contains exactly the answer you were looking for. There are many ways in which you probably already have an angel. From now on you are more aware of this and therefore you will pay more attention to it. You will encounter signs and symbols more and more and you will recognize the angels.Making decisions with the help of angels
numbersare also a beautiful way angels give messages to us. If you often see double digits, then look up what that means for you. Chances are you have received a message. You can also receive signs via license plates, nameplates and advertising signs. The moment it gets stuck in your head and doesn’t want to get out, you can take it as a message and start investigating what it does for you.

Make contact, anyone can do it.

Everyone can get in touch with their own angels . It’s a matter of practice and being open to what comes next. You don’t have to be afraid of nasty or mean angels. As long as your intention is pure and positive, there is nothing to worry about. Angels are pure beings and they consist only of love. Negative angels don’t exist.

Your guardian angels, angels and archangels can call on you at any time of the day and ask for help. They do not sleep and are not bound by time and space. You don’t take them away from someone else when you call them. Their energy allows them to help wherever their help is needed.


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