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Angels at work and the beauty around me

Hello all,

I hope I won’t bore you too much and that you find this article interesting. I’d like to share with you some of the things I see every day. This year birds have nested in my garden and I recently saw an angel teach a little bird to fly. It looked pretty funny. The angel helped the bird to fly into the sky and when it succeeded, I saw the angel fly with the bird. Moments later, the angel was gone. I saw the little birds land on the roof of the house and fly away again. That was a simple moment for me to stop and look at the beauty around me.

I was out on a cold and windy day when my guardian angel whispered in my ear, Look across the street. There I saw a beautiful angel, all dressed in gold and red. The angel was standing outside a cafe. I said to my guardian angel: I’m going in there, I could use something warm. The angel at the door of the cafe waved at me and as soon as it was safe to cross, I walked to the other side of the street. The angel had a beautiful smile and when I opened the door of the little cafe, the angel said to me: sit in the back, it’s cozy and warm there.

I did as the angel suggested and found an empty table in the back corner. I took off my scarf and gloves and the waitress came up to me and asked what I would like. I said a cup of tea and a slice of apple pie looked delicious, thank you. A few minutes later the waitress came back with my order. I thanked her and as the girl walked back I saw her guardian angel blowing on her left ear. At that moment she stopped and turned around. She asked if I needed anything else. I said no, thank you. She walked away again. Her guardian angel turned and smiled at me. I said, does she know she has a guardian angel?Her angel said, yes. I sat in the cafe and enjoyed my tea.

Meanwhile, it filled up with more and more people coming in and sitting down. As I looked around the cafe it was lovely to see everyone having a good time chatting. There was an unemployed angel standing next to me and I said, I’m sure there’s someone in this little cafe who could really use you. The unemployed angel said, that’s right, if you leave here I’m not going with you. I asked the unemployed angel, can you tell me who needs you? The angel said, the little family in the front of the cafe. I looked in that direction and saw a mother with two children.

angel wings
angel wings in Park Ravne, Visoko Bosnie, made by Evzenie Lindner. Photo by G. Volckmer

Just then the cafe door opened and an older man and a young man walked into the cafe. They walked all the way to the back where I was sitting, but in the other corner. A moment later the unemployed angel said to me, look at that older man and the young man who have just come in.

I looked to the side and took a sip of my tea. Their guardian angels stood beside them and a moment later more angels appeared. One of the angels was a Teacher Angel, it was holding a pen and paper. The unemployed angel said to me, it is a grandfather and grandson. Grandpa was deeply engaged in conversation and I saw him reach out his arm and place his hand on his grandson’s.

The grandson’s love for his grandfather was so intertwined. The unemployed angel said to me, the grandfather gives all his wisdom and knowledge that he can share, because the young man has a job and he is very nervous.

It was beautiful to see the angels at work. They turned and looked my way and smiled. I want to share this with you for wisdom and knowledge, the experience of another life shared with a younger person, we all need that.

The grandfather shared all his wisdom and knowledge with his grandchild to give him the courage and strength he needed for his new job. The young man will have his own life experiences on his journey, but it was heartwarming to know that his grandfather would always share his wisdom and knowledge with his grandson. And to see his grandson open and listen to the wisdom being passed on.


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