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Angels, guides and spirits, what’s the difference?

Angels, guides and spirits are often seen as the same ‘beings’. In my opinion this is not the case. They are definitely different and distinct from each other. There is a difference between these beings, they each have their own strength and energy.

I understand the confusion. It is also quite difficult to recognize if you are still fairly new to these terms and phenomena. If you come into contact with an angel, guide or spirit for the first time, I can imagine that you think that the house is haunted. You are terrified and you become afraid of this phenomenon. I will gladly take this worry away from you.

What is an angel?

An angel is a being of light and comes to you in pure energy and love. Even before you are born you have angels with you and during your life on earth it is a coming and going of these loving beings. Angels bring support , comfort and messages on your path. An angel can be a deceased person or loved one, but often they are light beings that are sent to you from the source to assist and help you.


Thomas Buchanan Read [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A guardian angel can be a deceased person or loved one. As a spirit, he has gone to the light and returned to be your guardian angel during your life on Earth.

What is a guide?

Everyone has a guide with them. Guides are deceased persons or loved ones who really stand by you in everything you do. Some guides stay with you for the rest of your life, others just come to fulfill a task or teach you a lesson that is needed at that moment. You can also have multiple guides with you. Since guides are deceased persons, their ego may also be present. Therefore, always listen carefully to your own

For example, one of my guides is my grandmother, my mother’s mother. I didn’t know her alive, she died before I was born. Because she is my guide in my life, I still get to know her, a special experience for both of us.

What is a ghost?

Ghosts are souls of deceased persons or loved ones. In general, spirits are kind and loving, eager to stay with their family or loved one to comfort and love them. They cannot yet say goodbye to their earthly life and linger a little longer to see if everyone can manage without them. When a deceased person, a spirit, has difficulty letting go of his or her own life, the spirit becomes restless and remains strongly present in a house or with someone. A ghost can still feel guilty about something that happened in its life. By being present with someone as a spirit, it demands attention and that can sometimes be intense. That’s what we often get scared of, because it’s elusive and we’ve been scared by the movies, exciting stories and books.

Listen to what the silence is telling you and discover who is with you.

If you’re not sure which creature is near you or in your house, just sit down and relax. Listen to your own intuition and you will automatically hear who or what it is. A troubled mind does not necessarily mean that your house is haunted or that you are cursed.

It is most likely a lost soul that needs your help because it is unable to cross over and leave the earth on its own. And you can do that simply by telling the spirit that it may go to the light and find rest there. There is a good chance that you will no longer suffer from it. When in doubt, find a trusted medium or lightworker who can help you with this.

Your own inner voice tells you which being is with you. Sit in silence and listen to what comes to you. A good example of listening to your own voice was given by a customer who sent me the following. She sent me a photo a while ago with beautiful orbs (a way of angels to show their presence) on it and she asked who that could be, she thought herself her deceased daughter who came to her as a guardian angel.

This lady already knew who was present with her, her own intuition had already told her that. She just needed my confirmation, and next time she knows she can listen to her own voiceAngel guides and spirits - what's the difference

So don’t panic .

So do not immediately panic if cups suddenly shift or you see shadows in the house. Listen to your own inner voice for a moment and trust it. That voice is in all of us and with it we have contact with all beings.

Angels are always loving and will always support you. Guides assist you and lead you in their own way, together you can experience beautiful things. Ghosts are love and demand your attention when they want it. You don’t have to scare them, talk to them in your mind and you will be amazed at what they still want to tell you.

You can always talk to all the angels, guides and spirits around you. You can ask your angels for help and they will make themselves heard in a loving way. Your guides will also be happy to assist you if you wish. Love the spirits who are with you. Who knows, it may be your deceased pet or grandmother.


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