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Angels, their role, tasks and specializations

Angels played a major role in the Catholic world, little in the Protestant world, not at all outside it. People used to live very concretely with angels. In the last century the feeling for angels has been lost. In our time the feeling for the angelic world is awakening again.

The angels now guard the atmosphere of our togetherness. When people connect with each other in community, an angel is appointed to protect and connect the people in the midst of that group. You experience this as a feeling of strength and comfort.

Chans said that angels became concrete for him when he was working as a hospital chaplain. Often sick children told him they saw a radiant figure by their bedside, especially when fear and panic struck. The children could not tell how long that figure stayed with them, but they could tell that fear, panic and loneliness fell away.

Children are very careful about who they tell this to, they don’t want people to ascribe their experience with a light figure to dreams or fantasy. People who are not open to these kinds of experiences do not hear them either. Sick people especially see shapes of light in their last days or hours. Those sick people then get something radiant. No man dies alone!

it eventually leads to transformation, to enlightenment

What is the task of the angels?

  • They “carry” us to the world on the other side
  • They appear to us as light form. If you can’t see this, you can feel it.
  • They sometimes ‘let’ us say things that come from within, you feel that they are not words of the self
  • They protect people from bad luck, they sometimes intervene. For example, one man told that he felt a hand that stopped him when he wanted to cross a road. A second later, a bus he hadn’t seen rumbled by.

Angels do not intervene in all situations , because they very carefully respect and protect our life plan. So the experiences we have in our lives fit into the lessons we have to learn. Then an angel does not intervene. If a situation is not in accordance with our life plan, then no action is taken.

It is not easy to understand why you have chosen a particular life plan, especially in painful situations. Angels certainly help you through those painful situations.angel light

It is therefore important that you are open to the inspiration of angels , descend into that world of feeling.

  • Angels give us comfort, encouragement and life force
  • Angels help us step by step to gain insight. You are awakened by them. Sometimes you get an answer in a flash to a question you’ve been working on for a long time
  • Angels are neutral or androgynous.
  • Angels are sensitive to compliments, give them that too. You often don’t see an angel’s face, but you can experience its power.
  • Angels live in groups. Each angel carries a sign at chest height. The sign of the angel that belongs to you is the motto of your life.

Angels also appear as humans these days. There are many stories about this in America. An angel then takes on a human form.

For example, there are stories of a hitchhiker who is taken by someone and awakens things in him. Suddenly that hitchhiker is gone. Children tell that their angel reveals them in the form of another child. Sometimes angels come to us in the form of a voice.

What is the angelic world like?

The ancient spiritual Christian tradition has told much about the angelic world. Apparently people used to have archetypes. Paul was highly clairvoyant and had many out-of-body experiences, through which he came into contact with the angelic world.

He passed on how the angelic world works. There are 3 hierarchies, you could say an ascending series of angels, although there is no high and low, for each being is equally important in the angelic world.

We mainly deal with angels from the first hierarchy, because they work most directly on us.

Each category has its own task.

I 1. The Angels

2. The Archangels

3. The Primal Forces

II 4. The Powers

5. The Forces

6.The World Leaders

III 7.The Seraphim

8. The Cherubim

9. The Thrones

Angels as personal angels

angel-boyEach of us has a personal angel who guides us through our lives. It has also accompanied us in previous incarnations. The angel was there when our life plan was drawn up. The angel enjoys when we learn something and when our love is increased.

The angel tries to keep us awake, tries to let us be instead of having. Hans’s angel is called Andreas, which means strong man. The angels choose a name to make something known to you. At night we confer with our angel in the spirit world.

That is also where the expression comes from: “I have to sleep on it again”. People get ideas of inventions mainly at night. It helps if you talk to your angel before going to sleep about what you want an answer to. Making your questions concrete is very important. The connection takes place through an open inner attitude. The answer will surely come!

Angels specialize in:

  1. guiding dying processes
  2. guiding the birth
  3. waking us up, becoming aware. This often happens in difficult periods, then we learn to look and feel differently. You then feel a reverence arise in yourself.
  4. healing

There are so-called priest angels who are with those people who have a spiritual mission to fulfill. They help people to see their own assignment.

You also have linking angels who are tasked with bringing people together. Often people in the intermediate area have made agreements with each other to learn from each other. The coupling angel gives an impulse to bring those people into contact with each other. Behind every encounter is guidance and a deeper meaning.

These angels work with individuals. Angels have a lot of room for our mistakes. Angels have never incarnated. They cannot make independent decisions. They “read” what is in God’s world and act upon it.

They also have no idea of ​​time. a guideis a beloved of ours who has passed on and is guiding us from the light world. They do understand time. Guides know from their own experience that life on Earth can be very difficult. Angels don’t know that from their own experience.

It is important that you take responsibility for your angel, because the more selfish and materialistic we are, the more flimsy your angel becomes. When we grow in love, our angel grows with us, there is more input to inspire us, making us feel richer and that also makes the angels richer. Above all, thank your angel for what he does for you.

There are also angels of evil. They make the sacrifice to teach us the opposite of good. Here on Earth we can only learn from duality.

That brings us the “fallen” angels. From your inner strength you can send this angel away, with which you also send away the evil. Dare to stand in your own power. Angels cannot make mistakes, for they are only able to transmit the divine spirituality.


These angels work with nations. Every nation has its own mission. Each nation plays its own instrument. If they play their instrument cleanly, they play nicely and not out of tune with the other peoples in the orchestra.

In the past, the kings and emperors were in direct contact with the archangel. In the constitution there was a sentence: “King by the grace of God”, that sentence has disappeared. In this time the archangels guide certain population groups, because we have become citizens of the world, we are growing towards one humanity.

Archangels and Planets

The following archangels are known to have connections and influence on the adjacent planets:







Gabriel Moon

Eras of the Archangels:

Michael: 600–200 BC.

Orifil: 200 BC. – 150 AD.

Anal:150 – 500

Zachariel:500 – 850

Raphael: 850 – 1190

Zamael:1190 – 1510

Gabriel:1510 – 1879

Michael: from 1879

The Primal Forces

The primal forces work for all of humanity. They ensure that humanity evaluates according to God’s plan. They give impulses and preserve the rhythm of time and evolution that they become one. The patriarch Abraham could still perceive the primordial forces. Now no one can see anything of this spiritual world.

Yet the curtain slowly opens again and especially children spontaneously see something of this angelic world. If we were to experience the world of the primordial forces, we would burn up spontaneously, because its energy is very powerful. That energy is still too great for us.

heaven EarthPrimal forces can therefore not send out their energy directly, they do so through the archangels.

Such an archangel is then in the rank of primal power for a certain period. Every 350 years there is another archangel who passes on the influence of the primal forces. Now we live under the energy of Michael.

Before that, the sphere of influence was through Gabriel, who announced the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus , among other things . Gabriel’s energy helps us incarnate and is focused on matter. You also see in the centuries that lie behind us that technology and matter have greatly influenced humanity

In 1879 Michael’s energy rises more. Michael is committed to bringing the revelation of the Divine energy to humanity. He makes us aware of where we come from and where we are going. He pulls open the curtain between the earthly world and the divine world. We will experience that we are deeply spiritual beings.

It is striking that especially in Germany Michaël is a popular name among newborn boys. It will also not be a coincidence that Gorbachev ‘s name is Michael and has brought about major changes in Russia, causing, among other things, the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Angels, the Forces, Powers and World Leaders

Here on Earth we don’t have much to do with this angelic hierarchy. Their job is to nurture and expand the entire cosmos. They also deal with other planets and solar systems.

The Powers are spirits of form. Everything takes shape through them. They are the ones who molded our bodies.

The Forces ensure that everything that has form moves. All movements are coordinated. That we walk, dance and move is thanks to the Forces.

Astrology deals with the movements of the planets, which movements are developed by the Forces.

The World Leaders ensure that every form and movement is imbued with a deep wisdom.

When something new arises in the cosmos, this hierarchy of angels gives it shape, movement and wisdom.

The Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones

These are energies that are unimaginable to us.
Paul puts it simply: God is the source of all life. That’s where energy comes from. These angels are standing around that well. They capture the energy and use it to make building blocks for the world.

The Seraphim make the building material of love. The Divine energy is transformed into love energy.

The Cherubim provide harmony. They align planets with each other, people with aliens, but also people among themselves and they also ensure harmony in ourselves.

The Thrones are the energy of the will. All existing energy is permeated by willpower. We are still far from being aware of this energy, but we do feel that we can do good with willpower.

A new sensitivity is now awakening. More and more people are coming to earth with clairvoyant gifts. In this respect, the younger generation is our example.

Michael energy hates rules, dogmas and fixed patterns.

Insights no longer come from rules, but from our hearts. It is therefore important to look at what lives inside you.

Young people live more intuitively, with them it is mainly about inner freedom, as a result they come into conflict with authority.

In the Michael age, the hidden comes to light.

Our own cesspool is broken open and what can be seen there is confusing.

There is a need to purify our inner self, that is what Michael accomplishes in us.

Everything that happened in World War II has come out. Now it comes out immediately what goes on within wars.

The Naghamad writings were found at the lowest point of the world, in 1945. These writings give us a handle for the new way.

You also see that all the personal adventures of world leaders come from hidden.

What remains hidden cannot be healed, what comes to light can!

All the patterns that lie behind the hidden also come to light. As a result, this also leads to rifts, such as divorces, ruptures in family relationships, people leaving the church. The contradictions are greater than ever.

We must not remain imprisoned under hypocrisy.

This Michael energy has quite a few consequences. It appears to have a negative effect, but it ultimately leads to transformation, to enlightenment.

Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit

During this time, a lot of old karma is also cleared up. A lot of people are put on the spot.

It is ultimately for the good.

From all these contradictions, Michael will take the step to forge a unity again.

The becoming androgynous man is now set in motion.

You see the development of that unity happening on all levels.

Our mission is to make this happen in our lives.

Michael is often portrayed as a forerunner of Christ, his influence was also there 200 years before Chr.

He is associated with the sun, which is also the symbol of Christ.

It won’t be long before Christ comes again. He is already concretely busy returning to our inner self. Eventually mankind will be able to perceive Him clairvoyantly. That return is already taking place.

Christ is the head of the angelic world.

Michael is focused on getting us clean inside.

The more we become clean, pure, and vulnerable, the better Christ can penetrate into us. When this happens, the Golden Age has arrived.

Michael’s action causes apocalyptic storms, crises and shocks.

Apocalyptic means revelation.

John describes in his Revelations how the second coming of Christ will happen, this will be accompanied by storms, floods and wars. These are all cleaning storms. There is always a storm before a purge.

All of us have chosen to incarnate at this time because it is precisely this time that we can become most aware.

Everything you work and purify within yourself is the greatest gift you can give to the world.


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