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Animals are multi-sensory and therefore perceive much more than humans


There is much more to report about nature than the behavioral empirical research we usually see in nature documentaries. Of course, we also learn by observing the behavior of animals. And we use our eyes to do that and interpret what we see with our brain. That’s how it works with humans.

Even in that spiritual field, because we want to be able to understand the new metaphysical experience as well. But sometimes that doesn’t work. That does not mean that you should simply refer the experience to the fable or you should doubt your own mental health… But what we experience sensory and regard as scientific evidence is usually so limited. Our sensory perceptions unite all nature information that can be gathered.But our senses are rather limited in number.

They experience reality much more broadly and they live in the same physical and non-physical reality. They can see multi-sensory in a multidimensional world. They can perceive forms of energy. We usually don’t. Beyond our own field of vision, hearing and touch, a reality awaits us that is of a hidden expanse.

If you want to be able to lift a corner of the veil, then you first have to be open to it, otherwise you will block it rationally. And then you also have to learn to let go of your own perception of things and your emotions (including fears) and attachments, because what you will see or experience next will completely undermine that limited reality to which you became attached as your truth.

You must become as free as the wind.The animal species do not judge and that is why their perception is so wide. People are constantly judging. They judge themselves and the other. So your mind limits your reality, because you only see what you want to accept, because there is a plausible explanation for it.

What you might already know (or didn’t know):

  •  We generally view the animal world as we exist ourselves. We attribute emotions to them and think, for example, that they notice us mainly through ‘being seen or heard’. But that’s just human projection . They are also not hate bearers, not doomsayers, but they do remember negative experiences and they will protect themselves if they sense fear or malice. That’s just an instinctive act of self-preservation.
  • Rodents and dogs mainly read their environment with their sense of smell. In this way they also track down congeners. Burning smell will drive them away. They can smell it from afar. The air is thus their information-carrying medium.
  • Bats are visually impaired, but they don’t fly into anything because they emit high signals and receive them with their large ears, making a perfect scan of their environment.
  • Elephants can communicate with each other at great distances, so their large ear flaps can act as giant parabolic antennas.
  • Bees illustrate with a certain dance symbolism how you can get to that interesting flower field as a bee.
  • Ants can form a living bridge over water. They are capable of sacrificing themselves for the good of the group.
  • Females catch an enormous amount of prey and are also decisive for the decline in bird diversity. Not because they are naughty animals, but they are in abundance today (because they became pets), so it’s not a natural situation anymore. A good property is that they help neutralize energies.
  • Dogs are very loyal, pure love and they feel very good about you. But you can also make/raise them false, suspicious and malicious. Just like you can screw up (your) children like that.
  • Roe deer can sense your aura.
  • The best adapters to technological progress have the best chances of survival. Somehow this also applies to the human species, but also to an animal species. For example, the first trains made the cows flee from the meadows, but this has long since ceased to be the case. The information is now in their consciousness. On islands that have never been visited by humans, the animals are therefore not shy of people due to a lack of bad experiences with people.
  • The animal chooses the habitat that gives it the best chances of survival. It therefore makes little sense to intervene in the diversity of species. How lost will the fox, the wolf, the bear, the badger feel in an environment that does not meet its life requirements, because they charge more for this than we can observe. And what are the chances of survival and reproduction after resettlement?spiritual lesson you can learn from your dog

What you may not have known:

  • Animals live completely in the now. They are without judgment and without prejudice and are unencumbered by all kinds of old or new emotions.
  • We are spiritually connected to the dolphin species. They have our consciousness, are also intelligent, but know what they know not through reasoning, but through their multi-sensory perceptions. In addition, each dolphin can have several identities, we usually only have one in one body. What one dolphin experiences/learns is also received holistically by the other dolphins.
  • Humanity encompasses the consciousness of the mineral, plant and animal kingdomsPeople experience reality and their own lives through their intellect. If that intellect is not so well developed, you will be seriously disadvantaged as a human being. Animals, however, have a less well-developed intellect, yet their multi-sensory perception is much more accurate. So the greater our understanding of nature, the better our environment could develop. Or the better we could learn to perceive metaphysical reality, the better for our environment. We must also follow the path of ‘reasoning’.
  • If you approach nature violently (eg spraying with chemicals) then in addition to the physical clearance, you have a distorting influence on that species, because it is also threatening to the etheric regions. Picking one plant or physically destroying it with natural pesticides and cutting down a tree is much less of a problem. And nature will always react with force if her equilibrium cannot be restored. That is why an increase in consciousness in humans is so urgently needed. So here too, you reap what you sow.
  • The shepherd or farmer who develops a bond with his livestock can command that livestock by transmitting the command through consciousness to their consciousness. For example, the shepherd could even make his own sheepdogs superfluous, simply through telepathic contact.
  • Man has yet to reason to know, but animals know by perceiving. Perception does not make mistakes, the ratio often misinterprets things.
  • Animals read us like a book, especially when there is eye contact.
  • They are also related as a species. So what one monkey learns here as a new skill to get food, can also be picked up by its peers on the other side of the world at the same time. The same goes for alerts.
  • The tree whose roots are suddenly cut also warns the other trees in the forest.Celia tree
  • We too are connected as a species, completely one, but the sense of individuality in man breaks through that unity. Yet that unity does not stop there. That’s not possible either. But our perception of things that is very scary does create a disharmony. And experiencing the unity usually remains outside the human life experience. Humans are also the only species that has a hard time dying. An animal immediately switches to the next energy form, because ‘it knows’, it has no problems letting go. However, the rabbit will instinctively flee from the hunter, the buzzard… so as not to be killed.
  • Nature in general is under the influence of the negative actions of man who does not know and acts rather opportunistically, but she is also under the influence of his negative thoughts. People usually do not suspect this: that they co-create their own lives with their thoughts, but also determine the view and the interaction of nature just as much as a group and also as an individual. We as humanity are part of the negative power exerted on nature. There are few exceptions to that.
  • But if we become aware of this as an individual, as a group of people or as humanity, our living environment and also the animal and plant kingdoms will benefit.When one person awakens by letting go of the limitations of the mind, the other person feels it too, for all consciousness is interconnected. So you may be doing all the work, but the other one is benefiting from your consciousness growth. And that’s normal. After all, we are ‘one’. One big family, one big giant cobweb of consciousness. The rag or etheric channels that connect us are indeed invisible to our eyes. In fact, everything is connected to everything: sounds, small and larger creatures, blackberries, earth, the universe… even your life is a puzzle piece in that fantastic whole.


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