Anxiety and nutrition: what can you do to reduce anxiety in your body?

Recognize fear of commitment

Our body is a channel for the transport of messages and information, the temple in which we get to know ourselves. Anxiety and tension often communicate through our bodies and their presence usually indicates that we need to take better and more loving care of our physical body. Our body is the foundation of our well-being. If fear or tension arise, first ask yourself if there might be a physical need that requires attention.

If my kids seem off-balance in some way, I always ask them about their bodies first: “Did you get enough sleep last night?” “Did you eat enough protein today?” “Do you need to run a few laps around the house?” “Did you eat too much sugar?” These are the same questions I always ask myself, although I always add a hormone-related question.

The Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Because we live in a culture where we’re always in our heads, we tend to ignore the needs of our bodies until an outburst takes place in the form of illness, tension, or fear. One of the most effective ways our psyche uses to alert us to the presence of tension and fear is to let it manifest in our bodies. Sometimes a symptom is nothing more than a symptom and has nothing to do with fear. It is therefore always important to first establish that there is no serious physical reason for your complaint.

Only when that is behind us will there be space to tap into the deeper mindset and to regard symptoms as metaphors. That is precisely why it helps to reassure the anxious mind and to have your body fully checked first and to create a clear picture of the state of your health before taking further steps.

If that last sentence made you feel some tension, you are not alone. Once we get to the subject of the body, there’s always the risk of tripping over the thread fear has spun around your health: ‘Oh no, she just wrote that some symptoms could mean there’s something really wrong with my health. ! I’m going to the doctor tomorrow.’ Take it easy now. Take a deep breath. Take another deep breath. Use this moment to let your inner parent or wise self speak. What would he say? “Yes, that you can have something among the members is a nasty thought (affirmation), but chances are I’m fine (reality). I recognize this. Remember when (insert a true situation here where you went through your fear)? That went well.

How fear can manifest in your body

It can be calming for the tense and anxious mind to see a list of all the ways fear can manifest in your body. The next time you have a hot flash and break out in a sweat, you know it’s anxiety. This way you prevent fear from running away and constructing a new catastrophic storyline for you. Let’s take a look at that detailed list of physical manifestations of fear and tension.

Chest pressure

• Throat tightness
• Difficulty breathing
• Difficulty swallowing
• Knot in stomach
• Loss of appetite
• Insomnia
• Chills, body shaking, tremors
• Burning or itchy skin
• Chest pain
• Exhaustion
• It ( cold
• Feeling sick
• Feeling wrong, weird or strange
Frequent urination
• Palpitations
• Rapid heartbeat
• Motion sickness
• Muscle twitching
• Nausea
• Headache
• Pain in the head
• Tension in the forehead
• Difficulty speaking

Shortness of breath

• Dissociation

Abdominal pain

• Digestive problems

• Diarrhea

• Chest tightness

Many of the symptoms mentioned can be a manifestation of your emotional needs as well as a physical aspect that demands attention. In my work I see that anxiety is especially exacerbated when clients are dealing with problems such as high blood sugar, diet, alcohol, exercise, sleep and hormones. Tension and anxiety can also be a wake-up call to finally pay attention to those crucial parts of the Self. Your loving inner parent helps you decide which new and healthy habits will help reduce tension and anxiety and thus boost your well-being, mental clarity, energy levels and calmness.

what can you do to reduce anxiety in your body

Anxiety and low blood sugar

Optimal health benefits from balancing your intake of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and minerals. Especially for sensitive people, it would be wise to limit the use of stimulants. By this I mean sugar, caffeine, alcohol and drugs. You achieve a good balance if you take approximately the following every day.

Tension/anxiety. When your glucose level is too low, your body’s adrenal glands signal to produce the hormone epinephrine (also called adrenaline) so that your liver produces more sugar. The excess of adrenaline causes the well-known ‘rush’, which can make you feel tense.

Restless nights. It is common for people to experience falling blood sugar levels during the night. This can cause sleep disturbances with the following symptoms: night sweats, nightmares, suddenly waking up screaming and feelings of restlessness and confusion when waking up. Snacking on something before bed can help reduce the frequency and severity of sleep disturbances.

Emotional instability. Extreme mood changes and sudden emotional episodes with atypical behavior are some of the neurological symptoms of low blood sugar, as well as irrational outbursts, for no apparent reason or hysterical crying, uncontrollable anger and a strong desire to be left alone. Less severe mood changes, such as increased irritability or irritability, can be signs that your blood sugar is dropping. An uneasy feeling of fear and compulsive thoughts also arise more quickly if the sugar level in your blood is too low.

Your body responds immediately to changes in your blood sugar levels. Perhaps you now understand better why I advise you to look at your body first if you want to do something against anxiety and tension. Updating your diary or meditating when your blood sugar is too low is the same as if your car won’t start and you immediately dive under the hood instead of checking if there is enough fuel in the tank. Blood sugar is your fuel and if you easily suffer from anxiety and tension, it is wise to keep the tank well filled.



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