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Anxiety from children’s spiritual experiences?

Spiritual experiences of children

Children are generally still very much connected to the ‘spirit world’ until about the age of seven. After that, the lines become more and more brittle. The connections will of course always remain and can be intensified again as soon as the time is right.

In some children, the connection never becomes more brittle at all and even seems to intensify with age. Children of today seem more intensely or more clearly connected than, for example, 40 years ago.


I get a lot of questions from concerned parents who don’t know how to deal with their child when there are fears because, for example, their child sees or feels ‘something’ that they do not feel or see themselves. Because they can’t do anything with it, fears quickly surface.
In any case, what is important is to take your child seriously!

Usually the fears turn out to be “unfounded” because the energy that is there is a guide or a deceased loved one who comes to bring love, help and support. This is possible at any time and does not necessarily have to be during a difficult period.

Fears voice from ignorance and “Indian stories.” One makes it an even more horrifying story than the other. And that’s how you breed fear and maintain it. but also; you are thereby distracted from what really is!

Movies, scary books, and on TV for example: the news, new movie trailers and adult program announcements; these are all stimuli that can cause unpleasant images to be burned on the retina of both you and your child. The news on the radio also regularly brings nasty messages that your brain can just run away with. So much happens unconsciously in our brain… We get so many stimuli…

I think it’s important to realize that far too often our children hear and see things that they can’t quite understand in terms of fake or real and danger or safe.
Be aware that all the images you see are stored in your brain and that your brain associates something with them in an unpredictable way.

So that’s where the fear comes from…

You are the strongest yourself

What I always first teach a child who is afraid of ‘something in his room’ is that they are human themselves and therefore very strong and compact in terms of energy. What is there (even though I can’t always see/feel it in that room, I always assume it’s there as soon as a child indicates it), I call ‘volatile energy’.

There is no matter in or around it as there is in our body. Therefore, the children themselves are always more powerful than just that energy. It’s about realizing that they are in charge of their own room, their own energy and in charge of this energy, simply because they are more powerful.

When they want it to go away, all they have to do is say so knowing that it is they who decide that it goes away. That that energy is not stronger, but that they themselves are stronger. That that energy cannot decide where it is, but that they determine it. You need confidence for that! As long as you don’t trust it, it will be difficult.

To do together

As a parent, take some time to sit down in that room with your child and be ‘in the now’, so that both of you can find your own energy. Tell yourself that you are powerful and that you are ‘the boss’.

Then ask the energy in your mind who or what it is and why it is there and whether the energy wants to make this known through, for example, insights or coincidences (insights come in the course of time, not immediately like a lightning bolt) . Practice that together and let go of the fantasies that fuel your fear.

Another thing you can do is talk to your child about what that energy actually feels like. Ask how it feels. It can initially (through ignorance) evoke fear, but as soon as you ask your child ‘how does this energy actually feel’, and of course you stay in that room, it may turn out that it is actually not scary at all.

Still scary…

If it still doesn’t feel right, you don’t want to know how or why this energy is there, or your child remains anxious, you can choose to say together: ‘I don’t know who you are, but I want you to leave’ . It really is that simple. It is nice to sit in that room with your child, even if you don’t see or feel that energy, and do that exercise together.

With fear you sustain it, with faith it dissolves! With this you support your child in his confidence that he is taken seriously, but it also feels more powerful for your child because he is not alone then. Together feels stronger. And then he can do it himself.

Family issues

Like I said, usually it’s a deceased loved one who wants to be with you, and that could be a great-grandmother or even further away. That kinship bond of love never ceases to exist. Who knows, maybe your family currently has an issue to work out that solves something in the family energy. Then you can be sure that your ancestors sometimes watch and help! There’s nothing wrong or scary about that. It just happens… Even when you are not aware of it. More often than you realize!

If you really don’t manage to feel calm with the energy present, you can always buy a stone at a new-age store that helps to purify your room or let it go for a while with incense (and then air it well!) inform you well about what it can be used for and how it can be used.

For example, feathers, a protection bear or something else tangible can help very well. It kind of depends on the age of your child.

Having restless energy….

Still, I want to give you something to be aware of;
Your kids feel everything! By that I mean; your mood too. So when something is going on in your family, worries about your work or relationship, irritations about different directions of personal growth, it may be that your child becomes restless. Especially if you don’t say anything about it!

For example:
I received a message from someone whose two-year-old daughter panicked every night as soon as she had to go to bed. Not during the day, especially at night. That’s why she thought it had to do with “a presence.”

In my message back I asked her if there might be something wrong at home. She told me that her husband had doubts about whether he still wanted to stay in the marriage. They had not discussed this with anyone. But children pick up on that energy and can’t really do much more than get anxious because they’re feeling ‘something they can’t control’. They don’t understand the situation, but feel everything! You can imagine that every night that little girl was afraid that her daddy would be gone tomorrow…

What I want to point out to you in this story is; don’t go straight into the anxious Spiri part of oh dear, there is an unknown nasty energy in our house (from the realm of the dead and that is scary), but first check with yourself whether you might have that ‘nasty’ yourself energy, or your partner. It may sound a little harsh when you read it like that, but read it in a mild way. I mean ‘rest in yourself is also energy that is present’…

Worries, fears, impotence, doubts, they are simply heavy energies. Kids of all ages pick that up and project it onto themselves. Children always think that they are doing it wrong and are the cause of an angry, sad, anxious mom or dad. Because they have no overview of life issues and the situation. Combined with sounds, stories and images on their retinas, a fearful story can emerge in their heads.

You really don’t have to elaborate on the whole situation, you just have to confirm the feeling (‘yes, I’m sad, but that has nothing to do with you’) and give confidence. That confidence again…that’s so important!

You can solve it quite easily by being open, honest and clear with everyone who lives in the house. Do that in a way that suits the age of your child, you probably understand that.. And then you can work on finding the solution in ‘working on yourself’.

Good luck exploring the energies in your home! If you have a question or experience, perhaps an addition, I would be happy to read it in a comment.


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