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Archangel Michael protects us all

A few months ago I was riding in a car, and we stopped at a red light at the Court of Justice in Dublin. I saw a woman in her fifties climbing the stairs to the main entrance of the building. There were three angels walking beside her, along with her guardian angel, whom I saw as a light three steps behind her.

The angels were huge, towering over her. They were dressed in white, through which I could still see reflections of other colors. Their arms and hands were constantly reaching out to support her. It was like watching it in slow motion, her steps seemed so slow and heavy.

I could see angels of prayer ascending from her, like an incredible waterfall of angels flowing forward, straight to heaven. One of the angels near her turned to me, and told me without words that she was very worried. She prayed as she walked, and the angels of prayer strengthened her prayers, as they do in all our prayers.

When she reached the door of the building, Archangel Michael appeared beside her; He looked like a handsome middle-aged man, dressed in a fine dark suit that fit there, but I could see the glow radiating from him. I was asked how I recognized him. I recognized him the way you would recognize a relative in a crowd. He turned and smiled at me as he went through the door into the building with the woman.

I knew the woman had asked Archangel Michael for help.

michaelArchangel Michael is with a person when he is invoked, he can only be there for a few moments. He is with other people at the same time, and at the same time he will never have left the throne of God. I have no explanation for how he and other archangels can be in different places at the same time.

We all have guardian angels and they never let us down for a moment. I sometimes meet people who tell me that Archangel Michael is their guardian angel. That is not possible. He’s no one’s guardian angel. Angel Michael is extremely powerful, and he is here to protect us all and guide us on the right path.

Archangel Michael is also with people who have asked him, such as the woman on the court steps that day.

One day, several years ago, I was walking with Angel Michael. I wondered if he was there for people who had been dishonest, or done bad things. As always I didn’t have to tell Angel Michael what I was thinking, he knew my thoughts. He stopped, and took my hands, and answered; i love it when it takes my hand. This is what he told me:

God wants me to be there for anyone who calls on me, even those who are dishonest or do wrong. God has said that I must be there for everyone, and that I must try to protect everyone. I protect people who do things wrong in a different way. I try to give them the courage to be honest, to admit they did wrong things, and to make things right for themselves and others.

I interrupted him: “Does that always work?”

No Lorna, he said. He said it rather sadly. Many men and women do not want to listen. They have free will, and I can’t ignore it.

I told him I wish people would listen a little more. Angel Michael smiled at me, and we started walking again. After a minute or two Angel Michael turned to me and said he was always there to protect me. Then he disappeared.

I have my guardian angel and my other angels around me, so I don’t feel the need to ask Angel Michael to help me in my life. I always feel that the things I experience are insignificant, and that he has much more important work.

I never pray to angels or archangels, I only pray to God, but I do ask angels to help me. I am asking Archangel Michael right now to help solve the problems in places like Syria where there is so much violence and injustice, so much pain.

I don’t know why Angel Michael has been allowed into my life so many times. He often appears when I am looking for information to share about something spiritual, and then he appears and says that God heard my call. I’ve thought about that, and have come to the conclusion that Angel Michael is not here for me personally, but as God’s messenger, to give me information to share with the world.

I continue to work to share these messages with the world, and appreciate so deeply that you all read this newsletter, that you listened. I appreciate that so many of you are sharing these messages of hope with others.


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