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Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn – 2014 : A New Relationship with Nature and the Spirit of the Forest

Celia Fenno
Celia Fenno

First, 2014 will be a year of great Change and Transformation on the Material or Physical level. All concentration is now on how to manifest the New Energies on the New Earth as the Golden Frequency allows and supports a Higher Consciousness and a Higher Level of Vision and Creativity.

The New Dream is taking shape, and the Crystal Children are here to support and assist you as you manifest the Dream.
It is true that this Manifestation will be accompanied by considerable turmoil in the political and economic spheres of society.

This is because the Indigo generationis awakening and moving into their Mission of Challenge and Transformation. They will challenge the political and economic systems where there is injustice and suffering, and they will begin the work to end poverty and suffering on the Earth.

Poverty and suffering are not inescapable realities on Earth. They are created by imbalances in the social and economic structures and can be repaired by moving these social structures into a new sense of balance.

You will encounter, Beloved Ones, many mind-boggling events in 2014, as changes are occurring at great speed. Things that seemed solid will suddenly crumble and collapse, to be replaced by ideas and structures that are more fluid, flexible and supportive of all life on Earth.

Beloveds, we ask you not to be in fear as you see these transformations. You are the Masters and the Warriors of the Light. Know that if you stay aligned with your Heart and your Inner Peace, you will move through these changes gracefully and in the best possible

Ending Poverty, a Sustainable Future and the Spirit of the Forest

Beloved Family of Light, as you enter this year of 2014, we ask you to dream and to dream big. Yes, focus on your own lives and what you need to be happy, but also remember that you are part of a Global Community and you can dream for the Community too.
We ask you to dream and focus on ending poverty, on creating Abundance for All, and creating a Sustainable Future for your children and their children too!

Beloveds, this process of Restoration and Transformation is associated with your ability to reconnect with Nature and the world of the Elementals. In the 19th and 20th centuries, your evolution and progress took you away from Nature and into a mechanized and technological reality.

This has served your expansion into a Fifth Dimensional Global Community, but you cannot thrive unless you return to respectful coexistence with Nature. It is a matter of Balance, between the human needs as the dominant race on Planet Earth, and the needs of other races and living beings. For, you are all connected in the Great Web of life, and if you do not find Balance you will not flourish.Celia tree

And so be it, Beloved Family, that along with the anchoring of the Golden Frequency on the Earth, you will also experience the re-awakening of an ancient Elemental Force that we will call the “Spirit of the Forest”.

This Beautiful Being, this Energy will support all efforts and projects designed to mend the gap with Nature and create an abundant and sustainable future. The Forest was humanity’s first “home” and you learned how to be supported by this Energy which nurtured and provided.

In some cultures you saw this loving energy of support as a Great Mother, in other cultures you saw the power of nature as a Masculine Energy called “ Pan“. There was an understanding of the Elemental Power of this Being and how it was supportive of all Life on Earth, including but not limited to Human Life.

Then, at some point in your mental development, you went into “war” with this force, trying to dominate and defeat it. It retreated, and the Earth began to suffer as the forests and wild places withered and slowly died as technology improved.

In anchoring the Golden Frequency to the Earth, you have effectively invited the return of the Spirit of nature, the “Spirit of the Forest”, and the return of Abundance and the support into your lives. The “war” with nature is over.

You are once again learning how to allow nature to support you as you once again encounter the loving presence of the Spirit of the Forest in your lives. Let this beautiful energy be a part of your dreams as you co-create the new Earth with cities that welcome Nature and the Spirit of the Forest to create Abundance and Joy.

When you open your hearts and your lives to the Spirit of the Forest, you will activate this energy in your lives and in your communities. You will begin to create the Cities of Light of the New Earth that will bring in Balance with nature and the end of Poverty on Earth.

Personal Balance and Planetary Balance

Jeanluc calm lakeBeloveds, all things are interconnected in your Fifth Dimensional World. If you would like to see the Spirit of the Forest and its Abundance manifested in your community, you must begin this process in your own lives.

You start simply by opening your heart and living in balance with Heaven and Earth. In that balance is an acceptance of the support and the Love, which is an inherent part of the Divine Plan for Life on Earth. Then, live your life in a grounded/grounded way, with a firm belief in the flow of Abundance generated within Nature and through the flow of Life, Love and Creativity. Learn to manifest easily and in harmony with Nature as a co-creative force.

As you become sensitive to this loving supportive energy, you will feel less stressed and more comfortable in your life on Earth. You will find it easier to flow into new ideas, new projects, new environments, and let go of the old, as part of the ongoing “organic” process of life. Whatever your personal “next step” may be, know that you will be supported by this loving and all-embracing power of Nature.

Your work, Beloved Family of Light, is to stay grounded, centered in your heart and connected to the golden Frequency of the Higher Consciousness. This, along with a sensitivity to the Spirit of the Forest, will create a life of gentle abundance and simple harmony with Nature and the natural forces in your body and living environment.

The Nodes of Light and the New Earth Communities

peaceful state of mindBeloved Ones, as you reach this level of Frequency and consciousness, you become a “Node of Light” for the New Earth. As such, you will naturally attract others who are also on this frequency and you will begin to form the Communities of Light.

This is an organic or natural process, where opportunities and people will be drawn to you as you are guided in the flow of this energy.

And, it is in these collective “Nodes of Light” that the new ideas and the new communities of the New Earth will emerge. They will show up everywhere, but their focus will be on creating a sustainable future and working to end poverty and restore the relationship with Nature.

For what is poverty other than the belief that Nature does not give enough? This will be especially needed in the cities, and there will be many “Light Warriors” who will begin to activate the “Light Knots” within major cities to manifest the New Earth.

You will find these “Warriors of Light” wherever there are dreams and visions of Justice and Abundance. They will create gardens and food gardens and they will initiate projects to cleanse the waters and provide shelter for all beings.

You will find them wherever efforts are made to save forests and rivers, and to live in harmony with nature. You will find them working to shift technology in harmony with nature, for that is their mission. The only technology that will move forward into the New Earth will be “clean” and sustainable technology.

These Warriors of Light will work on the Higher Dimensions along with the New Earth Structures and the Councils of Light. The Councils of Elders will oversee the projects, and the Earth Overseer Councils will support these projects.

The Councils of Children will provide support for the Higher Frequency incoming souls and the Crystal children who are already here as they give their energy to this new manifestation on Earth.


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