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Archons: free yourself from energy parasites

Energy parasites come in all shapes and sizes: from human to non-human, from terrestrial to non-terrestrial. In order to be able to stand fully in your power and potential on earth, it is important to be aware of the existence of the various energy parasites, in order to be able to protect or free yourself from them if necessary. In this article, a sequel to the article in 2 parts (read here 1  & 2 ) by Cameron Day, I want to take a closer look at energy parasites and the so-called Archons or ‘ankle biters’ in particular.


But what exactly are parasites? De Van Dale gives the following description:

parasieplural: parasites)

(de; m) animal that, a plant that lives on or in another organism and draws food from it

(de; m,f) im. who lives on others

People, plants and animals can behave parasiticly: they live on the energy of others. There are differences in the extent to which the parasite causes damage to the host.
For example, the well-known fungus Candida even makes a useful and necessary contribution to our digestion, and only becomes destructive when it multiplies too much and actually takes over the host’s body.

Archons: free yourself from energy parasites
The Archons are mentioned in the Nag Hammadi writings, which were found as scrolls of parchment kept in airtight jars.

Allowing parasitic organisms

When people behave parasiticly, the “host” usually has an unconscious reason to go along with the behavior. It is always important, when you feel that you are letting people live on your energy or costs, to investigate why you allow this. Is it an unconscious survival mechanism? A way to get approval or love? To avoid fighting? Or do you not feel that you have the right to your own place, your own energy, your own existence?
As with all parasites, the same applies here: dissolve your own unconscious patterns, heal your own weak spots, otherwise when you throw the parasite out, a new one will just take its place.

parasitic behavior

The person who behaves parasiticly can, if he is open to it, also subject his own behavior to further investigation. Why do I try to get power, energy, attention, recognition, resources etc through the other? I don’t believe I can do it myself, am I worth it? Do I not dare to take responsibility for my own energy and well-being? Am I too complete? Am I not standing on my own two feet? What do I need to believe in myself, connect with Source and stand in my own light?

Disembodied Parasites

But also non-embodied beings can behave parasiticly. Here too you see a difference in the degree of destructiveness.

Unconscious entities
For example, entities that have died unconsciously that are attached to the energy system of living people, can consume a lot of energy and cause emotional or health problems. However, they themselves are usually completely unaware of the harmful effect of their presence. They are also easy to ‘wake up’ and send to the Light, once we have become aware of their presence.

Archons: free yourself from energy parasites
mind control

Conscious entities
Conscious entities that have actually chosen to attach themselves to living people are sometimes a bit more difficult to detect: they, like the more ‘professional’ parasites such as ‘ankle biters’, often use tricks to ensure that you can detect their presence . not notice and starts to think that the negative thoughts and feelings they send or amplify are all yours.

The funny thing is that those same tricks will eventually ensure that they are noticed by the observant fellow human beings and fall through the cracks: after all, it will be noticeable if you keep having bizarre thoughts for no reason, suddenly become extremely down, can no longer think clearly. , etc., especially when you are engaged in spiritual matters and are about to become aware of important matters.

That is why being aware of yourself, your feelings, your body and your immediate environment is so important (see also my article Dealing with entities for tips).

ankle biters

Dark Entities
Entities operating at the dark pole, such as demonic beings, fallen angels and the like, are very similar to ankle biters in their tactics which they use to lower your frequency, cause discord and go undetected by the host through deception. In addition, it seems that demonic beings mainly operate from the motive to keep people as much as possible from the Light and to keep them out of their power.

It is, you might say, their job and their life’s work as workers of the dark pole. They seem to take sadistic pleasure in it. The fact that they also get energy from destroying people with manipulative tricks, influence and illusion is probably mainly a bonus.

biters Ankle biters, on the other hand, really have to make a living – or so they think. They have turned away from the Light of the Creator, know no other way to get energy than to steal it from beings they influence and act like fanatic leeches in it. In that respect they are parasites in the purest sense of the word.

First introduction to ankle biters

Before I was aware of the existence of ankle biters, as a reincarnation therapist I treated every dark non-human entity I encountered as a demonic attachment or “obsessor” – and that worked fine on its own.

They ‘enter’ in the same way (when we are unconscious, in shock, drugged, exhausted or out of senses) and use the same tactics (deception, amplification of negative thoughts and feelings, distortion of your perception) and cause similar complaints . But when I was made aware of the existence of ankle biters, I realized that there are differences.


I must confess that like so many others, I first laughed at the idea of ​​’ankle biters’. Alien parasites? Seriously? What didn’t help was that the first articles I came across on the internet came across as sensational, complete with bizarre ‘scary’ images. But because I wanted to seriously investigate the phenomenon, I looked further – and soon came across the more practical article by Cameron Day (see part 1 and part 2: never call them Archonten).

I think the universe had a hand in getting the article right that day, because the next day I was able to immediately apply the knowledge to one of my clients – and I think now, the most serious case of ankle biter that I will meet in a long time.

ankle biters

A very stubborn ankle biter

For as long as he could remember, this client had been suffering from a strange blockage that prevented him from reaching his passion. It was as if his mind crashed into a glass plate every time he tried. He also often had severe headaches and neck pain. We had already done several successful sessions to dissolve fears and blockages from past lives and early childhood, but the ‘glass plate’ remained.

When we went to look at it armed with the new knowledge, he could experience that there was indeed something that had completely grown together with his head and neck. There was a tremendous fear associated with it, a fear he knew well. All his life he had assumed that fear was his, that the deformity belonged to him, that it was himBut guess what – the fear was from an ankle biter and it was most definitely not a part of him!

When I suggested to release the ankle biter and send it to the light, there was panic in the tent – the ankle biter definitely didn’t want to go to the Light, he would rather die! Well… as a therapist, I’m not a fan of killing creatures of any kind, so we decided to apply Cameron Day’s solution – loosening the thick tentacles he was stuck with and an energetic ‘transport’ to the Galactic container – behold! The effect was astonishing. Instant relief.
The next day I got an e-mail from the client – ​​he now knew what his passion was, he didn’t know how he was going to realize it but was confident that the ‘how’ would become clear on its own. fantastic!

In the days that followed, I encountered more cases of ankle biting, both with clients and in my own environment. It became more clear to me about the nature of the beast. Below I describe what I have learned about it so far.

Ankle biters can last a long time

Ankle biters, when attached to us, can travel with us for a very long time, through incarnations and time. The annoying thing about this is that, because we don’t know any other way, we can then be completely blind to the fact that we are negatively influenced by a parasite.

In the above example, the ankle biter in question had been attached for so long that the man in question had come to think it was part of himself. With myself and with various clients I discovered ankle biters that were attached long ago in past lives. Once caught, it was easy to take them away for good.

Ankle biters come in easily but are also easy to remove

As mentioned before, ankle biters come in at times when people are in shock, unconscious, out of senses, overtired, emotional, etc. It seems that they are somewhat easier to enter than demonic entities or unconscious dead people. Maybe it’s because they’ve become so adept at sneaking in, hiding, and guzzling our energy, after all, it’s their only means of survival (they think).

In the first partof this article, Cameron describes an effective way to remove them yourself. I have found this to work fine, and instead of the Galactic Being, I personally would like to request Archangel Michael’s assistance in escorting the parasite in question to the ‘container in the universe’. With theta healing, the parasites can also be removed very well and quickly.

Ankle biters are cunning… but how intelligent are they really?

The Human Energy Body (Alex Grey)

Since ankle biters have specialized in deception and influencing, they have become very good at this and should certainly not be underestimated as an ‘adversary’. However, I haven’t seen any instances of ankle biters using more advanced ‘techniques’ of influencing and indoctrination, such as placing energetic implants, something some other alien races and demons have specialized in. But who knows, maybe I’ll come across that in practice – and in that case too they will betray their own presence through their own tricks.

Ankle biters can be ‘steered’

I have noticed that, especially in the old days, the use of ankle biters by malicious people, who were deliberately sent by using black magic practices, to attach to others and sabotage them. Today this will not happen very often. Fortunately, once you are aware of their presence, they are easy to remove.

Ankle biters are sneaky

Like all creatures of the dark pole, ankle biters cannot do anything against our conscious free will. So they have to operate in secret, and they are masters at that. The only real tactic they have is the old game of hiding in a corner of our consciousness, and from there secretly disrupting our perception and thinking, manipulating our thoughts and emotions, etc. They mainly do the latter, if your frequency something drops by jumping into negative thoughts or emotions, and lowering the frequency even further, which can end up in a negative spiral.

Loosely operating ankle biters

Ankle biters can also operate ‘loosely’ and cause discord by standing between people and negatively influencing their perception of each other, promoting miscommunication and misunderstandings. If there is an ankle biter from the outside, you can notice this because you can no longer think clearly or even become blurry, you suddenly no longer understand your conversation partner, your conversation partner suddenly seems very unpleasant to you, the disagreement suddenly escalates, etc. .

If this happens, it is best to stop with the topic you were arguing about, discuss the presence of possible ankle biters if possible, check and… especially make a joke of it. Humor puts you into perspective, has a de-escalating effect, and reconnects you with your strength and your Divine Self.If you make a competition with your interlocutor who can come up with the craziest name for the ankle biter, and go on an ‘ankle biter hunt’, the argument will soon be over.

How do you track them down?

If you suspect that an ankle biter is active, your feeling is usually sufficient. When in doubt, you can always use a divination technique such as pendulums, tarot cards, or have someone else do a muscle test (if you are ‘infected’, muscle tests don’t work well, in my experience. Someone who is free from ankle biters can do it for you to test).

Ankle biters and the attachment point

When people have demonic entities or deceased persons in their system, it is almost always necessary to heal the so-called ‘point of attachment’: the reason why the energy being in question could enter. Often this is a traumatized part of ourselves, for example an Inner Child part or a traumatized past life. Sometimes there is also a personal connection, we still have something to work out with the person in question.

In ankle biters it is also necessary to heal the ‘point of attachment’ if it concerns an ‘old’ ankle biter that is indeed attached to a traumatized past life or inner child. The traumatized part of us, if not healed, could easily let in other negative energy guzzlers.

Because ankle biters attach quite easily in moments of lesser disturbance of our consciousness, such as stress, fatigue, emotional loss of control, it is not always necessary to look for an attachment point: if it is a recent attachment without a real traumatic event, simply removing the parasite usually sufficient.

The added value of ankle biters

Just as everything that exists ultimately comes from the same Divine Source, ankle biters are also part of the big picture and have a right to exist. But after reading all this you might wonder what the point of all this actually is.

Just like dark entities, parasites also show us flawlessly where we are not yet firmly in our shoes, where we are still unconscious, where we do not yet believe in ourselves and our strength. Precisely because they abuse our pain pieces with their bag of tricks, they bring them to light, where they can be tackled and healed.

They can only infiltrate and use their tricks when we are not aware enough to notice them… and still have pain pieces to feed on. A happy, free, solid grounded person who is connected to his Divine Self will not let in any ankle biters. So instead of grumbling about ankle biters (love them, they give them energy!), we better show them the door resolutely,


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