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Arcturians, the Most Advanced Community in the Universe

Arcturus is the fourth brightest star in the evening sky, in the constellation Bootes about 36 light years from Earth, and its name means (roughly translated) “Guide of the Bear”. Arcturians have fifth dimensional consciousness and are experts in energy workers and light healers.

Arcturus is a portal between the 3rd and 5th dimensions, the realms of physical and spiritual reality. If you are of Arcturian origin , you are an exceptionally evolved and love-motivated being with strong healing powers and a desire to help humanity in any way you can.

The Arcturian Children

“I come to you as an Arcturian child and share that we hold the keys to the Lightbody and raising consciousness for humanityWe have an ancestral gift to speak about what is needed, to help others realize that they are Light and that they have the ability to create with their light. 

We are the healers of the light body and we also have the gift of building other energy bodies, such as the light bodies that co-create in the group consciousness. We are anchoring new energies to raise the consciousness of humanity. We bring a new consciousness of energy and the science of free energy to humanity. Our work with the free energy is to offer humanity alternative sources to their sources of energy.

We bring forth these concepts for the birth of a new science of energy resources on the EarthWe all need help to offer this to humanity and to ask that humanity begin to believe that the Divine stream of consciousness is limitless and has all the potential within it to create a new source of energy for all beings, to be supported and all to be received in harmony with the earthly kingdoms.”

The Arcturian children have an immense energy field and they have the power to align with others from all over the world, through an antenna like filaments of their energetic body (filaments: filamentous structure).

Because of this, they have awareness of all energies, at long distances and also in synchronicity with their chosen focus of energy. It is their ability to give free energy to others through no effort or loss of their own energy that allows their consciousness to simply receive other children’s blueprints.

We share that all children have gifts and that Arcturian children, through their gift of free energy to other children, receive gifts back from these children, the imprints of their gifts. The Arcturian children have an awareness of these gifts from other children and they use these imprints they receive to support others.

They also have the ability to know what may happen through the matrix of another being’s energy body and what would not be possible if there were no source of energy.

They can scan another being’s resources/resources and guide a being to know what can be created by this energy source in accordance with divine law and in accordance with the energetic source as held together in the being’s energetic body.

The Arcturian children need to receive divine help with their abilities to communicate because they often have problems with the Earth languages ​​​​and there are only a limited number of Earth words to describe the energetic system.

The consciousness of these children is focused on the energy matrix and their natural communication appears through their own energy matrix.Offering them a language of symbols (letters of the alphabet) that doesn’t make sense in looking at energy often leaves them bewildered as to why these symbols don’t make sense on the energetic level.

The terrestrial alphabet was originally related to energy and through many generations’ translations these meanings have been lost and that is why the Arcturian children do not simply respond to languages ​​​​that have symbols with no energetic meaning or frequency thereof. often leaves them bewildered as to why these symbols have no meaning on the energetic level.

The terrestrial alphabet was originally related to energy and through many generations’ translations these meanings have been lost and that is why the Arcturian children do not simply respond to languages ​​​​that have symbols with no energetic meaning or frequency thereof. often leaves them bewildered as to why these symbols have no meaning on the energetic level.

The terrestrial alphabet was originally related to energy and through many generations’ translations these meanings have been lost and that is why the Arcturian children do not simply respond to languages ​​​​that have symbols without energetic meaning or frequency thereof.

arcturus star

A place of Arcturian children:

Arcturus is the brightest, or alpha, star in the Bootes constellation, and is seen as a golden yellow or orange star. It is located about 34 light years away and is one of the three most visible bright stars.

Edgar Caycea
Edgar Caycea

Edgar Cayce called Arcturus the most advanced community in the Universe, the community most like the Divine. Arcturus is home to the higher entities dedicated to support and healing.

They specialize in emotional and spiritual healing, and have masterful techniques that go far beyond our imagination. This emotional and spiritual healing is why many psycho-spiritual healers have a good connection with Arcturus. The Arcturians work together with the Sirians.

Together they have established a so-called Arcturian/Sirian matrix or network. One source suggests they may have some bases on the moon. Arcturus is also an energetic highway that humans pass through during the process of death and birth.(Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest, The Prism of Lyra).

Arcturians are naturally highly angelic. In fact, many encounters with Angels are actually encounters with Arcturians.

Arcturians, Guardians of the Earth.

Arcturians come from the star system of Arcturus. There is a book called “We the Arcturians” that has been channeled by non-incarnate Arcturians, but I have not read it. Arcturians are said to be the guardians of the earth. They have observed our evolution for centuries and their presence is the most important reason why Earth has been spared huge catastrophes, such as getting involved in star wars.

I don’t know why, but many starseed, both the incarnate and the non-incarnate, seem to have intrinsic reverence for Arcturians. The way the Arcturians work to protect the Earth and its inhabitants is quite different from that of the Alpha-Centaurians.

Alpha Centaurians are hands-on and practical while Arcturians are more off-handed,observing and guiding us at arm’s length. Arcturians are certainly not miniature managers. They have a “live and let live” way of life. I think this approach protects them from a degree of stress.

Ideals of Arcturians

Arcturus- arcturianagain; their motto is: “Live and let live”. While they know righteousness, they are not judgmental. I have a feeling that the Arcturians like the Earth experiment very much, even though the Earth is way behind in development compared to their own home. Arcturian ideal remains somewhat mysterious.

The Arcturians I know are highly spiritually evolved and many of them actively work to help others in their spiritual growth. From here it feels good to say they are here to help us grow. But is their ideal the same as what we call Ascension? Perhaps.

Generally speaking, Arcturians have “my way” in life. They don’t tell their way, they just live their way and don’t bow, this creates a great mystery about them.

Arcturian gifts

Arcturians are highly developed mentally, emotionally and intuitively. We often see that the mental and the emotional capabilities are one option or the other, so it’s hard for many people to understand.

Arcturians are intelligent and well-read about a subject they are interested in. They are analytical and fully capable of making a strong argument about it. At the same time, Arcturians are selective in how they use their intellect and have no opinion on topics they are not interested in.

When Arcturians express themselves about the things they have strong feelings about, they are not only well prepared intellectually, but they also use emotions and brilliant insights. In this way they offer very valuable perspectives to this world.

Arcturians (Arcturians)

Arcturians’ Challenges in Love Relationships

Life on Earth must be quite a challenge for advanced souls like the Arcturians. While the Arcturians are full of compassion and forgiveness, they are also extremely sensitive, so they often feel hurt and violated. News of social injustice breaks their hearts. And many Arcturians become vegetarians mainly out of compassion.

Of course, their compassionate and sensitive nature also determines their social life. In terms of romantic relationships, it all depends on whether they can find a suitable partner. Being the partner of an Arcturian is quite a task. Not that they are demanding, but you can feel that they are special. When they find a good partner I think they are one of the luckiest in the partnership.

Arcturian challenges in career and finance.

With their brilliant and mature interpersonal skills, Arcturians are capable of achieving lofty goals. It’s just that they’re not interested in worldly success.

For Arcturians, spiritual growth and spending time with their loved ones is far more important than stepping up the ladder. In fact, the whole idea of ​​working in a corporate structure is ridiculous to them. Many Arcturians start their own businesses and achieve exactly the success they intend.

Healing, both conventional health care and alternative healing, is one of the most popular career choices among the Arcturians. And even if they are not in such a career, it is often others who still seek them out to be healed by them. These people can feel the special quality that the Arcturians radiate.

The only possible career problem for Arcturians is when they disempower themselves by internalizing the negativity in the collective consciousness. There is a lot of negative flow around us such as negative beliefs about money and well-being.

Also, because Arcturian expertise is not a quantifiable skill that we put on our resume, others often try to put it down. “You are smart and sensitive? That’s nothing special. What kind of work skills do you have?” this is a typical response when looking for conventional jobs. And if the Arcturian takes this limited view for granted, they can be doing themselves a disservice for they are truly sensitive.

While many of my Arcturian clients are happy and successful, some seem to have serious hardships and I believe this is the most fundamental reason. I hope they empower themselves by seeing through this dynamic.

The Role of Arcturians on Earth

Again, the exact agenda of Arcturians carries a great mystery at this time. Perhaps they will continue to be the benevolent protectors they have always been, or perhaps they would like to be more active as the Ascension progresses.

Arcturus is one of the most developed communities of the Milky Way/Galaxy. -Edgar Cayce-

Edgar Cayce has said in his lessons on Arcturus that Arcturus is one of the most developed communities of the Milky Way/Galaxy. It is the fifth dimensional community that is a prototype for the future of the Earth. The energy acts as an emotional, mental and spiritual healer for humanity. It is also an energetic gate through which people pass at the time of death and rebirth/reincarnation.

It acts as a station for non-physical consciousness to get used to the physical. The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch describes it as the central middle way programming used by the physical brotherhoods in this universe to control the many rounds of experimentation with “the physicals” at the end of the galaxy.Arcturus itself is the brightest star in Bootes’ constellation,

Arcturians Athens
This symbol appeared in Milanovich’s book as the symbol for the Arcturian spaceship Athena. Striking is the Greek name for the ship as well as the alpha and omega symbols in this picture. Did they influence Greek culture?

Other fascinating information comes fromNorma Milanovich’s book called “We the Arcturians”, which I highly recommend. Of all the alien communities I am most drawn to Arcturus, perhaps because of their entire focus in every aspect of the community on the path of God-reality. That’s why I want to describe in detail their miraculous community.

I also have the privilege of knowing someone from Arcturus, who now lives on Earth. She is one of the most spiritually gifted people I know. My connection to her and her work has greatly enriched my own life and spiritual path.

The Arcturians teach us that the most fundamental/important aspect of living in the fifth dimension is Love. Negativity, fear and guilt must be overcome and exchanged for love and light. The Arcturians work in close association with the sublime masters who call them the brotherhood of the All. They also work closely with what they refer to as the Galactic Command. The Arcturians travel the universe in their starships, which are highly evolved throughout the universe.

One of the reasons Earth has not been attacked by war-loving negative aliens is because the advanced starships of the Arcturians are terrifying these communities. Their ships are state of the art technology, way beyond anything I’ve mentioned so far. One of their starships orbiting the Earth is the starship Athena, named after the Greek Goddess.

The Arcturian society is ruled by the ancients, who were chosen by the people of Arcturus for their advanced knowledge, wisdom and exceptionally high vibrations. The higher the vibration, the closer one is to the Light (or Spirit, or God).

The Arcturians are small in physical stature, only three to four feet tall, (91.4 – 122 cm) and slender. They are very similar, which they are happy about because it erases the pettiness of comparing appearances that is so prevalent in Earth society. The Arcturians are the most loving and non-judgmental creatures imaginable.

Their skin is a greenish color. They have long almond shaped eyes. They only have three fingers. They have the ability to move objects with their minds and they are completely telepathic. Their food source is a foamy liquid, which is highly vitalizing to their entire being.

Their eyes are strong dark brown or black. Their main organ for seeing is in fact their telepathic nature, not their physical eyes. Their hearing transcends along with their telepathic nature. They also have the ability to feel with the back of their heads. The average lifespan is from 350 to 400 years.

Their highly evolved spiritual nature has allowed them to avoid aging because they have the ability to transcend time and space. They end life when the contract made for their existence is completed. There is no disease in Arcturus, this was disabled ages ago.

The contact case of Dr. Norma J. Milanovich- Arcturians
The contact case of Dr. Norma J. Milanovich

There are no extreme temperatures in the Arcturian system. Their civilization has transcended duality to life in unity. The appeals to Arcturus are determined by the personal vibrational frequency and the colors in his/her aura.

For example, those who have to care for children must have violet as the predominant color in their aura, for only the wisest souls are allowed to associate with the young.

The same is true of those who are allowed to give new life. They are screened and tested in terms of their auric and vibrational frequencies,

and when chosen by the ancients to give birth to an Arcturian child, humans go through a miraculous process. The vibrations of both individuals are ramped up to a 7th dimensional frequency for the birthing process to ensure that most highly evolved souls descend. (the seventh dimensional frequency is that of the ascended master).

Procreation is an honor on Arcturus and one of the most highly regarded professions. The actual act of procreation is not done in a physical sense as we know it on Earth. On Arcturus it is done through a kind of spiritual connection in which masculine and feminine energies are perfectly balanced.

The new life form is then taken to a special chamber that ensures the purest vibrational frequency until the being is ready for integration into a family unit on Arcturus. Many beings from Arcturus have been seeded on other planets because the high council ordained this as a great act.

There is no competition on Arcturus. Every thought, word, deed and product is judged by its ability to realize a greater vibration, closer to God. If it doesn’t do this, then it doesn’t exist on Arcturus. A person’s frequency is directly related to the mastery he has over his body, emotions, thoughts, actions and creations.

Arcturians have total mastery over these aspects of themselves. They have developed the capacity for the ego; transcend the separated lower fear-based self. Success is only judged in terms of the measure of Light Frequency.

There are machines that are constantly checking the vibrating frequencies that every individual on the planet is manifesting. If a single Arcturian receives feedback that it does not match its own goals for evolution, the ancients immediately send teachers to assist this individual.


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