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Are we the same or all different?

Are we the same or all different?

Difficult question. A dualistic question that can provoke the necessary discussion. One thinks that we are equal and equal. The other notices the difference.
No one will deny that we are different outwardly. Everyone looks different, we have different habits, think and live differently. But because every person is different outwardly, we are the same again. And besides… we all have a head, a body, two legs and ten fingers. So we are all human beings with equal rights and in that too we are equal.

Conclusion: we are both different and equal and the line is hard to draw. How closely opposites are intertwined is evident from the example of man!

Man is a unique being

Because of our different backgrounds, upbringing and interaction with other people, we have our own character and original personality. For those who believe in reincarnation, we can still add our past lives to the backgrounds. All the experiences of the past make man a complex being that cannot be compared with any other.


What characterizes our uniqueness is that we are constantly evolving through everything we experience. Development means change. We learn all kinds of things and we unlearn everything.
Our bodies, character and outer personality change minute by minute, for there is a continuous evolution going on. Growth occurs in different areas: in the physical area, in our thinking and feeling or in the area of ​​our will. We have different views than we did a while ago, and as we get older we start to behave differently. All of this still occurs at everyone’s own pace and rhythm. Diversity between people arises here because each of us follows our own, unique development path.

Is man ever finished?

With all development, we can ask ourselves whether we will continue with it forever, or whether it will ever end. Is man ever finished? Or does this evolution have an end goal?



The Egyptian god Khnum was known as the creator of man. He was presented as a potter who molded man from clay on the wheel. When he didn’t like the image, he smashed it to pieces and then created a new one, until it was perfect.
So that’s roughly how it goes with man; old patterns in himself are broken down and replaced by something new until a perfect Human is reached.

A perfect being

Where then does this perfection lie, so that man is once done with himself? Perfection seems to consist in the fact that man does not only consist of variables, such as a body, character and/or personality, but that there is also an unchanging side of our being human. On a deeper level of memory or awareness there is a continuity of consciousness, so that we invariably “are who we are”.

Being the same

There is something within us – a “fixed point” – by which we recognize ourselves as always being the same.
Even if the outside changes constantly, somewhere deep inside nothing changes; At 80 years old we are still the same as when we were 16 years old. I Am I and not anyone else.
As long as we are not aware of this immutable part (read: immortality) in ourselves, man symbolically speaking limps through life on one leg and is not perfect.

The reality is that this awareness of Being continuous has not dawned on everyone, or only to some degree.
Only when one recognizes oneself as conscious Being and one manages to radiate this state of Being outwardly through the outer personality, is Man perfect. The growth process is then “completed” and the goal has been achieved.

The degree of being present (consciousness or light) is therefore reflected in the outward appearance. And with this we arrive at the cause of our uniqueness as human beings. We are not all equally aware of the Source of Being.

One person is more aware and more advanced on the developmental path than the other, which manifests itself in all kinds of different ways through our behavior, appearance, way of thinking and the like.

be one

But despite all outward differences… in our deepest being we are all Beings and of the same nature.
We all come from the same Source of Being, and at this level we are equal and equal.
At the core we are all One and One.
The unique, changeable side of our existence is intended as a school to become aware of this Essence of Being.
The bottom line is that we have to take both sides into account.
Uniting in diversity.


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