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Are you a leader in disguise?


I let them decide years ago when I organized a retreat. The participants determined how my retreat went. Largely then. I had made the planning, but somehow I gave up too much of the direction.

Yes, they did the assignments I made up. But I didn’t really take my leadership role. I didn’t dare yet. For who was I to lead? I just came to see for myself. I wasn’t completely ‘zen’ at all 24/7. I was not yet in constant control of my life and my emotions. I didn’t know everything there was to know (still not by the way, but who does?). So I thought: Who am I actually to live it up to others?

the turnaround

The turning point came when on Wednesday, halfway through the week, I suddenly didn’t know what to say anymore. One of the ladies I accompanied was stuck. And I had no solution. My head was blank! I remember it well.

I sat leaning forward opposite her at the table. And I said, “Wait a minute, I don’t know.” I sat back, took a deep breath and before I knew it something rolled out of my mouth that immediately helped her. I had been insecure the whole time for no reason, the answer, the wisdom, was already inside me.

Only I couldn’t reach it. I was a leader in the disguise of an insecure girl. Only when I literally took some distance and grabbed my peace and space, I was able to grasp my leadership more.

Are you a leader in disguise?

I see it in many people. They are leader in disguise. They still have an insecure jacket on. A hat of too little self-esteem. A sweater of too little self-love.

But somewhere under those layers, under that disguise, when they feel deep in their hearts, they know best: They are leaders. Intended to help and guide others when life becomes too heavy for them. But the image they have of a leader does not fit.

So they think they are not. A leader is always decisive. Has everything together. Never has a slump or moment of weakness. And a leader leads seriously. Light-hearted, extremely loving or with a lot of humor, that doesn’t suit a real leader, does it? So they don’t embrace their leadership.

Leaders aren’t perfect either

Are you also such a leader in disguise? Think for yourself what your image is of a leader. Is that image correct? Or do you know examples of leaders who are not perfect?

From speakers who stutter through their presentations, or say way too much ‘eh’? Of enthusiastic bouncing balls who still have a whole fan base, despite the fact that they flout all the rules? Of types who inspire hordes of people with the jokes they make?

From people who inspire just by throwing buckets full of love into the world? We probably all know them, imperfect, and therefore perfect, leaders. They inspire, motivate, show people the way out of the dark in their own way and who can do that so well because they know the dark. So why couldn’t you? Why can’t you be that imperfect leader in this special time when so many people need you?

It’s time to embrace your leadership and show yourself. It’s time to start attracting customers and ‘followers’ (stupid word, but that’s what it’s called on social media) from your loving heart and from connection that really suit you.

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