Are you a lightworker?

Are you a lightworker?
Before we incarnated as souls in this life, we made a plan. Every incarnation we try to learn certain aspects*. In addition to these personal life assignments, some souls also take an extra assignment with them. In some cases, that is the assignment to get started as a lightworker.

Are you a lightworker?

If you’re a lightworker, you know that because you don’t react with raised eyebrows to this term. You don’t feel the need to ask all kinds of rational questions about this in your mind. If you are a lightworker, you feel deep within your recognition of this designation.

In other words, if you are attracted to the term lightworker, know that you are one. Also, anyone who is not a lightworker is not reading this article. Simply because he/she is not interested and nothing resonates.

What does a lightworker do?

Simply put, a lightworker brings more light and love to the earth. But before every lightworker gets started with this, it is important that that love and that light first go to themselves. After all, you can’t give anything away from an empty wallet.

Are you a lightworker?

What I often experience during the Lightworker training and workshops is that many participants have difficulty with this. They are used to giving all their lives. The focus is mainly externally focused. That in itself seems very noble, but it is not; when we just give away and skip ourselves in this process, we give with an underlying set of requirements.

‘I give everything, but I want something in return, is often the (unconscious) thought. That does not give but take. Anyone who has ever sighed: ‘I feel completely empty’ knows that you are trapped in this trap.

But that’s selfish, isn’t it?

There is a big difference between selfishness/selfishness and egocentrism. We are selfish if we only think about our self-interest. In the case of egocentrism, we think of our self-interest – read, we take good care of ourselves – with the aim of giving to another from this abundance. So there’s nothing selfish about that. Plus, you can give freely from here, no matter what the other person does with it. You are detached from the result.

Opening the heart

So the first thing a lightworker can do is give himself a lot of light and love. You can work on opening the heart. This is because a lightworker can heal a lot in the world on an emotional level. Everything that is picked up in dealing with others, all those feelings that another person thinks they can refuse – a lightworker is allowed to let flow through him. This allows you to help another – without being given words – on a feeling level. After all, feeling = healing.

It remains fascinating that we humans think that we can ‘hide’ feelings. When you decide you want to hide a feeling, you’ve already felt it. However, by ‘putting it away’ you retain the feeling; it hardens and deforms, causing you a lot of trouble. When we feel a painful feeling, all we need to do is let it flow through us, allowing the feeling to go away.

The pain of a closed heart

Are you a lightworker?

We are vulnerable as humans. We cannot escape that. Even with a closed heart we will be touched by pain. In fact, we feel the pain much more strongly. Not only because a closed heart hurts, but also because pain cannot go away in a closed heart. An open heart is transparent: it feels the pain, but because of its openness it allows the pain to flow through it. This can make it disappear. An open heart has a more stable and broader energy field, so that it is hit less hard and quickly when painful events occur.

How do I open my heart?

If you recognize yourself as a lightworker, opening your heart is a priority. There are simple exercises for this, which you can do even (right!) while brushing your teeth. An example is this exercise:

Breathe deeply and slowly, all the way to your lower abdomen.
Ground yourself by visualizing roots.
Then breathe deeply into your (energetic) heart a few times.
Say out loud (or when you have a toothbrush in your mouth – think 😊) those words you’ve always wanted to hear from someone else. Be especially generous with this and repeat these words quite a few times while breathing calmly through your heart.
Imagine your heart opening like a flower.
Finally, visualize your aura in the white light around you.

If you do the exercise described above regularly, you will notice a difference. Not only in the way you treat yourself but also in how you treat others. A lightworker always starts with himself and with his environment. Whenever you respond lovingly to someone, you live up to the term lightworker.



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