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Are you a modern-day mystic? Mystical experiences of now.

Mystical, it’s everywhere, but not everyone experiences it. It is a word that often evokes something mysterious, mysterious, serene, something from outside this world and yet very close from within. It is that experience that brings far away close, brings the top together with the bottom and a moment in which time and space are transcended. The untouchable is made known very concretely, intimately. It is personal and can affect you in everyday life.

Mysticism: of all times

For me, the mystical experience is about expressing who you are, self-manifestation. Expressing your individuality or authenticity requires connection with your own source of wisdom. It is an anchor point to which you can always return, from which you can clearly observe what suits you and what does not.

For some that point is in their stomach, for others it is their heart, but you can also recognize a connection that comes from the outside in and vice versa. A connection with your higher self, your divine self, the divine in you, your consciousness and so on.

Mysticism is first and foremost about a personal and unique experience of that which lives in you or enters you and feels as true, clear and loving. That experience or experience then calls in you to be expressed.

Although the mystic is often caught in the gap between the experience and its expression, there always seems to be a certain urgency to express exactly what you have experienced. The inner experience demands to be manifested in a form. Whether it’s words, music, something you make like a painting or an image, it doesn’t matter. Everyone has their own form of expression, it is everything that you propagate from your own source. The mystical experience is of  all times and can occur in all people.Mystical experiences

Listening to your inner voice

Personally, I used to find my special experiences, images and sounds awkward and not something that I easily shared. Later it even became a burden and I didn’t know what to do with all the information. Since I couldn’t properly filter it yet and return it to where it came from or belonged, I looked for alternative escape routes and my head became overloaded. My confidence in the special experiences, encounters and messages I had received faded into the background. But the tide turned. After intense and also painful cleaning processes it became quieter and I could really listen to myself.

As the outer world around me becomes quieter,  a whole inner world awakens within me. (Ludwig von Beethoven)

Now my mystical experiences, my clairaudience and clairsentience are my strength. I embrace them! Maybe you recognize them and you are actually a mystic of now. More and more people tell about their special experiences, dreams, visions, the messages they received. The mystical experience of today is affecting more and more people for a reason. There is so much transformation going on and awareness that it is increasingly possible for higher dimensions to communicate with us. You may notice that this also requires attention in your life.

How do you deal with your mystical experiences?

Mystical experiencesThe moment when the outside world becomes quiet for a while and your inner world makes itself heard can be an enormous guide on your path. Listen to your inner voice when it makes itself known in you. We can do so much with our mystical experiences by listening to that inner voice. It’s not always easy, I know. It is a great and permanent exercise in trust. There is always an answer, just not always the answer you expect.

A message or revelation, your specific response, can come to you in many forms. In principle, always tailored to you, so that you understand. Your mystical experiences are always healing for you, because meant especially for you. It is more than a word, a sound, an image, an object. It is energy that breaks through multiple layers and wants to make itself known to you. An energy that wants to give confidence.

Mystagogy: an initiation

Mystical experiences are like unique moments that want to open up a special process in you. You call this a mystagogical process, entering the free space within yourself, meeting yourself and revealing yourself. In my view a process that always continues. Mystagogy stands for a kind of (lifelong) initiation into the mystery of your individuality, your soul, your wisdom .

It is also expressed as being led into the personal experience of the mystery of your soul and the mystery of the divine. The basis is that you get to know yourself in your own way. You are, as it were, initiating yourself during your life. You do this in connection with a larger whole that you are part of.

Everyone’s mystical experience and mystagogic process are so valuable because they recognize their equal in each other’s differences and authenticity. They affirm the multiplicity, the diversity, in order to recognize in it the richness and fullness of the divine or universal.

Open your manifestation power!

Only you feel or hear your own inner voice. A mystic, like you, is fully immersed in everyday earthly life. There you experience, experience and create. By taking up your space, manifesting yourself, new dynamics, movement, flow and freedom are created. With this you give shape to the sacred and the earthly becomes animated!


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