Are you a perfectionist? Turn your inner critic into an inner humorist

Are you a perfectionist? Turn your inner critic into an inner humorist
Are you a perfectionist? Many people have some tendency to perfectionism and would rather do things right than wrong. In itself a good quality, but not if it becomes uncontrollable. Because if you always want to do everything too well, you can build up a lot of tension unnoticed. Stress that is unhealthy. In this article, you can read how you can turn the inner critic into an inner humorist.


Perfectionism can manifest itself in different ways. By going on with your work for too long, and not being able to put a point. By always wanting to be excellent and competing fanatically with everyone and everything around you. By talking negatively about yourself and extreme feelings of insecurity. They are all forms of behavior coming from the loud voice of the self-critic. That voice in your head keeps telling you it’s not good enough.

Self-criticism can quickly become problematic. Because if you constantly beat yourself up, you are doing quite a bit of undermining. The inner critic always has a rebuttal, after all, there is always room for improvement. No matter how great you are, this voice always finds a reason it could have been better. A loud self-critic not only destroys your confidence but also disintegrates and increases stress.

The inner criticism is unhealthy

Self-critic undermines your health. For example, you get a stomachache, because you literally find yourself and your life “indigestible”. As a result, you absorb fewer nutrients, and you suffer from a bloated stomach, for example. Or you just console yourself with all kinds of sweets.

the critic becomes visible not only from the inside but also from the outside. Your face takes on a worrying frown that won’t go away. Why? Because your gaze narrows to that one job, to that one problem. Whatever happens; your breathing is chronically flat. Because your pecs and diaphragm are constantly tensing. In other words, it literally makes you an unhealthier person.

Out of the Critical Spiral

Are you a perfectionist? Turn your inner critic into an inner humorist

There are certainly ways to ensure that the critic no longer always has the upper hand. But that takes a little courage. The courage to consciously take a different path and step out of that critical spiral. How do you do this then? Very simple: by introducing another spiral. The spiral of humor. Humor is healing. Laughing at yourself, making fun of yourself, and laughing at the situation, lowers stress. It may sound strange to you now, but encouraging the inner humorist is the only effective way to silence the self-critic.

Inner humorist

Do you want to relax more and increase your enjoyment of life? Brush that frown off your forehead without the need for botox? Do you want to go through life smiling and light-hearted from now on? Maybe you can barely imagine it, but you too are able to welcome the inner humorist into your life. Do you want to become healthier and get rid of stress for good? This is also feasible for you.


There are countless ways to awaken the humorist. Start by making one mistake every day and then having a good laugh about it. This is how you awaken the humorist in yourself.

Make a conscious mistake every day, tell someone about the mistake, and have a good laugh about it together. This is quite a challenge, but you will find yourself getting better at it every day.



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