Are you already a fat burner or another glucose burner?

Are you already a fat burner or another glucose burner?

You are probably new to these terms,  fat burner and glucose burner. Whether you are a fat burner or a glucose burner is the basis of not only your vitality and energy level; it also means healthy and vital aging. And yes, it also has to do with your weight. Would you like to know more about this?

Being a Glucose Burner: What Does That Mean?

Glucose is not something you eat, your body makes it itself when you eat sweets or carbohydrates. Your body converts sugars and carbohydrates into blood glucose (also called blood sugar) which can be used as energy. Your body constantly needs energy: to make your heart beat, to let you breathe, and thousands of other functions that must not stop for a second. Glucose is therefore fuel: a source of energy.

When you eat sugar or carbohydrates, your blood glucose rises. At that point, insulin is produced to ensure that glucose is taken to your cells. Your cells contain energy factories, mitochondria, which can only convert glucose into energy.

Glucose Burners Often Feel Hungry and Tired

Ascension Process Part 2 Are you already a fat burner or another glucose burner?

There are many drawbacks to being a glucose burner. If the body has to make insulin, again and again, to bring the glucose to the cells, there is a moment when the cells become ‘deaf’ for this. They then no longer absorb (sufficiently) the insulin and therefore also the glucose. This is also called insulin resistance and that is the preliminary stage of type 2 diabetes. The insulin then continues to circulate in the blood and the glucose cannot enter the cells, while at the same time the mitochondria in the cells crave fuel to make energy for you! So you feel tired, after all, you have a lack of energy, but that’s not the only thing.

When the body craves energy, it feels like hunger: after all, your body wants there to be enough energy to keep you alive. Therefore, glucose burners very often feel hungry even though they have just eaten. They often eat something 6 to 10 times a dayFancy a sweet dessert or chocolate after dinner? Recognizable?

The satiety hormone leptin is blocked by the insulin: your body demands that you eat to get energy

Overeating yourself is not a lack of willpower!

I can’t say it often enough: overeating yourself is not a lack of willpower! Glucose burners really often try to eat less, but despite the (much) food they do, they remain really hungry!

Are you already a fat burner or another glucose burner?

Our body has a second system that makes you hungry and that also affects glucose burners. If there are insufficient nutrients in the blood, we also become hungry. This is constantly measured by an organ in our head called the hypothalamus. Glucose burners are almost always addicted to sweets and carbohydrates. Yes, we can also be addicted to carbohydrates because they work exactly like sugar in our bodies.

“I love bread” very often means “I am addicted to bread”.

Switch from glucose burning to fat burning

If you eat more sugars and carbohydrates than you need in energy, this surplus is eventually stored in your fat cells. This is your energy supply for lean times. Those lean times hardly ever come in our current society, which I often refer to the as a lazy country. We are surrounded and inundated with addictive foods that are largely made up of sugars and/or carbohydrates.

Train stations: lazy lands where the occasional train departs or arrives

Being insulin resistant is at the root of a wide range of diseases. Not only type 2 diabetes, but also cardiovascular diseases and all kinds of chronic inflammatory diseases. Headaches, joint pains, skin complaints, obesity, accelerated aging, depressive complaints, and dementia: the list is endless. How do you get rid of it? By becoming a fat burner!

Your fat supply is your natural energy supply!

Are you already a fat burner or another glucose burner?

Do you want more energy, lose weight, get rid of your complaints and ailments, and grow older in a healthy and vital way? Then make sure you become a fat burner. Fat burners still use some glucose as a source of energy, but they eat different types of sweets and carbohydrates than glucose burners. When this glucose is consumed, the body automatically switches to burning fat from its own fat cells, which have always been intended as a storage place for energy!

Your body is built on burning fats because fat is its natural energy store. Even skinny women can live on their fat stores for 30 days.

Being a fat burner has many benefits

Fat burners eat a fair amount of healthy fats from which the body can also make energy. In fact, healthy fats are our main source of energy.

Because their bodies can use their own fat cells as a source of energy, fat burners are almost never hungry, even if their stomach is growling! They can easily skip a meal without getting a headache. They are much less overweight, are more emotionally balanced, mentally sharper, and really have a lot more energy!

I speak from my own experience; I have been a glucose burner for decades and am only now a really good fat burner.

Fat burners do not suffer from binge eating because their bodies can use their own fat cells as a source of energy

More energy by eating fats? Sure! Our mitochondria, the organelles in all our cells that make energy, can make twice as much energy from a fat molecule as from a glucose molecule. Moreover, when fats are burned, far fewer free radicals are released. We need free radicals, but an excess causes accelerated aging of cells and therefore of us. And of course we don’t want that. However?

How do you make that switch?

Are you already a fat burner or another glucose burner?

Beware: if you think you are a glucose burner, the worst thing you can do is cut out sugars and carbohydrates completely! If you cut your body from the supply of glucose overnight, you can start to feel canine and limp and the danger of relapsing into highly addictive foods is great. Take it step by step: reduce slowly and in the right way and at the same time provide your body with foods that it can make plenty of energy from.

Your body longs for rest. The peace of mind that it knows it always has enough energy to keep you alive because it can use your fat cells as fuel for energy.

Our bodies don’t like sudden changes, especially when it comes to nutrition. Food is digested and converted into useful nutrients in our gut by gut bacteria. If you suddenly start replacing sweets and carbohydrates with piles of vegetables and healthy fats, no matter how healthy, you could be waiting for digestive complaints. Your gut bacteria have to get used to this slowly and gradually adapt. Otherwise, a healthy diet in itself will work against you.

The Nutrition Compass online: from glucose to fat burner in practice (Now with a discount)

Are you already a fat burner or another glucose burner?

If you want to know more about this, read my book Eat more energy. In this, I tell you everything about the importance of healthy fats for your mitochondria (and therefore your vitality and health) and about the switch from glucose to fat burning.

If you want to get started right away (I applaud you!), register today for the online Nutrition Compass program. Registration is open from 15 to 31 March. On April 1, I will start working again with a new group. You don’t have to go it alone: ​​the closed community is here to help and my team members and I walk you through this process step-by-step. Register now and receive a 50 euro discount!  Click here to read more about this popular online program.

It is never too late to put an end to binge eating, obesity, physical complaints, mood swings, and cotton wool in your head. It’s never too late to make the switch and become a fat burner! You can do much more than you think.


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