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Are you an Earth Angel? Part of a powerful group of lightworkers

Are You an “Angel on Earth”?

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Do you feel different from other people, as if you have been “dropped off” on this planet, and wonder when someone will come to take you home again? In that case you are probably an Angel on Earth.

If you have a passion and talent for healing, teaching, or helping others but you have addiction problems, weight problems, relationship problems and the like, then you could be an Earth Angel. If you are highly sensitive and abhor any form of violence, you could very well be an Earth Angel!

An Earth Angel is a soul of non-terrestrial origin. Although all souls descend from the same divine source, our environment and personal history often shape our personality and physical characteristics.

Those who spend most of their time surfing on tropical beaches will have different looks and behaviors than people who sit in their offices in the inner city every day.

Similarly, all the lives you have lived before have affected you. And, just as your physical family affects you, so does your original soul family affect your appearance, behavior, and even your life purpose. Again, everyone’s inner self is the same: a beautiful, pristine spark of Divine light.

However, as a lightworker, your spark of light may have spent time in heavenly realms far away from Earth. The lifetimes in which you have made contact with the angelic realm, the elemental kingdom, or with other planets have influenced who you are today. Although you live in a human body, your soul feels like a traveler in a foreign land – because that is what you are in essence.

The term Earth Angel should not be confused with Incarnate Angels, which is one of the five groups of Earth Angels. By learning about your spiritual realm of origin, you will understand more about your personality, behavior and individual idiosyncrasies. As I mentioned, this is similar to the way our astrological sun signs divide us into meaningful categories.

You may have discovered that you are an Incarnate Angel or Elemental; a Star Person whose past lives were extraterrestrial; a walk in; or a Sage, who is a Sorceress, High Priestess or Sorceress incarnate. Your seasoned service worker called into action – an Earth Angel. You may have lived past lives as Angel Incarnate, Elemental, etc. on Earth, but have forgotten these incarnations, believing that your past lives were human.

My Early Work with Angels

I first had access to information about Earth Angels through my private practice, where I gave angel, mediumship, and clairvoyance lectures. My clientele usually consisted of lightworkers who were hesitant about carrying out their life mission.

I will never forget the first Earth Angel I identified during a session. As I examined her shoulders, looking at her aura and guides, I noticed a large artery-like pole sticking out above her shoulder. When I looked at what the pole was attached to, I gasped. There, spinning above her, was a floating spacecraft!

I had never had any interest in UFOs or extraterrestrials, and I found the whole subject terrifying. I doubted whether I should tell this woman what I saw, but I had learned to trust my visions and faithfully convey them verbatim to my clients. I had noticed that even if I didn’t understand the visions, my clients usually did.

So I took a deep breath and blurted out, “I see something that could be a spaceship floating above you.”

“Oh yes,” my client replied laconically. “He’s been with me all my life.” This knocked me out. Anyway, I listened unbiased as she explained that the ship was her constant guide and protector, watching over her and giving her information when she needed it. She said that she had visited the ship during her dreams.

Shortly after, I saw several other clients with the same alien connection. I’ve always been perceptive of personality and behavior patterns, so I noticed that my “Star People clients” had similar aura colors, facial features, relationship patterns, and life goals.

Are you an Earth Angel?

The Discovery of the Other Realms

Much of the esoteric information I receive comes from my own guides and angels, who relay the messages to me while I sleep or during lectures or meditations.

Through these avenues I was told about the other soul group incarnations that I had to look for among my clients and members of the public.

First I studied the Incarnate Angels. These men and women have angelic faces, heavily built bodies, a history of co-dependent relationships and are professional helpers. Laurie is a quintessential Angel Incarnate.

She is a very sweet and attractive blonde nurse with a full, voluptuous figure and a heart-shaped face. After years of trying to get her alcoholic husband sober, Laurie finally made the painful decision to divorce him.

She is now looking for a way to convert her natural healing skills into a private practice.

Then I noticed the group called the Incarnate Elementals. Jayne is a typical member of this group. With short red hair, and a thin, lanky body, Jayne looks like someone who would wear green elf shoes with curled toes and bells on them.

She is a professional dog groomer and avid animal rights advocate who broke off her engagement because her fiancé wanted to move away from the mountains she grew up in.

“He was planning to move to the city,” Jayne explained. “I would shrivel and die if I didn’t live near nature – especially if I moved to the city, where there are hardly any trees.”

The next group I studied were the Walk-Ins. I read about the Walk-Ins in Ruth Montgomery’s books, but the subject didn’t bother me when I started noticing this Earth Angel group.

A Walk-In is usually a highly-enlightened soul who decides to take a detour on the route to birth and then grow into an adult body. Instead, the soul negotiates with someone who is unhappy with life on Earth and who is seriously considering suicide. Through a lengthy procedure (described in Chapter 6 of the book), the souls switch places.

Shanti was the first person I met who I was pretty sure was a Walk-In . She did not remember the interchange where her old soul “leaved” and her present soul “came in”; all she remembers is waking up in the hospital after a car accident. After she recovered physically, her friends and family often said, “You’ve changed so much!” Shanti felt like she was living in the wrong movie.

Nothing was right—her job, friends, or her home. Even her name which was Robin at the time seemed all wrong. During the following year, she changed her first name, quit her job, and moved to New Mexico. Her family still doesn’t understand, but Shanti now sees her life as meaningful.

the Wicca
the Wiccan spirituality

For many years I assumed that these four categories were the only realms where Earth Angels originated:

Angels Incarnate, Elementals, Star People, and Walk-Ins. When I discussed these categories with my spiritual direction students, about 80 percent of them acknowledged an affinity with one of the four groups.

I even had the students form groups with their spiritual clan members. I saw them cry together, laugh, and shout, “Really? You too, “I’m just like that!” when they told each other stories of life on Earth from the perspective of their realm.

But there were always a few students who didn’t feel connected to any of the categories. “What about us, humans?” they asked.

My son, Grant, finally came up with the answer. He attended my Angel Therapy Practitioner certification course in North Miami, where he gave a brief lecture to the class on the use of candles in rituals and incantations. Grant had been studying Wiccan spirituality for some time, and he had a wealth of knowledge to share.

At the end of his talk, he turned to the audience and said, “I know what the fifth category of incarnate lightworkers is…. I know because I belong to this category. It is those of us who are Reincarnated Magicians, High Priestesses, Witches, Sorcerers and Sorceresses.

A collective sigh rose from the audience, followed by exclamations of, “Yes! That’s right!” and “That’s what I am!” his assessment was confirmed, and it really struck a chord with the students.

Since then I have studied and interviewed many people of this group, whom I can now call the Wise. Whenever I lecture or write about it, I get confirmation that this powerful group of lightworkers belongs to this category.

Phyllis typifies the members of this group that I have met and interviewed. She has an oval face and large eyes whose distant staring attests to one who can see beyond the physical universe. She wears her hair long, and she has an elegant, almost regal demeanor.

When Phyllis saw the films ‘The Mists of Avalon’, ‘The Lord of the Rings’, and ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’, she immediately felt connected to the ancient magical abilities she once possessed. Phyllis also knows that she was burned at the stake as a witch in a past life.

The Essential Mission of the Earth Angels.

Obviously not everyone is an Earth Angel. For this role, God called forth the greatest and brightest sparks of light for the transition into the New Age of Peace. The people who are not Earth Angels live solely for their own growth, rest or pleasure. They may seem silly or decidedly unspiritual, yet they are also divine sparks of life. Their lives are simply devoted to human, Earthly affairs.

If you are an Earth Angel, then you are a mighty lightworker with a legacy of healing and miracles behind and ahead of you. You accepted your Divine command to come to Earth and spread your teachings and healing energies. How has your assignment been so far? If you’ve had trouble adjusting to Earth life, you’ll likely find answers, comfort, and guidance by remembering your spiritual origins.


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