Are you an earth type? Three Common Symptoms of Earth imbalance

Are you an earth type? Three Common Symptoms of Earth imbalance
Difficulty setting boundaries, fast delivery, and a lack of support? Discover whether you have an Earth personality and how you can quickly experience more balance. Earth is the fourth element in the Five Elements model of Chinese science. This is a powerful guide to solving cases and a guide to making life run more smoothly. Which element dominates your personality? Find out in this article whether you most resemble the element earth.

The five elements

In ancient times, Chinese intellectuals were concerned with studying patterns in nature. Finally, they noticed that all life moves in a circle. It is born, blossoms die and is born again. They also found that this cycle takes place according to fixed patterns, namely in a rhythm of five different stages with five different energy qualities.

They called these phases the five elements and gave each a name to describe the nature of their energy: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Moreover, they did not believe that life consisted of these substances. The names are meant to indicate the character of each dynamic.

All five elements are part of our character structure but in different quantities. Usually, one or two elements are most strongly represented and one of them is always dominant. This determines the ‘start mode’. The right combination of elements does not exist. We all have a unique composition and therefore ‘instructions for use.

Characteristics of the Earth personality type

Are you an earth type? Three Common Symptoms of Earth imbalance

Earth: afternoon, late summer, early fall, middle age

If you resonate strongly with the Earth’s character structure, relationships are undoubtedly high on your list of priorities. They are probably even the most important in your life. That’s because Earth people need connection. As a rule, they are much more focused on others than on themselves. If you have a lot of Earth, you are naturally a giver. You are very kind, caring, and responsible. Family, relatives, friends, and the community always come first.

The questions below are a number of characteristics of the element Earth. Answer the following questions with yes or no.

  • You have sometimes taken on so many responsibilities that you exhaust yourself trying to pull everything together.
  • You regret that you don’t have more time to sit back, relax and read a good book.
  • You are serviceable in life and you enjoy helping others.
  • You tend to worry and your worries sometimes keep you from sleeping.
  • You know digestive problems.

The element of the earth: symptoms of imbalance

The Earth energy produces your sense of responsibility, but also the risk of getting too carried away with it. That can keep you from relaxing every now and then, taking a break or doing something fun, because you are always haunted by the thought of what still needs to be done today. This is the ‘mother energy’, and it does a good job of programming the old adage ‘a housewife is never done with her work’ in your mind. If you have taken on or been given too many responsibilities so that you don’t have time for yourself, this can be an Earth cause of severe stress.

Are you an earth type? Three Common Symptoms of Earth imbalance

Three Common Symptoms of Earth imbalance

1. Concern

The emotion associated with Earth in Chinese medicine is best portrayed as ‘concern’ or worrying. People with a lot of Earth energy feel responsible on an unconscious layer for everyone in their life, and that causes a lot of headaches. Energy follows the mind, so whenever you are worried about someone you send some energy to them.

This way you can become exhausted from all the worrying that you are absorbed in, even if you are not constantly trying to take care of everyone. In Chinese medicine, the element of Earth is related to digestion. When thoughts are not digested, they affect your ability to think clearly, just as undigested food in the intestinal tract causes blockage or stagnation.

2. weak boundaries

This means that you don’t always set healthy boundaries, whether that’s inside or outside the family. If you have weak boundaries, you may be putting yourself out there in front of family, friends, colleagues, and clients. You have a hard time saying no, you let others abuse your helpfulness, or you often work overtime because you’ve pulled – or pushed – too many responsibilities to you.

3. Lack of support

If your Earth energy is out of balance, this could be the scenario in all of your personal or business relationships. Then you always have the feeling that you are there for others, but that you are not getting the support you need. When you ask friends for help, they are not available, no matter how much you have done for them. Or they come, but do not offer the assistance that is needed at all. These could all be indications of imbalance on Earth.

Health Problems Associated with Earth Disruption

Each of the five elements is associated with particular organs and physical functions. If there is a problem in one of the areas mentioned below, it could indicate an imbalance with the element Earth. Always consult a doctor if you have health problems.

  • Stomach (e.g. digestive problems), spleen and pancreas
  • Overeating or craving carbohydrates or sweets
  • Frequent bruising or slow healing cuts or bruises
  • Diabetes or blood sugar problems
  • Muscles (e.g. poor muscle tone)
  • Mouth, lips, gums
  • Constipation, mucus, cavities
  • brain fog
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic fatigue

‘Acupuncture for the mind’ – tips to get started

Are you an earth type? Three Common Symptoms of Earth imbalance

You can make small, subtle changes in your life that, like acupuncture needles, straighten the flow of energy. Here are two examples from Jean Haner’s book The Five Elements for working on your Earth element:

Self-care; ‘mother’ yourself

When it comes to self-care today, it usually means eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly. But in this situation, self-care means something else, which is to be kind, gentle, and encouraging to yourself, as a mother treats her beloved child. The best description here is ‘mother yourself’, that is, pamper yourself throughout the day with small gifts and ensure that all your needs are amply met.

You may need to forcefully remind yourself that there’s nothing selfish about taking the time to enjoy life instead of endlessly fiddling with your laundry lists. Remember that this medicine is for your mind. Also realize that if you don’t take good care of yourself, you can’t be there for others as you want.

Feed earth with fire

From your creativity; play and experiment Fire is about creative expression. Even if you think you have zero artistic fibers in your body, you should now definitely take the boldness to go crazy and experiment, because Fire is, among other things, about fun! And all is well. Write a song or make a collage, as long as you are free to do what your imagination tells you.


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