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Are you an old soul? How do you know if you are an old soul?

How do you know if you are an old soul?

In general you can say that we are all old souls, but some of us have been here much longer than others. The word old is related to time. Because time is linear and our souls are eternal, a period of 10,000 years is no more than the blink of an eye. According to Dolores Cannon , becoming an old soul requires that we incarnate many times, first as inanimate objects, plants and animals, before we become human.

Then, if we are humans, we still have to go through this process many times to learn all the lessons we need. For example, she says that we have all been an air molecule and also a drop of water. We needed this to learn how to work together as one. So, how can you tell if you’re an old soul?

You understand many of life’s deeper lessons.

It is difficult for some people to understand that a child’s soul can be much older than the soul of his or her parents. For these people, this is a sign that their souls are probably younger than yours. When you begin to understand why you keep embodying in this 3-dimensional reality, it becomes clear, just like in the movie Groundhog Day . In this movie, Phil wakes up every day to find that it’s still February 3rd, until he finds out how to beat his ego that gets in the way so he can start helping others.

As an old soul you are in contact with your natural gifts or have an extraordinary interest in them.

Some people are born with innate qualities such as healing or psychic abilities . The truth is that we all have these gifts, but an old soul is more attuned to this and better able to apply these gifts for the good of humanity. If you do not have these gifts, but you have a great interest in them, this is the sign that your soul is trying to bring out these gifts that you probably had in a previous life.Hans Stolp on Reincarnation and Karma

You become spiritually aware.

Everyone is made up entirely of energy, but many people have trouble understanding what this means. Your soul is only consciousness and love. It has a unique understanding of how the matrix is ​​being played out on this planet and understands that everything we do as a collective will help to promote the ” awakening ” of others.

You understand how important it is to forgive.

Some people are old souls but still have a lot to learn because they are trapped in their mindset. They are too stubborn or have not yet learned the importance of forgiving. By forgiving yourself and others, any remaining disturbing karma between these people is dissolved.

An old soul is able to go beyond your ego.

It is almost impossible for anyone to go beyond your ego 100% . But just being aware of your ego and how it works against your consciousness is a sure sign of the presence of an old soul. On the other hand, there is no ego at all. At the point where you look back on your life, you begin to experience your ego again. Then you will notice how this life has affected others and yourself.

This is when you will probably make a soul contract in the hope of not letting the ego take over and reconcile you with the ego related issues you have experienced in past lives.

An old soul attaches little or no value to material things.

Money and stuff are products of this 3D reality and it is very easy to give in to materialism, especially as you are permanently exposed to advertising, programming and pressure from the people around you. An older soul knows that money does not exist and on the other hand that it hinders us from being who we really are.

The old soul will use money as a tool to promote spiritual progress or use it to help others less fortunate.

You understand the concept that your body is nothing but a shell for your soul.

Before you were born, you chose not only your parents, but also your life circumstances and the challenges that will help you achieve your spiritual growth. The body you now inhabit is nothing but a vehicle for your soul. Your name is something your soul is committing to right now.

You have, of course, had countless names in other incarnations and have been both male and female. Your name, title and things like that are something that the ego especially identifies with, because ultimately you are infinite consciousness and we are all on the same team.Old soul

An old soul has a special bond with times long gone.

Have you ever seen an old movie or a piece of art from a certain period where you had a sense of recognition? There is a good chance that you have lived in that period and that this is made known to you by your cellular memory (memory that does not only reside in the brain, but in the cells of your entire body and all your organs).

You have an understanding of what you must do to complete your spiritual progress.

Just reading to this point proves that you are more aware than most. You have an understanding of the Universal Laws and also what you have to do as agreed in your soul contract. Even if you are not quite sure, your Higher Self and your Guides will see to it that you are guided in the right direction.

You have a strong feeling that the earth is not your home.

an old soul comes from the starsHave you ever just looked up into the sky and then maybe at a star far away, just like that, for no particular reason? Do you feel a special connection to certain galaxies like the Pleiades or Orion ? Do you get an uneasy feeling about wars and corruption and do you experience it as if these things didn’t exist in the place you originally come from?

Are you perhaps an old soul who was willing to come here, at this particular moment, to assist with the ascension of the Earth ? If you can answer affirmatively to all of these questions, then there is a good chance that you are not originally from planet Earth .

You tend to do things alone or be alone.

This attitude is quickly condemned by society, but an old soul is only looking for earlier fragments of itself and will often distance itself from younger souls who need many more incarnations. Old souls tend to single out other like-minded people because they feel comfortable and there is more recognizability, both of which they can use to further their spiritual progress.

You are naturally rebellious.

If you rebel against religion, laws and things like that, it is a sign that your old soul knows that the only true laws are the Universal Laws. While you can understand the logic and intentions of the law, you will not be inclined to accept it as absolute law because you know that there are higher laws that are meant to promote your spiritual growth.

An old soul has a burning desire for truth and inner wisdom.

As an old soul you usually see right through the lies that have been told by religion, politics and education systems. Although you understand very well that we are one with the Universe, you want to get the truth out anyway and in that way help others with their awareness process. You are also always seeking knowledge on the spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric planes. You will absorb this information much more easily than anything they ever wanted you to learn in school.

An old soul does not try to dominate other people.

Holy SpiritOlder souls accept not only other people more easily, but also circumstances. For example, you don’t approve of corruption in politics, but you do understand that this corruption also helps other people see the truth. You respect the free will of others and are more likely to use tact than verbal requests to others.

You feel a separation between yourself and the “real” world.

As you leave the ego and materialism behind , you will find that your lifestyle changes. Although your current lifestyle is unique to this incarnation, there also seems to be a kind of recognizability of the direction you are going.

You are curious whether you are an old soul or not.

Many young souls wouldn’t even ask this question, because it doesn’t interest them. Although the same is true for many older souls but there are different reasons for that. After all, they know they are an old soul, but it’s still nice to get confirmation that matches your spiritual experiences. There are many lessons that we have learned throughout our lifetimes, with the end result being the incarnation that you are now engaged in.

All your previous incarnations are stored in your cellular memory and can be recalled by regression. Many of the people on this planet are older souls, but they are simply not awake yet. They still have much to learn and will need many more reincarnations in this 3D reality. Many of those who are awake will move on to the next level in consciousness. It is important to realize that it is not a race, because in the end we will all win.


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