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Are you bothered by the energies of others? Put yourself first!

Many highly sensitive people are bothered by the energies of others. As a result, they become tired and overstimulated. By becoming aware of your way of life, your energetic blocks and your beliefs, you can change this. You will see that it is not selfish to make choices that are good for you. In fact, others will also benefit if you raise your vibration by making choices that make you feel good.

Hsp: equipped with an instrument

As a highly sensitive person you are equipped with a special instrument: the ability to perceive on a different level than the earthly. Feelings of others are tangible, but often we also pick up thoughts and beliefs of others. When you incarnated in your physical body, you were not given a manual that describes how to play this instrument. This will eventually lead to confusion. The instrument will run with you and cause problems.
Awareness of your inner core helps to discover and use the possibilities of your instrument.

Serviceable to what extent?

When you are highly sensitive, there is an innate need to be of service. For example, by offering a listening ear to others. That’s great, but if we do this in an unconscious way and don’t limit ourselves in this, we will suffer from it in the long run . No matter how great your inner light is, you never intended to become a walking wailing wall. If you open yourself to the stories of everything and everyone, there is a chance that you will suffer from this in the long run.

Does your vibration change?

As a highly sensitive person you feel the needs of others in great detail. You feel the struggle, the pain and the powerlessness. This fuels our need to help.

On a subtle level, you probably notice differences in the conversations you have with people. After one conversation you feel the same as before and you have kept your vibration, even though the other person shared his or her problems. After the other conversation you feel ’empty’ and less pleasant than before. Often these conversations run through your head afterwards and the energy lingers.

It makes a difference whether the other person shares his or her emotions sincerely and without expectations and ulterior motives.Or that he or she mainly wants to get rid of his emotions and thus places his burden on you. In the latter case, the conversations are not very mutual, the other is preoccupied with his own suffering and is not very receptive to your response and insights.

Explore the patterns

When you repeatedly notice an emptiness or unpleasant feeling in yourself, it is important to look at patterns of both. Is your need to help perhaps greater than the other person’s ability to do something about the problem?

Sometimes the other person is not yet ready for the next step, for example because of fears. Or is the seriousness of the problem not yet clear enough, which means that no steps are taken towards improvement. Your attention and energy do not contribute to the growth and development of the other. Be aware of this. When you allow the other person his own process, it gives you peace of mind.

Who comes first?

When fatigue is a recurring problem in interacting with others, take a critical look at yourself. Do you like to help others but do you miss yourself?
Ask yourself what underlies your need to help others. Do you want to ‘save’ the other? Or do you want the approval of the other? Where does this deeper need come from? When did this originate?

The origin of this need often lies in our childhood, but sometimes even before that. Clients regularly discover that this is a family pattern that has existed for many generations.
Perhaps you carry the conviction that it is important to be there for others. How do you feel about that now?

In every situation it is important to ask yourself whether you are actually capable of helping the other person. You can only help another if they are also ready to help themselves. You can use the following metaphor for this:
See the other as a drowning man who has been knocked overboard. Does the other expect to pull him or her out of the water? Or is he or she also making an effort to get back on board his or her ship? Be aware of whether you will be pulled into the water yourself. You notice that in your own vibration. If this is low after your contact and you experience powerlessness and an unpleasant feeling, the alarm bells should start ringing.

Listen to inner signals

If you are highly sensitive, you are equipped with a clear intuition. Learn to listen to and trust this. If a conversation doesn’t feel right, then this feeling is right. Try moving the conversation to another topic or end it. A conversation that is not pleasant for one of them, will ultimately not bring about a nice energetic exchange for anyone. Depending on the level of consciousness, this is felt by both, perhaps on a subtle level.

Resistance creates blockages

When you notice that you regularly have negative experiences in conversations or experience negative feelings after a conversation, you create resistance in yourself. Resistance to starting new conversations. This inner resistance makes you tired. And it also ensures that nice conversations between you and others can arise less often. You start to keep the door closed more and more, but with that you also close the door to beautiful encounters. Become aware of whether you have created this blockage within yourself.

Connections with others

Sometimes you feel tired without having a conversation. In many highly sensitive people, the energy level drops when they are in larger groups of people. Besides the fact that the sensory stimuli tire you, it is also possible that you make countless (short-lived) energetic connections with others.

A client discovered in a session that he was connected by many energetic cords with all kinds of unknown people. The similarity between these people was that they all had serious problems. They were people he passed in daily life.
Unconsciously he was an ‘energy supplier’ for people who are not feeling well and he provided them with their energy needs in this way. When he ‘saw’ this, he initially did not think it was a problem. Because he thought you should help others. Until he realized that neither he nor the other people were getting anywhere and that this is not the intention. Everyone has their own lessons to learn, we cannot solve this for others.

Check for yourself what your beliefs are about helping others, even strangers. Is it your job to provide everything and everyone with energy? Even though you are a light worker? Where does your responsibility for the well-being of others end? And does it actually help the other? By not providing others with energy, you give them the opportunity to experience what lives in them. What they need, what they lack and what their wishes are. And that gives them the opportunity to work on their own process.


As you grow further in your consciousness process, you become more aware of a greater reality than the earthly reality. And you can put the other person’s problems in a broader perspective. This also shows the value of setbacks and how problems help us in our growth process. And the need to always be ready for others diminishes. This is replaced by compassion , peace and trust. Chances are that the other person feels this. This heightened vibration helps the other more than a thousand well-meaning words.

Let your light shine

By listening to your inner core you raise your vibration
I often notice relief in people when I explain why it is important to listen to their feelings and act on them. For many highly sensitive people, self-interest is subordinate to the interests of others. You are doing yourself a disservice by doing this. Our feelings are the means of communication of our inner core. In this time of transformation, this inner core wants to be heard and respected more and more. He wants to be lived!

By making choices for yourself, your inner strength grows. The more firmly you stand in your own power, the less bothered by the energies of others.Your energetic field is in a higher vibration, so lower energies cannot get a hold of you. You have transcended them, as they were.
This is what the world needs: people who shine their light from their inner core and together raise the vibration worldwide . This is in everyone’s interest, both in your interest and in the interest of people who are having a hard time.


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