Are you highly sensitive? With these 5 tips you stay firmly grounded

Are you highly sensitive? With these 5 tips you stay firmly grounded
A healthy mind in a healthy body means that the connection between them must be good. If during our life on earth we only chase after the light and thereby lose contact with every day, ‘normal’ human things, we lose our grounding; that is, our healthy connection to the earth and our physical body. Then we will float; we literally lose sight of earthly reality. That doesn’t make us happy; we become hypersensitive to external stimuli because our spiritual body becomes somewhat detached from our physical body.

High sensitivity

Some people are more sensitive than others. The word ‘sensitivity’ has more than one meaning. It could mean that you are psychic. But also that you have long toes and are easily offended. Or that you have gone beyond your limits and become irritable. But ‘sensitivity’ can also mean that all stimuli and impressions from the outside world enter you strengthened because your natural filter is thinner than with other people.

There’s nothing you can do about that. It is often an innate quality that you will have to learn to live with. It is a neutral quality, and you cannot tell whether it is good or bad. The sensitivity is there and you can take advantage of it. But you will also have to learn to take it into account in your life.

Hypersensitive people must first learn to accept this quality of their own and find peace with it. Then they give themselves the space they need to lead a good and healthy life. They should not unnecessarily expose themselves to too strong stimuli and need their moments of rest more than others. Only by taking themselves into account in that way can they also turn this trait into a talent by using their sensitivity in a good way.

Are you highly sensitive? With these 5 tips you stay firmly grounded

For example, by using their empathy in a positive way in conversations with people. In this way, what is sometimes experienced as ‘difficult’ or ‘annoying’ can become a blessing to them and others. People who are highly sensitive should not want to lose this quality, because that will not work. The true art of living means that we learn to use all our qualities in a good way. In order to reduce the disadvantages of high sensitivity as much as possible, it is important to consciously pay attention to our grounding.

Lack of grounding

Are you highly sensitive? With these 5 tips you stay firmly grounded

The hypersensitivity resulting from a lack of grounding can cause fatigue and irritability, and lead to a reduction in the body’s self-healing capacity and self-confidence. We literally can no longer ‘put ourselves firmly’ and therefore become sensitive to manipulation. The reason for this often lies in the fact that we are too focused on the ‘spirituality of heaven’, and neglect the ‘spirituality of the earth’‘. We can promote our healthy grounding in various ways:

1. By engaging in earthly things (without allowing us to be captured by the earthly)

2. By making a physical effort (physical work, healthy exercise and sport)

3. By improving abdominal breathing (if our breathing is too high, we lose our grounding) and by staying consciously present in the here and now with our attention.

4. We can also stimulate our grounding with the help of visualization exercises. These are exercises in which you evoke inner images in yourself. For example, you can visualize roots growing from your feet to the center of the earth. It is important that you allow the energy to flow into your legs by connecting your consciousness with your legs.

Are you highly sensitive? With these 5 tips you stay firmly grounded

If you bring your attention to your feet, the energy can flow better. You can also visualize a cocoon of golden light around yourself, for example, so that you are better protected against external influences. These influences can be stimuli that come from other people, and psychically sensitive people can also receive stimuli from the spirit world.

5. It is also important to focus your attention on your power center, which is a few centimeters below your navel, and go there with your breathing. You also need to be able to focus well: consciously present with your attention in the here and now and focus on a certain point or goal in your life. Grounding also means that you are at peace with yourself, with the light and the dark sides that every person has. Anyone who can stand physically firmly will also notice that this has a positive effect psychologically. And vice versa also applies: Anyone who is firmly rooted in life will also express this physically. There is always an interaction between the physical and psychological in ourselves.


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