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Are you looking for connection in this time of corona? The only pure connection is with yourself!

Do you feel lonely? Do you really miss contact with the people around you, even now that you are obliged to stay at home? Do you feel disappointed in what you get in return from others? You do so much for them, but what do you get in return? Or do you feel irritation now that you are constantly at home with your partner and children? Suffocating, hardly any room for yourself.

Do you recognize this? Then use this quarantine time to change your focus. There’s only one you really need and that’s yourself. The environment helps you to see that your connection with yourself is not there. You seek contact outside of yourself while you have everything in you. The only pure connection is with yourself. With self-love you open access to all your beautiful qualities. You feel so good with yourself that you don’t need anyone. Your ‘pure You’ is your gift to the world and can influence the bizarre situation we find ourselves in.

Solitary life? No, not exactly!

In these times when we can hardly see, hug or hug each other, we feel strongly that we are social animals. We were made to live together. But why then only tuning in to myself, my own connection? A friend recently asked if that wasn’t very selfish. But no, I’m only selfish when I need something from someone else to feel good about myself.

When I connect with myself with self-love , I have access to my powers and help from a higher good. I feel safe and in touch with my desire and inner wisdom. The joy and healing life energy flows through me. It feels like a warm, powerful home base where I can be myself. This ‘ pure self ‘ radiates peace and confidence. The world, in which there is now a lot of  fear, sadness and panic, desperately needs this power. 

I radiate my fine energy from abundance. The people around me resonate to the frequency of my energy. Many will open up through the vibration and begin to feel their own love and trust again.

This can change the collective energy. There are also people where the vibration reveals fear or deep pain. If they are not ready, they will reject, avoid or condemn me. And here’s our problem! Do I dare to be myself, to radiate my beautiful power while the other may reject or abandon me?

Giving up your self-love for safety

How can you remain self-love when someone else does not dare to open their heart, rejects you or is angry and dissatisfied? We think this is the most difficult assignment there is. Are you safe in your self-love if there is no love flowing between you and the other? The answer to the programmed fear in your DNA is NO.

And that’s why you leave yourself. You decide to connect with the other by giving your love away at the expense of your own connection.

Being out of touch with yourself gives a lost, empty and lonely feeling. You cannot answer questions such as ‘what do I want’ or ‘what do I want’. You seek the lost self-love, the truth and the trust in people around you, in knowledge, in busy schedules, work or appearances.

Here you start to become a ballast for your environment, you need others to fill your void. For example, you will take care of others in order to regain recognition: you want to be heard, loved or seen. Perhaps you experience loneliness or emptiness at home, now that you cannot see anyone. Or disappointment because you don’t feel real contact with those around you.

These feelings are signals that it is time for a change.Stop the search and start loving yourself again.

Surrender to self love

Weekend workshop - Women's Power April 10 & 11 AlmereStaying in the pure self-love connection is scary in the beginning. You cannot predict what will happen. Fear gave me control. For example: If I say this, he won’t get angry, or if I do that for a while, she must be happy. It seems like I’m safe, but I hold back, don’t live myself and inside I’m mad at myself. This contained destructive energy eats us up inside and makes us vulnerable to disease. I do not live my potential and deprive the world of my own beautiful energy!

You need guts to dare to use your self-love for yourself. It goes against your sense of security. You can only achieve this if you feel 100% clear that you want to choose for yourself. That gives you the strength not to be distracted by your surroundings and fears.

Do you really want to change? Then you must feel the urgency. The more strongly you feel this from within, the better you can keep the focus of love on yourself in difficult situations. But you are now in the middle of a difficult situation. The world and yourself desperately need your real me! Now is the time to change.

If you don’t take control now to be in your own connection, but react to the world around you, you will be touched by the fear and panic that prevails. Understandable, but it won’t help you. Moreover, you then spread fear into the world.

The world needs you now!

In this uncertain time of corona, we have little control over what happens. But what you can take control of is how you feel and what energy you radiate into the world. When you are in touch with yourself and focus on your inner strengths, you strengthen your immune system. Your peace and confidence will make a positive contribution to the world around you. When we let our inner light shine on earth with many, we can change the collective energy and with it the situation, trust that! Let your energy contribute to healing and change.

Do you want to know how you can contribute to the change? Then join the online workshops I give on Thursday evenings.

I wish you much love and health.


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