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Are you now also confronted with your old shit? be happy!


Have you been confronted with your old ‘shit’ lately? With things you thought you were done with? That you didn’t have to deal with them anymore? That you had forgiven everyone involved? Is the current situation opening old wounds? Or are you suddenly confronted with layers of mourning from people who have died long ago?

There seems to be plenty of time for it. I hear it a lot around me and have experienced it myself: For example, I read a book in which a piece of pain occurs that I thought I had long since finished, which suddenly hit me again as if I had been punched in the stomach. Someone passed away that I admired and who, I realized again during the funeral, looked very much like my father. Which made me realize that I may have grieved for him, but not for that part of him that I now recognized so much. And so one thing after another is reviewed.

right now

The difference with the past is that now it feels like it is very necessary to take on these things – especially now. That they should come up in this December month of another special year. To be able to solve them before we enter 2022. That we can also close these things in this closing month and leave them behind in this year. We don’t have to drag the whole package back to 2022. We can say goodbye to certain traumas, pieces of pain and beliefs that no longer serve us. And we can look to the future with hope. Not always easy, but so much needed now.

embrace your shit

So be happy with what presents itself. Even though some days you might almost cry your eyes out. embrace it. Look it in the eye. Feel it, acknowledge it, especially the dark in you. So you can let it go. See it through the eyes of love. Sounds nice, I can almost hear you thinking, but how do you do that? By descending more to your heart. Just when you are sad, or angry, or afraid, put your hand on it.

Breathe towards it. Feel your heart beating under your hand. Do you feel fear or anger there? Or is there only love there? Look where you do feel your anger or sadness and focus your attention there. Send love there.Maybe a color comes to mind, or you feel heat flowing. And, if you believe in it, ask your Light Team to assist you, or pray to God, the Source, or something or someone else. do what suits you, do it your way. You can’t go wrong sending love and it isn’t difficult. The intention alone is enough.

solve your shit

Also feel good for yourself whether you can solve what presents itself now. Don’t be afraid to call in professional help if necessary, but also know that, assisted by what gives you support, you can do more than you thought possible. Know that by forgiving – and especially not forgetting yourself – you can make a huge difference.

I sometimes do that myself by using a slightly modified form of Ho’oponopono (the Hawaiian forgiveness technique). I bring up the situation for myself and then say to myself: I love you – Thank you – I’m sorry – I forgive you.Of course this can also be done in Dutch or in the original way, but for me personally this way works just a little better because I then forgive myself and the other person at the last words – because with you I mean both myself and the other – without implying guilt. Writing can also work very well.

For example, you can write a letter to yourself at a certain age, or a letter to someone from your past. Not to send, just for yourself. I myself have always been a big fan of letters written out of gratitude and love. This is of course not possible for everyone, but if you succeed, such a letter is often even more powerful than an angry letter, although it can also be very nice to throw out your anger on paper.Also look at what suits you and what feels right for you.

What will you leave behind in 2021?

In addition to your old memories and traumas, it is also nice to take a closer look at your beliefs at the end of the year. What beliefs do you still have – often they arose in those moments I am talking about above – that do not serve you?

For example, don’t you dare to be yourself completely? Are you still too small? Are you afraid of the opinions of others? What does your inner critic whisper to you when you try to stand up for who you are? How nice is it if you can leave those beliefs behind in 2021? For example, you can write them on a piece of paper and burn it in the sink or outside in a fire barrel. Make it a nice ritual and start with a clean slate.

What will you leave behind in 2021?


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