Are you often tired? How yin energy can have a healing effect on this

Are you often tired? How yin energy can have a healing effect on this
Many highly sensitive people suffer from fatigue, exhaustion, or burnout. Often they go on and on until they suddenly feel that they have gone overboard and are extremely tired or exhausted. Burnout occurs when you have exceeded your limits for a longer period of time. In this article, you can read what you can do about your fatigue or burnout and you can listen to a YIN meditation that helps you to recover.

You are so attuned to your environment that you lose contact with yourself

If you are highly sensitive, you are very aware of your surroundings. Throughout the day you consciously and unconsciously absorb more information from your environment. It is a strength and a quality that you can use at work, for example, if you can feel your environment so well. Your pitfall is that you are so attuned to your environment that it is difficult to feel what you need yourself. It is also possible that you become so absorbed in your surroundings that you take too little time for yourself to relax and recharge yourself.

If you keep going, you’ll burn yourself

If you continue in daily life, a lot of yang energy flows unconsciously in your body. Yang energy is an energy of action, doing, achieving goals, and being in motion. Yang energy is very powerful for arranging and doing a lot. The downside of yang energy is that it burns you out, leading to fatigue, exhaustion, and, in the long run, even burnout or other physical complaints. These complaints arise because your stress hormones are constantly high if you are always in action mode. Research also shows that if you are highly sensitive, you are more likely to burn out than people who are not highly sensitive.

Are you often tired? How yin energy can have a healing effect on this

Avoid going over your limit

If you want to have a lot of energy yourself, it is good to have a balance between action and rest, between doing and being. You can do this by feeling with your attention a few times a day how you are doing and what you need. You can do this by getting enough sleep, healthy food, and exercise. You can also consciously use the balance of your own yin and yang energy.

Yin energy has a healing effect on fatigue, exhaustion, and burnout

We all have yin and yang energy within us. The opposite of yang energy is yin energy. Yin energy is an energy of being, of softness, of surrender, of not ‘having to’, but moving with the flow. Often we use yin or yang energy completely unconsciously. But you can also consciously make contact with yin or yang energy. Yin energy gives you balance again after a period of a lot of action, doing, and having to. It helps you to get back in balance with fatigue, exhaustion, and burnout. Below you can listen to a meditation in which you consciously make contact with your yin energy.

Are you highly sensitive and also someone who always does or has to do a lot? Or do you suffer from fatigue or burnout? Then I am very curious what you think of this meditation!



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