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Are you ready to Live from Essence?

Lovely people,

We are faced with the challenge of living from our essence. Over the past few weeks, a huge wave of energy has been coming towards us from the galactic center. A huge shift is underway. The whole universe vibrates. Not only we and the earth are in a transition period, but all stars and planets are participating. All planets have a consciousness content that also vibrates at a higher level.

Nothing and no one stays the same, everything is subject to change and vibrates with this new energy. Through that intense shift, everything that was hidden comes to light. Not only on a personal level, but also on a collective level. Everything you kept hidden from yourself and the other comes out of the shadows.

Hence it seems that the duality and all negativity is greatly exacerbated. And that is exactly what is needed. Everything is crystallized in order for the cosmic man to be born. The entire cosmos is attuned to this transformation.

Age of Aquarius, Birth of the Cosmic Man

The cosmic man sees the whole world within himself, is aware that everything he thinks, feels and does or does not have an influence on the whole universe. As within, as without, as above, so below. The umbilical cord with the past and any past lives and karma is cut when everything has been processed and situations and experiences are looked at and dealt with in a new way.

We get the chance to walk a new life path. This requires self-realization. The realization that we are not this body or our thoughts or our emotions. We are observers of that body, thoughts and emotions. Self-realization is seeing the beauty in all that has happened, of your existence, and seeing the richness of where you are NOW.

Don’t need to know anymore

During the Solstice on June 20, there is a beautiful and powerful full moon that shines its light on our unconscious. Uranus, the cosmic alarm clock, makes a beautiful aspect with Neptune, allowing us to see through the illusion that we are much more than this little self. The cosmic man, abandons all knowledge and returns to trust in Self, Life and is in a state of Not Knowing.

Until now, life has given us all kinds of experiences that we usually didn’t want. We started looking for answers outside of ourselves. We tried to make others responsible for our pain and got lost in stories. But that little me, you’re not in charge. He tries to manipulate and control everything in order to secure his self and to create a false sense of security. It’s me and your story, your own movie, but that movie is over.

It’s time for another script. A script where we let go of the story and the ending and we say YES to Life and learn to trust that life will give you exactly what it takes to set you free.

Stepping out of the matrix

During the Solstice, our physical Sun moves between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Which actually shows a kind of symbolic movement of our little self, moving between our mother (Cancer) and father (Capricorn), making us keep repeating what has always been there. Our inner child has adapted throughout its life to the wishes of others, mother, father, society and partners.

It has developed survival strategies so as not to lose the love of the other and thus has lost touch with its Essence, who you originally are. Now is the time to step out of that matrix. Hence, all kinds of last bits can come up at this moment that are related to the trauma of the inner child, so that you can let go of who you thought you were. It’s not so much about processing, it’s about reconciling. To reconcile means to return to God. Return to your divine Essence.

Eris, Goddess of battle and revenge

Uranus is conjunct Priapus, our survival mechanism, and Eris, an asteroid. Eris, was the Goddess of battle and revenge, she was not invited to a wedding of the gods and threw a golden apple between the guests, causing a huge battle. The battle lasted for years and was overcome by deploying the Troye Horse. You may come across all sorts of themes from parties you weren’t invited to, evoking old pain in the child in you.

We even see it in the collective, Erdogan who was not invited to Mohamed Ali’s funeral. What it wants to show us is that perhaps everyone still has some unaccepted feelings somewhere, such as revenge, jealousy, bitterness, envy and anger. With Uranus (the liberator! ) conjunct Priapus it is now time to face these feelings and allow them to be released.

Not feeling and acknowledging these kinds of feelings is your survival strategy! We would rather not feel this kind of pain because we are ashamed of it. But everything we don’t recognize, we project into the outside world and outsource it to others, causing even more misery. We can now free it.hestia

Transformation or Refusal

The Black Moon is in the sign of Scorpio and asks you: Are you ready for the transformation or do you keep refusing and waiting for it to pass or someone else to solve it? If there are still things that you are angry about, feel anxious, rejected, there is still something that wants to be seen that stands in the way of real connection. The Sun coexists with Venus, Chiron and the Night Pars, which gives a spiritual love dimension and is a powerful energy to heal sore spots in all our relationships.

Once the illusion of the projection has become clear, the other is only a reflection of who you really are and you see the divine in everyone and everything. The cosmic child is then born, it no longer adapts, is free, pure, real, authentic and full of divine inspiration.

Work is love in progress

With Jupiter conjunct the Northern Node in Virgo we can become aware of our true life purpose and it is time to pick up our thread of life to serve the field of oneness. When we can reconcile with what is, with life as it unfolds to you, with your sweet body, your parents, your origin, your partner, your children, with everything that is, then love can go again flow. Then work is no longer work, but love in progress.

When you are in Alignment you are in 5d and people and things come very quickly. You are a magnet. The new energy requires new ways of thinking, communicating, working and acting. Emotions such as fear, anger, sadness etc. show that you are not in Alignment, which prevents things from flowing. So are you ready? To finally do what you came for? To pick up your soul purpose?

It’s time to really let go of everything that still blocks you to start living from the love stream. Astrologically, the energy is ready from October. So until then cleaning up, letting go, organizing, reorientation, healing and then a new start! Living from Essence!


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