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Are you ready to take off that Cinderella dress?

Do you remember them? The fairy tales you heard when you sat on your bed with a fresh shower in your flannel pajamas while your mother or father read to you. Snow White, Rapunzel or Cinderella. The fantasy remains fun, the enchantment special, the moral of all times.
One by one the stories are attractive, each one of them hitchhiking on a romantic image that is no longer of this time. Today’s princess no longer needs a lavish dress or knight to save her, and today’s knights don’t swing swords and look for a princess.

Yet this is the image we all grew up with. The idea is nice, is this image still realistic?

Do you live in a fairy tale or do you create your own life?

What about you? Do you live in a fairy tale or do you create your own life? Are you loyal to yourself? Or do you get stuck in the expectations that others have of you for who you once were or perhaps unconsciously pretended to be? Even more important is the question: how do you get out of here? How do you get rid of that heavy dress or iron armor?

Meeting the expectations of others can feel safe. You are far from judgment and live in your own castle, to use fairy tales for a moment. But are you happy and expressing how you really feel?

It can feel really hard to step out of that comfort zone. If you keep doing today what you did yesterday, tomorrow will be no different. If you want change, you will have to take action yourself. Take a step every day, big and small.

Change what you do, think differently, take action as the person you want to be tomorrow. Let your dream be bigger than any excuse you can think of. Also look at the dark parts and dance with that shadow now and then. You grow from that.

Recognize who you really are, embrace your desires and needs

Everything is energy. We, love, money, your thoughts and your emotions. It’s all in and around you. It is present, also with you. All you have to do is go with the flow that life shows you. Which we receive every day. We think we have to be present in all kinds of relationships that make us disappear into the background or forget what we really need.

Take an example from nature. That tree will not grow differently or faster because someone wants it to. Its roots penetrate deep into the earth. With long branches that move flexibly in wind and weather. Be teachable and flexible like the tree while your own self is deeply grounded.

Do you know how to hold your own in circumstances that require you to step aside every now and then? With an open mind! Stay curious, open and aware. Know who you are and what you convey. The more flexible you are, the more your environment reflects this.

Keep asking questions too

Even when you know exactly what you want and what it looks like. Ask questions, let them go and remain open to the exact interpretation. It may be different from what you thought or hoped. The plans for you may exceed your own dreams.

So ask clearly for what you want, let go and expect. If it aligns with your highest good, then that or something better will appear in your reality. In this process the willingness to bend is important. Sometimes further than you thought. Stay open to all that may arise and expect a miracle.

Let go of your judgment and make space

Stop ignoring your hunches. Your intuition, that gut feeling, goosebumps. Feel what it wants to say to you. I say ‘feel’ it because we tend to think it over. And that’s where you go wrong. Your head is good for shopping lists and for figuring out how to get from A to B in a logical way. The best decisions are not made on the basis of reason alone.

A fun and easy exercise

Take an A4. And fold it over the long side. On the left you write with some space between the words: ‘work’, ‘relationships’, ‘financial position/money’, ‘love’, ‘health and body’ and ‘my greatest desire”. Below it, write the very first belief that comes to your mind. Something that you tell yourself is true and because of which you don’t have or experience what you want to experience. On the right side of this sheet, write the opposite of this belief.

For example, if you read love: ‘I always fall for the wrong one’. Then you write on the right: ‘I have a happy relationship with my soul mate”‘. This way you can complete all topics and feel free to add to them with your own ideas.

Then you close the right sheet again and write down all the topics one more time with enough space between them. Then you will write intentions that bring you per subject where you want to end up in that area, which comes close to the bent conviction.

Then write at the top of this sheet: ‘intentions for this month’. Hang this somewhere you can see them. For example, on the fridge. Or by your bed so you can read them quietly before getting up.

Keep asking, plant seeds. For example, look for that nice job. Write down how you feel when you go to work. Plan a night out with someone you love. Ask that person you want to go on a date with to a day at the sea. Take action!


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