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Are you sober or a floater?

If you are concerned with spirituality, you will soon get the stamp of ‘float’. If you don’t like ‘energy’, you probably find yourself sober and the subject vague. The glider, in turn, may look down on that lack of sophistication. But are the sober and the drifter so different from each other?

The sober and the glider

What is a glider? Let me charge for a moment: a glider lives from the light and finds everything love. He has a view of a greater reality than the visible one, for example can make contact with angels and guides and energy lives for him. The earth, on the other hand, can feel unsafe, he is not always at home between people and he is probably not feeling well. In the next life it could all get better . Its three higher (spiritual) chakras are more developed than the three lower (earthly).


What is a sober? Again just as succinct: a sober person focuses on the earthly reality of matter, emotions and ratio. He is also called a materialist. His body can be important. Sometimes he’s a walking head; ‘sober’ for him equals ‘rational’. The world of form is the only one. What he can see is true, and the rest is not. He knows his way around existing societal and social structures well, and in terms of energy, the earth is still flat and after death there is nothing at all. His three lower chakras are dominant, the higher ones non-existent.

Earth and energy

The sober and the drifter are two extremes on the spectrum of human possibilities. Where the floater likes to stay in the upper chakras, the materialist is guided by his lower chakras. The glider likes to identify with energy, while the materialist likes to identify with matter. If you look at it from the point of view of consciousness development, ‘earthly’ also means condensed, form, structure and limitation. While ‘energy’ is rarefied, unformed, potential and space.


Compensation and talent

The reason someone likes to stay in certain chakras and not so much in the others is always (also) developmental trauma. For example, a birth trauma leads to fear in the first (lower) chakra. Immediately upon arrival on earth, the soul experienced how painful existence isand looks nice to sink into the body.

In the higher chakras compensation takes place (and also the formation of talent): identification with the light or clear experience of spiritual dimensions ensures that he does not have to feel the deep fear and pain in his base. The materialist has made just the opposite movement. For example, because his parents previously determined for him who he was and who he would become, and because they did not give him the space to discover the greatness of the potential in his higher chakras.


The sober and the drifter both experience only part of reality. The result of materialism is exhaustion of the earth, and a focus on survival. The materialist is disconnected from the unity, so that he will never be satisfied with himself, no matter how much money and power he accumulates. The glider may know the energetic potential of light, but can’t seem to get him into shape.

And that also leads to dissatisfaction; earthly things such as earning enough money or working in a structure can be an agony. But whether you are floating or sober: in the end we are all looking for the same thing. And that is a complete experience, of both form and energy; body and soul. We want the lower and upper chakras to join in – for life to flow there – and as long as they don’t, we’re missing out.

The way of the heart

Fortunately for the sober and the drifter there is a way to fulfillment, and that is the way in† For the first it leads up, for the second it leads down. The materialist and the drifter can learn a lot from each other. Because the glider knows: energy is very concrete. After all, you can feel it, see it, experience it. And the materialist knows: you must do it here on earth; that’s the only place to discover who you are.

If you prefer to stay in the energy, then getting into your body is the most important task. If you are sober and earthy, you want to break free from its limitation and the larger perspective of the higher chakras is what you are looking for. In both cases the path runs through the heart, which is the middle between ‘below’ and ‘above’.The heart has the courage to let you descend into matter and to lift yourself from its limitation, so that you can start to feel at home on earth and in the cosmos.

Are you sober or a floater?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have an allergy to spirituality?
  • Do you have trouble with people for whom light, love or energy are important?
  • Does it frustrate you that life is so one-sided?
  • Do you especially feel at home in 3D reality? (The reality as most people see it; that of the lower three chakras.)


  • Do you have an allergy to materialism?
  • Do you struggle with people who are focused on money, property, career, or who are very emotional?
  • Does it frustrate you that you can’t make money or that the world is so hard?
  • Do you especially feel at home outside of 3D reality?

See if you can view your judgment of the sober and the drifter as an invitation to explore just that end of the spectrum. That’s where your development is required.


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