Are you sometimes a silent force?

Are you sometimes a silent force?
Are you a Silent Force? Have you ever thought about the importance of being a silent force? This realization can change your life and save a lot of therapy costs.

By realizing you get more peace

What if you don’t have to talk as much as you think you do to fit in or gain prestige? What a peace this would give, right?! You felt or feel less than others because others seem to be accepted if they have a big mouth. This is perhaps a bit oversimplified, I know. But so am I! Even as a so-called spiritual worker, coach, healer, lightworker, clairvoyant, or whatever you want to call it.

Do you have to come to the fore?

In fact, you don’t think that a colleague, friend, fellow student or family member always sees and says it so well. You don’t always agree with him/her. And it is also tolerated by the group, what she/he says! They look like lap dogs when she or he is in space. At least, that’s not the case anymore, but contradict her? That doesn’t seem to be happening.

If you open your mouth, there is almost no response. If it gets a response at all, it’s not what you’d wish for. No, they would have been better off shutting up and ignoring you. It comes down to the same feeling. Like you don’t matter. You don’t belong. That’s how it feels to you.

How long do you have to do your best to still be yourself, to be accepted? Maybe even to be loved. Not by everyone, you know that, that that doesn’t work but by a few. I now see the workplace in front of me, but this can also be played privately or in any company.

Are you sometimes a silent force?

How do you ensure that you are seen, and accepted? Are you nice? Or not? You start to doubt yourself, maybe you get mad at yourself. Why can’t you become a respected colleague, friend, fellow student, or whatever? Why do they seem not to listen to you? You have a sense of humor, don’t you, don’t you? Not then? Apparently, they don’t see it that way. You are different….

Your beautiful role in the group

Let’s go back to basics to help you. Why not conform yourself to what is apparently your destiny, your position in the group, which is apparently set for you? Throw a little extra on top? No longer fighting, although you do this mainly internally because you do not let yourself be known and it does not accept that you do not belong to “them”. But why go into that battle, if others are too busy with their own behavior?

How do you let that silent force be a force?

Suppose you don’t open your mouth from now on and especially don’t do your best to appear as good as possibleGive up the fight! How liberating is that? From now on you will only enter into a dialogue with yourself about what you think about something and the rest would rust you. Go talk to yourself kindly from now on! Especially if you are in trouble with yourself.

Only people who ask can hear your opinion. Just calm as you see it. Furthermore, you do not go along with anything and you leave it to the other person how they want to behave. Why the other person sidelines you are her/his thing. Maybe it is not conscious, or things are not going so well in the other person’s life and he or she is only playing a role. Maybe that person is wearing a mask. So well, and with conviction, that other are impressed by it.

Are you sometimes a silent force?

You don’t have to argue with this. You determine your purpose and the usefulness of your presence in that group, in that company. What are you actually doing there and do you support it? Does your goal make you happy? Find out and be independent. Is that enough for you to be happy? Let the other person solve her/his own thing.

What will it get you (and others)?

And remember, it’s okay to be quiet. As long as you know what you’re there for. Maybe you can subconsciously raise the mood in that group. Just by looking purely at yourself and your own needs and doing your thing from there. You are free to walk your path, so if the other person expects something from you, you are still free to do it your way. You decide whether this suits your purpose. If not, make that known. You stay true to yourself and because of this, you may also be an example for others!


Listen to that silent power you have within yourself. Stand in front of it. Be your own protégé and do things you stand behind, even if you don’t have the highest word. But for this, you first make a connection with that great Power, your creator, within yourself. That sweet power that grants you the very best, if you only allow it yourself. If you talk to it in your mind and commit yourself to it.

Just invoke that Power when you need it or the night before. It helps you….. and you have more impact with it than you think. Even if you don’t make it clear by talking. Your radiance, your energy is much more powerful than words. Who knows what else you will start with this, attract.

Love yourself

In any case, it starts with the love for yourself. And when you allow yourself to be loved, you attract people and situations that radiate this to you!


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