Are you stuck? 7 questions you can ask yourself to gain insight again

Are you stuck? 7 questions you can ask yourself to gain insight again
Some days I’m completely stuck. I used to hit the walls because I didn’t know what to do with myself. Or did I try to force things unnecessarily, wasting a lot of energy and only increasing the unrest? In the meantime, I know that the feeling of being stuck is telling me something. To find out what that is, I drew up this inner checklist.

Inner Checklist

1. What inner season am I in?

Just like nature, we humans are also subject to seasons. And your inner season may differ from the season according to the calendar year. Each season has different characteristics and demands different things. If you know what inner season you are in, you know what your needs are at that moment and what you can give to yourself.

An inner winter requires completely different things than an inner summer. Just like in nature, each inner season has its function and one season builds momentum for the next. It can make a world of difference, both in your personal and professional life, to have a clear picture of what inner season you are in.

Are you stuck? 7 questions you can ask yourself to gain insight again

2. Is it low tide or is it high tide?

In addition to seasons, you are also subject to inner tides. Ebb and flow. Your inner tides have to do with the phases of the creative process, among other things. It explains why one moment you are overflowing with inspiration and so in the flow that you almost forget to go to the toilet (flood) and the next moment you can’t get a letter on paper and your source of inspiration is bone dry (ebb).

Your personal energy level is also subject to ebb and flow. For example, one person is more of a morning person, while the other is more of an evening person. Or do you notice that you cannot sleep around the full moon period? Or your hormonal cycle can throw you completely out of normal on certain days.

Some days your individual process may require more attention. You may feel that you are stuck (eb) because emotions want to be felt or a limiting belief is blocking the flow.

By recognizing and recognizing the difference between the ebb and flow moments, you learn everything about timing. When it is or is not the ideal time to do things. That will save you a lot of frustration!

3. Am I in a state of connection?

If a tree were to shut itself off from the natural life force flowing through it, sooner or later it would die. I notice that when I consciously open myself to the creative life force (whatever you want to call it: Universe, God, Source, Spirit, Consciousness…) things just go easier. Much easier than if I only rely on my own strength. It opens up the world of synchronicity. This expansive state also ensures that inspiration finds easy access to me. After all, inspiration means in-spirit. To be in this state, you need to be relaxed.

I can deduce from which role I take on whether there is a connection with myself: that of an observer or that of the reactor. When I am in the observer role, I stay in the center of my reality and say ‘yes’ to life as it is NOW. When I am in the role of the reactor, I move with the dramas in the outside world and my attention is either on the future or on the past. I am then away from my own center, which makes me much more worried.

4. What about my grounding (grounding)?

Are you stuck? 7 questions you can ask yourself to gain insight again

Grounding has two meanings for me:

  • Has my soul descended well into my body?
  • Is there a good flow to the earth?

If you are not well grounded, you are floating and your ideas often do not get beyond your own head. You lack the practical commitment and decisiveness to effectively shape your ideas into reality (aka on Earth). Or you lose yourself in the long-term plan and do not see what your next step is. Or you take one course after another without doing anything concrete with it, a perfect procrastination strategy that I call the clogged funnel syndrome.

5. Do I live from inner integrity?

Do I live what I know? This refers to your inner wisdom as well as your knowledge of the universal laws. Am I living my own truth? Is there alignment between what I believe, think, say, feel and do? As a conscious person, you are really called to live from inner integrity and truth. What is not aligned with that cannot possibly give the desired result.

6. Is there a flow in myself?

The energetic flow between the head, heart, and abdomen. Where the head provides the inspired ideas and the creative solutions, for thinking. The heart for setting direction in accordance with your values ​​and desires, for wanting. And the belly for the courage to take action and get moving, for the effective execution, the doing.

Your abdomen is also where your lower chakras reside, as well as your psoas muscle. This is important for your sense of identity, but also for security. Moreover, your belly is the playground of creative power and life energy.

Flow can be hindered by limiting beliefs, stagnant emotions, stress, physical tensions, and traumas. What you have to do is make room for your personal healing and liberation process.

Are you stuck? 7 questions you can ask yourself to gain insight again

7. What is my core vibration?

By core vibration, I mean your emotional state of being or your state of consciousness. The map of consciousness of Dr. David Hawkins gives a nice overview of this. You can view your core vibration as an inner magnet that attracts your outer circumstances. It’s a magnetic state.

When you vibrate inner certainty and confidence in life, feel genuinely grateful and satisfied with who you are and how you live, feel that there is abundance and that you are free to make your own choices, you will have a very different experience. creating reality than someone who lives from mistrust and inner turmoil, who leads an unsatisfactory life or is focused on lack and limitation.



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