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Are you that expert that this old system is afraid of?

Once, aged 28, I gave tennis lessons for a few weeks in hospitable Tunisia. I had never been there, and in my hotel, as you may be used to, they had fresh fruit for breakfast (coffee in my case J). And there I ate an orange for the first time in my life. I already had many thousands of them but when I ate an orange in Tunisia that had just fallen from the tree I realized that I had never tasted a ‘real’ one before.
At least a hundred times as tasty as I was used to in the Netherlands. Full of sun, love and light. After that first experience, I smuggled 6 oranges to the tennis court every morning, under friendly looking away because I took many tennis players and their wallets into the hotel bar every night.
Until then, I was not a very conscious consumer, but those oranges in Tunisia showed me that the supermarkets in the Netherlands where I still did my shopping at the time gave me a much too bright picture of what is fresh, tasty and healthy. I never looked at it the same again. My whole perception of large supermarkets had suddenly changed.

By the way, did you know that there is a small group of experts in the Netherlands who organize large supermarkets for profit maximization? The ones on the cubic centimeter determine where which products will be placed and even how and when? Influencing your buying experience with a vast amount of marketing, math and data that knows more about your behavior than you can imagine. So that you have the idea that you constantly have too little. Something is missing. That you lack. And lack scares. And dependent.

Profit maximization by manipulating your brain with gigantic marketing budgets and astronomical amounts of data does not only happen at large supermarkets, of course, and not since yesterday. It’s been calculated for a long time and in many ways what we humans will earn on average for large investment companies and what we will cost governments until we die.

Your life and (purchasing) behavior calculated in euros and is shamelessly sold as fresh, tasty and healthy. The only thing that has changed are the marketing slogans. They seem to be getting louder and more aggressive.

And do you know why that is? That’s because there is a large group of experts on Earth. Deliberately fallen off the tree here to apparently remind the as yet little conscious consumer of what is fresh, tasty and healthy.

A reflection of Sun, Light and Love. Our seeds are spreading more and more, our roots are coming home deeper and deeper into the earth. We have now created a gigantic network of love and light that shows the old system that its time is over. She dies in defiance. Scared, loud and aggressive.

You are the expert this system is afraid of.

Expert in love maximization.

So, even though it sometimes seems to storm outside. Change your perception where necessary and plant your roots firmly in the soil. Connect to that network. That network of light and love that knows:

Our time has finally come.


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