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Are you trapped in your sadness?

Our fear of feeling is great and admitting our hidden pain is one of the greatest challenges we face as humanity . Because in order to let go, we must first let go.

With our growing awareness , this pain comes more to the surface. It wants to be seen, felt and released. But how do you do that? And what’s stopping you from doing this?

deep well

I often hear it in my practice: ‘If I allow myself to cry, I’m afraid I won’t stop’. That fear is very present, it is comparable to a fear of death in an emotional sense.
People feel like they are falling into a deep pit if they allow their grief. Or that their anger transforms into an all-consuming monster.

But just the opposite is the case. Your hidden feelings are already making you unhappy. Your ballast creates blockages in your energetic system, making you a prisoner of your own pain. The fine things in life feel less and less pleasant. The way to your heart is increasingly blocked and you are less connected with yourself and others.


Everything is energy, including our feelings. As we know from physics, energy persists. Hidden feelings are present and affect your mood and vibration every day.
Suppressing feelings is not a problem at first, it helps you get through a difficult period. It is a valuable survival strategy, especially in childhood when emotions are not allowed to be shown.
But when the emotions pile up, there is a good chance that this energy will manifest itself in another form: in physical or psychological complaints.
Instead of calming things down, we should welcome and seize the feelings in order to grow.

Letting go precedes allowing

As we continue to transform into the 5th dimension, we need to let go of our sadness and anger. Compare it to a hot air balloon about to take off. This will first have to release ballast.
The fire in the hot air balloon is comparable to our inner strength, mission and passion. It is already there, it is up to us to make it possible for us to experience it again.

Your patterns and beliefs

Have you internalized your patterns and beliefs to avoid pain?
When gloomy feelings, bad memories, anger and tears well up, it is tempting to pull ourselves together and seek distraction.

Our mind is also a beloved refuge. It welcomes us with beliefs such as ‘I must be strong’, ‘I must not act like this’, or ‘there are others who have been through much worse’.
These beliefs and conditionings are fallacies of fear that take us further from our path.
Become aware of your underlying fear and do not disapprove of it. It is human to be afraid of your anger and to lose control.

your wall

Your pain has become a part of you. In the sessions I supervise, the control becomes visible as a wall or a bunker that people are safe behind. This one has saved them from the worst pain. It takes courage to let this go.

Your soul wants to let go and grow. Your ‘earthly self’, the ego, feels comfortable behind the wall and would rather keep everything as it was. It is therefore important that you give yourself time. If you’ve been hiding behind a wall for 40 years, take the time to get used to the idea of ​​letting it go first.

Become aware of your wall: how does it feel? Is it pleasant and comfortable? Or do you increasingly experience that he is in your way?Because it makes it difficult to really be in touch with yourself and others, to feel joy.
The more aware you are of your wall, the more willingness to let go of it and allow your pain to grow. This willingness is a condition, only you can change your current state.

Daniëlla: “I am very happy with everything that comes loose and that I experience feelings again. It’s tough, but hiding and denying it was tougher.”

Wisdom from Alchemy

The importance of letting go can be found in ancient alchemy, among other things. Alchemy is both a chemical and an inner process of transformation and healing.
The first stage is called Calcination . In this process, a solid is heated in such a way that it becomes ash.

In a spiritual sense we are prompted to transformation, because we experience more and more intense problems.

Acknowledging and living through your feelings is an important phase in your growth process and it returns regularly. We cannot let go of all the pain at once. By starting it and experiencing that you do not disappear into a deep pit, you will have the courage at later moments to let go of the next layer.

Sometimes it’s hard to get to our feelings, they remain dormant. Then it is important to fan the fire so that you come into contact with the pain more. For example, by looking at photos from the past, diving into memories or putting on music that makes your pain surface.

Are you trapped in your sadness?


In Calcination, surrender is key. In this time of transformation, our grief is surfacing. We will have to move towards the pain.

In many families, ‘not daring to feel’ is a theme that has been around for generations. It eventually ended up on our plate and needs to be transformed.

How do you let go?

Let the tears flow or, failing that, contact that lump in your throat or the pressure on your chest.

Allow images and memories, no matter how difficult. It may even hurt you physically, you may experience a heartache or a cramp in your stomach area. That’s part of it. You will see that it will stop at some point, sooner than you think.
It can help to hold on to something, as a literal handhold. A hug, a pillow or an object that gives you strength.

Ask the universe to support you in this. The loving beings from the other dimensions love to do this! For me, this help was made tangible by the fact that my grief was initially very intense. But from one minute to the next it became quiet and I experienced space and the loving presence of other beings such as angels and guides.

Even if you don’t feel a connection with the universe, it is advisable to ask for help with letting go. Perhaps this time you will experience their presence and your confidence will grow that you are not alone.

Express yourself energetically

Especially when our anger is related to our parents, we want to spare the other person. Because: ‘My father had no other choice, he never learned it himself’. Or: ‘They do love me’.
This is all true, but this is separate from the fact that you did not receive the warmth, understanding and love that you needed as a child. Because we want to save the other, we maintain the current situation and neither of us can progress.

When you energetically connect with your parent, you first make contact with yourself, for example through a breathing exercise. Allow memories of the times when you struggled as a child. Ask your father or mother to join in energetically. Speak out what’s on your mind.Do this uninhibitedly, also let your anger out if you feel it coming on. Maybe you feel the need to hit something. Prioritize your feelings about your mind so that your mind doesn’t soften things up.

Whether the other person picks up on this energetically and perhaps changes it depends on his or her willingness. In any case, you have created space within yourself by speaking out.
One of the above works better than the other. Give yourself time to grow in this.
If you can’t figure it out yourself, (energetic) guidance can help you with this.

From pain to love

Do you find yourself doubting whether you dare to confront your inner self? Then be honest with yourself. The confrontation is already there every day, dormant or emphatically. This daily presence is many times more painful than admitting your grief.

The latter is temporary, you will experience that space is created afterwards. Room for YOU: your strength, your light, your passion and your mission. The world needs it. When we are back in touch with ourselves, there is more love and compassion for our fellow man and for our planet. Where pain dissolves, love can grow.


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