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As a Lightworker, how do you ensure that you remain anchored in your Light?

As a Lightworker it can be quite a challenge: staying anchored in your Light. It is quite an art to be and remain Light, no matter what is happening around you. Because really, there’s a lot going on around us. Not only that, everything around us also has an effect on what we think and how we feel.

As a Lightworker we are touched by the world around us

As human beings, we cannot escape the fact that everything in the world affects us. Especially as a Lightworker. Because we are connected, with everything that lives. And it is also the intention that we are affected. We need to really feel our connection. But! At this time, it is no longer the intention that this also completely removes us from our Light.

And I know, that last one takes some getting used to. Because over the past centuries, as a Light soul in a dark world, we had to hide our Light time and again. Our radiant Heart simply could not be there openly.

We had to be here in dark times too

Pretending we are not Light and Loving, that was quite a thing for most Lightworkers during the previous dark ages. Because Light is who we are. And who you really Are, you don’t just change that just because the world around you is not happy with your Being.

And as a person you would think: Then as a Lightworker I will just skip those dark times, right? And will I come again, when I’m welcome again?

But a soul sees this differently. As a soul you are in the service of the Whole. And it is precisely as Lightworkers that we had to live on Earth in these dark times . you and me. To share our Light with the world. Because even in times of darkness it is important that our Points of Light can be like a kind of anchor on earth. As a result, the Light on earth only seems to disappear – while it has never really completely disappeared.

We’ve gotten good at pretending

So, imagine… It was important that we were on Earth, the past centuries. But at the same time, the human system would rather see us go than come. And to survive (sometimes) we had to ‘pretend’. Pretending that we are not Light was the main advantage that we could survive as human beings. Or at least survive as long as possible, before our Light is wiped out by those in power.

It also had a lot of drawbacks. Challenges, so to speak. Because when we look from Love it is just a challenge, or something that makes us grow. Just like a strong headwind on the bike is a challenge that ensures that your leg muscles get a little stronger every time.

A moment of growth for your soul – painful as a person

Thanks to the challenges on Earth, your soul grows. But as humans, quite a few of those growth moments just feel miserable. Like gently forgetting your Light. Which essentially just makes you forget who you really Are.

It seems so stupid. How is it possible? How can you forget who you are! While it is just so logical. For when it is dark on Earth, the human bodies and the collective thoughts and feelings are also not-so-Light. As a result, even as a Light soul you can only incarnate if you agree to a body that is less Light than actually suits your Light soul.

Your body is less Light than suits your soul

You may want to let that sink in for a while. Your soul is Light. A Lightworkers soul. And that’s who you Are. But life on Earth has not been so Light for centuries. So you had to make do with a body that doesn’t really fit your soul. A body in which your Light barely fits. Or even almost not.

And this had major consequences. Because if your Light can barely be in your body, you as a human being can hardly feel your Light anymore. Through which you still feel your Light, but it is fleeting. It takes effort for you to stay with your Light, when you intuitively know it shouldn’t be so hard. You know you’re missing something. And you also feel that something is not right. But you’re not quite sure what this something is exactly.


First, your body has to get lighter again

If you really want to anchor your Light on earth, it is therefore first important that your body becomes Lighter again. So that the Light of your soul also fits in your body again. Because luckily, in this special time this is possible again. The earth is illuminating itself and you and I as human beings can finally be Light again as a result.

Yes really, it’s possible again! It’s best to let this sink in for a while. What does it do to you when you read this? Does it make you happy and do you see the possibilities? Or does it also scare you because you just don’t know how to do this?

How do you make sure that your body becomes lighter?

If I’m honest, it sounds quite complicated: making your body Lighter again. While it is essentially very clear. Every cell in your body already has your Light within itself. It still needs to be woken up.

Your body is, as it were, made for two different purposes: firstly, to hide your Light. And second, to be a Channel of Light. Because in the first part of your life you had to forget your Light. And in the second part may be the Lightworker that you can be from your soul.

You may be anchored in your Light again

In order to anchor yourself in your Light, it is therefore above all important that you help your body to be Lighter again.

You can do this by making the choice now to be Light again. It sounds obvious, almost too easy. But really, your intention to be Light is essential. Because at that moment you can open your second part of the Blueprint of your soul: the second part of your life in which you are Light.

In addition, it is important to give yourself permission once and for all to focus on the Light from now on. This also seems so obvious. But just for Lightworkers, a sense of guilt lurks as soon as their Light starts flowing while much of the world is still shrouded in darkness.

Enlightening your heart plays an important role

You can also help your body to be lighter again. You can do this by regularly (even when you are having a hard time) bringing some Light to your Heart Center. Your spiritual Heart Center becomes, as it were, your spiritual Anchor Point to return to again and again.

For if your heart can be an anchor point of Light – no matter what happens – then your body and your life will illuminate from within. And this Enlightenment is going to make so much difference to you. Because it is not enough to know that you are Light. It is essential that you start to feel it again. Only then does it become easier to remain steadfast in your Light, in the midst of the chaos of the world around you. You will still be hit, but you will no longer be knocked out of your own field.

PS. Do you see that the world is changing and do you feel in everything that you have a wonderful spiritual task in this – but it is not yet flowing as you would like? Maybe you are ready for the next step and deep transformation?

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