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As a lightworker you are important for the new earth

We live in a special time. The world we live in is changing and it is changing fast! Much of that change just seems to be happening. As if we as individuals have little control over this. Yet we as humans have more influence than you might think at first glance. And it’s incredibly important to be aware of this. Especially as a Lightworker. So that we, you and I, can really contribute to the Enlightenment of life on Earth.

How do you influence life on Earth?

The influence you have on life on Earth has to do with who you Are. The funny thing is that at the ‘top level’ of today’s society it seems to be about what you have . Because now the richest people still have the most outer power and influence. They compose the rules of the game and determine the information that comes out.

This is probably something that bothers you as a Lightworker. Something in you thinks that life should be fairer. Equal rights to, for example, food, education, freedom and health.

As a Lightworker you long for Love and Equality

The New Earth

You were born as a Lightworker with this desire for Love and Light.And you intuitively know that all people are of equal value. That’s why you wish, for example, that life was a little softer and more loving.

This desire may have made the beginning of your life on Earth a challenge. Because life in today’s society is not always Loving. Today’s society is based on the rights of the strongest and richest. Strong and rich, by the standards of this world.

Spiritual homesickness

And if you don’t find the Love you so long for, it can cause a deep inner pain to arise. A kind of spiritual homesickness. You’re missing something, even if you don’t know exactly what you’re missing. It can be a deep and painful miss. Or a soft gnawing feeling that something else is waiting for you.

For me personally, this feeling of homesickness was intense. Sometimes it was even almost unbearable. I remember the months of deep pain and despair. There was a black feeling inside me that seemed to never end. It exhausted me and in the depths of my sorrow all I could say was: “I want to go Home”.

The feeling that you are not actually Home here

Have you ever experienced the feeling that you don’t really belong here? Maybe because you felt different from the people you grew up with. Or because you’ve always had that slight feeling of homesickness in the background, all your life.

This feeling can mean that the earth, as we know it now, is not your real Home either. Spiritually speaking. Because you, your soul, actually comes from somewhere else. You come from a place where it is Lighter and Loving. Where you feel Welcome and Whole.

You are not on earth to find Light and Love

So in your spiritual Home Place the unconditional Love is already there. It is even a Love that you re-member as ‘normal’.

So even though you deeply desire Love, you as a Lightworker did not come to Earth to find unconditional Love. Because you already had it, Home. And it is precisely from that Love that you set out on a journey . Very conscious. You left with a mission to Earth – you just went on to do that.

But… Even though this is what you wanted as a soul – and however great the Love in the depths of your heart is – the first introduction to modern Earth is simply a blow to most Lightworkers. Because that Love that was always there for you before? Suddenly it isn’t there anymore. And that’s scary!

You are on earth to bring Love and Light

The special thing is that you as a soul actually knew that that blow was coming. Even if you might have guessed differently. But your Love for life on Earth drew you here. Because you knew, as a soul, that with your Light on this earth you can make a huge difference.

Yes really, you are here to make a difference. For the earth and humanity need you and your Love and Light. In this day and age even more than ever before. So you are not on earth to find the unconditional Love, but you come to bring it. Love is your gift to a world that has forgotten its Light in the chaos of time.

Your time as a Lightworker is finally coming

The New Earth

The chaos of this time is extensive. And how could it be otherwise? For as humanity, over time we have collectively forgotten our spiritual foundation. We have lived for centuries as if we were separated from God.

But luckily, even if it doesn’t always seem that way in the world, we are back on the road from that chaos. Back to Love. Back to Light.

And your Light is immensely important at this time. Because did it seem like you’re a late bloomer? Your desire to blossom is there at just the right time! Your Light is needed, now more than ever.

The Earth is Getting Lighter

For the real change on Earth is not primarily the change we see in the world; circumstances over which we as individuals do not seem to have much influence.

The real change is taking place in the spiritual Heart of the Earth. For the earth is really a spiritual being, just like you and me. And it is in her Divine plan that she and everything that lives on her may become Enlightened again step by step during this time.

Your Light has a great influence on life on Earth

And how magically special is that! You can really make a difference every day with your Love and Light. For the earth, however great she is, cannot do her process of Enlightenment alone. And you have what it takes to be a bringer and bearer of Light during its rebirth as a pillar of Light and Love. So that the earth can transform into a New Earth.

A New Earth that is the foundation of a very New and Golden era. A time in which we as humans can finally live from Love and Light again. Just here on Earth. Like we are home again.


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