As a Lightworker you have a Mission for the Collective


Deep old pain is emerging for many Lightworkers at this time. Pain that we have carried with us for ages and ages. And now finally, after all this time, the time has come to collectively heal the abrasive layers of this pain. So that it can be transformed not only for you personally, but also collectively. Transformed into Love and Light.
Healing pain is part of your soul mission

As a Lightworker, healing your own pain is part of your soul mission. In addition, Lightworkers always have a mission for the collective. They can and should help heal old collective pain. First through the effect of their own Healing on the collective field. Often also by working very specifically with other people on healing

Healing for the collective is automatic, as soon as you heal your own pain. And actually, every pain you and I experience is also a collective pain. Everything that has traumatized you and me over the past centuries has always been part of the total package of pain that could be experienced on Earth over the past thousands of years.

All pain is essentially collective

Take a moment to reflect on the pain you have suffered. Or maybe still suffer. Feel the pain, without really getting absorbed in it. You may hit the tip of the iceberg, no deeper than that.

And then take a look around in your mind at the world around you. The world directly around you, such as family, friends, people from the street. And then a little further. In the city or village where you live. your country. The continent of which your country is part. And the earth, with its countless inhabitants of the earth.

Your pain also lives elsewhere on earth

When you then expand your feeling in this way, scan very gently what is alive. Do you feel that the pain that you personally experienced so intensely, also lives in other people?

Also here you can stick to the tip of the iceberg, so that all the pain that lives in the collective field can’t throw your whole system upside down. As a sensitive soul it is easy to get overwhelmed. And then there is no one who has anything to do with you. Neither do you. Overwhelmed and though you have become unreachable to your soul.

Connected to the Collective Field

You and every human being on earth are connected together in a collective energy field in which the energy of every human being has an influence. Every pain, every joy. Everything is felt and experienced through this field. And it is even stored, with a Cosmic memory. So that every important imprint is also stored energetically.

Ultimately, much more is preserved in this Cosmic memory than the experiences of this life alone. The experiences of you, me and every person on Earth are stored here. Subtle and subtle, in the archive of the earth. This archive is part of a much larger cosmic archive, also known as the Akashic Records. A wonderful archive. magic! Everything has been saved.

The Collective Field is being purified

The collective field needs to be transformed and purified at this time. So that everything becomes pure and pure again. For the pain we have experienced for centuries cannot come with us into the Light. There is literally only room for Love and Light.

How incredibly special is that! The collective field on earth in the New Age is a field in which there is only room for Love. And Light. Where there is only room for thoughts and emotions that are controlled from cosmic Love. Such as Truth, Compassion and Forgiveness. Service, Peace and Divine Joy.

It looks darker than it is

At the moment it doesn’t seem like pure coffee on Earth. And maybe you just felt that too, when you only scanned the tip of the feeling on earth for pain that resembles your own inner pain.

But suppose we make time for yet another little experiment. Because in our collective field (thanks to all the Cosmic waves of Light to Earth) a lot of Light has already been brought. Which of course also puts a lot of darkness in the Light. But the Light does not stop there. The Light continues. And further. Literally, the far light.

Now scan the Light

Just join me while we’re here together. Close your eyes and make a connection. First with your own Light. Wake up the Light in you, first in your heart. Invite it to show itself. More powerful and powerful, as your inner Flame.

And from your own beautiful Light, now re-scan the Earth and her collective field. Close at first and progressively wider. do you feel it? All that beautiful Light? It moves me every time. Incredibly powerful we are, as a collective Enlightening field.

A Collective Network of Light

This collective Light, you can take a little longer for that. Breathe it in very deeply a few times, throughout your body and aura. Feel how beneficial it is. And how actually quite naturally the light lets some old layers of pain flow along with it. And soften that old hard pain, so that it can gently be Light again.

And because you are now very consciously connected to the human collective, there is also some extra old collective pain flowing in the direction of the Light. The pain, it likes to be released. After so many centuries in the dark. She also really wants to be able to be Love and Light again.

Your Mission as a Lightworker for the collective

Have you felt how cool that is? That you as a Lightworker do not only heal for yourself. And not even just for your family or the people you work with. Everything that comes into the Light within you and is gently purified and Enlightened has a collective effect.

And do you remember those people you felt, with the same kind of pain as you? They feel it, even if it is not conscious. Your healing of this pain also brings their Healing closer. Because we are not alone. We are from Oneness a powerful and Loving human collective!


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