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As a Lightworker you have a special Blueprint for this life

Our Blueprint (the Divine plan) for this life consists, as it were, of two parts. This dichotomy has to do with the New Age, towards which we as humanity are heading. At the moment (and in the coming years) we live on earth in a transition phase, on the way to this New and Golden Age, in which we can live again from Love and a sense of Oneness.

To be able to contribute fully as a Lightworker during this period , it is important to realize that not only life on Earth is undergoing a spiritual change. You and I as a Lightworker are also in a very special transition. A transition with which we are transformed into a truly New Human. Because a person who thinks, feels and does from Love and Unity, behaves, thinks and feels completely different from the person we were in the first part of our lives.

There’s no turning back

The birth of a Golden Age is in full swing and unstoppable. Even if it is accompanied by the necessary labor pains, individually and collectively, we can only move forward. As much as some people would like everything to go back to ‘normal’, there is no turning back. It’s getting light!

The Golden Age that is now being born has been envisioned for ages and ages. For example, the Maya predicted that from 21-12-2012 a new time would arise where Love and Unity predominate. And Nostradamus also talks about a 1000-year peace from this time.

‘Cosmic Moment’

The special time 21-12-2012 is also called the ‘Cosmic Moment’‘. The moment when the energy from the Universe to the earth has changed drastically. The moment when the birth of the New Era has definitely started. For example, Diana Cooper talks about a transition period until 2032.

This transition phase is a time of transformation and enlightenment. In which we can heal and redeem all unresolved karma. By karma I mean everything that has not yet been ‘finished’ from past lives, unprocessed. All our experiences must be completed before we as individuals and as humanity can freely enter the New Age.

When you look back at this moment in your own life, it could just be that things have already started to shift very subtly in your life. Relationships, work or your own development.

Accelerated redemption of karma

In order to transmute all unresolved karma during this lifetime , much old unresolved pain has been accelerated in recent years. Put in the Light, you might also say.NTKMagazine Blueprint Lightworker New Age

For many Lightworkers, this karma even marks the early part of their lives. Not because we have so much more karma than the average person, but mainly because it is important for Lightworkers to redeem this karma more quickly. So that we can start with the second part of our lives: the part where we can really start doing what we came to do thousands of years ago.

As Lightworkers we live two lives in one

When I first realized this, it felt bizarre. And at the same time I recognized it completely. It is as if the Blueprint (the Divine plan) with which we are born as Light souls consists of two parts.

The first is the part in which we encounter everything that is not yet finished. For most Lightworkers, this is the hardest part of our lives that we struggle with. Pain of thousands upon thousands of years emerges to be seen and healed.

The second part of our Blueprint is Light, and during this part of our lives we re-member who we really are and what we came to do on Earth as Lightworkers . This re-memory brings about an enormous energetic shift. Our bodies and our chakras transform profoundly so that our bodies can carry the Light of our souls as well. We truly become a New Human!

Why must all the old be enlightened?

The age-old pain emerges in the first part of our lives to heal and so may be relieved. In fact, it must even be Enlightened. To be honest, there is no escaping it as a person.

Not because we’re not good enough otherwise, or because we have to prove something. But simply because in the New Age we are moving towards, the heaviness cannot exist. As at a boiling point the water disappears and transforms into steam. In this way, with a high-frequency New Age energy, all heaviness and pain transforms back into Light.

The old must be seen, the lessons learned

Collectively and individually we as humanity still had a lot of old pain that needs to be cleared up before we can enter a New Age. The sometimes unprecedentedly deep wounds that we have inflicted on ourselves and each other, that are quite a few.

Like Sleeping Beauty, we have fallen into a spiritual sleep when we forgot who we are as Beings of Light. And during this deep sleep of forgetfulness, we are also constipated just like her. Because we were built in, by thousands upon thousands of thorny bushes. Old prickly pain, which does not make our liberation any easier.

Fortunately, there is also a Prince (or Princess) on the way for us as humanity. A prince who lives not outside us, but within us. And it is a royal Presence that does not give up, because it has only one Mission at this time: to gently kiss our cold and lonely hearts awake. Because when our cold heart is warmed and dares to open itself gently and more powerfully, our eyes also open. And let’s see who we really Are: a beautiful being of Light.

It starts with opening our Heart

When our hearts and eyes open to the spiritual Truth, a spiritual switch flips within us. The Cosmic signal is released, beginning the second part of our Blueprint.

And how logical it is that we as souls may Renew from Love. Because Love is where we come from. And go again.

In this process of clearing the collective pain, you as a Lightworker have an important task. For you are one of the Light old souls who are the first to be kissed awake. Your inner Prince or Princess has been chosen and appointed for that. Not because you’re better than anyone else. Because you are qualified for it. As a Lightworker with a special Wisdom and Light Power.

I will tell you more about your special Wisdom and Luminosity as a Lightworker in my next article!


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